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We are looking for co-production, exhibition, distribution, sales for our projects.
  • GODS NARRATORS -In the year of the plague- A life performance film installation (2012) & A feature film (2013) by Christiaan Bastiaans
Visuals and information available:
Part 1, Mama Gemuetlich' 14 min., fragment
Part 2, Al Alamayn, 28 min.
Looking for:
Co-production, Exhibition, Distribution, Sales: Paris, France and other European countries
 A life performance film installation (2012), 14-minute film that stars the legendary Jeanne
Moreau. The 81-year-old French actress plays La Vivre (she’s part of a small micro-utopian community as in the first part of the trilogy: Mama Gemuetlich). 'Gods Narrators' is the 3rd part of the Trilogy. The film will be staged at the 'Theo van Doesburghuis' in Medon, Paris France, during a residential stay of Christiaan Bastiaans during the period March- August 2012. Shooting is planned in late August 2012.
  • A KRONSTADT TALE, feature film, drama, director Ben van Lieshout in cooperation with Van Lieshout Filmproducties/ Talent United
Treatment available in English / French / Dutch
 Visuals and information available:
Looking for:
Co-production,  Distribution, Sales:
90 minutes, feature film, 35mm
LOGLINE In spite of personal setbacks, a young girl continues to wish for and believe in the possibility of a long and happy life.
  • MOTOR WORLDPREMIERE at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012
screenings progamme 'Made in Rotterdam':
thu. 2 Feb. 22.15 hours, Cinerama 5,
sat. 4 Feb. 17.30 hours, LantarenVenster 3

Visuals and information available:
looking for:
Exhibition, distribution and sales : world wide
MOTOR [2011] by Simone Bennett with a composition for Chello and Drarf Minke Violin (Yuri Landman) by Simon Lenski (DAAU, der Anarchistische Abend Unterhaltung).
A short film about how gossip and rumour spreads like a virus.
information Motor at
  • CHAIRS MISSING, short film/ installation by Bea de Visser (2011)
Visuals and information available:
looking for:
Exhibition, distribution and sales : world wide
Fascinating not-quite-encounters with great suggestion and a high level of suspense during the last days of een swimming pool. This pool is now closed and demolished.

 In development/ (executive) production/ coaching 2012
  • YOURS IN SOLIDARITY, film project by Nicoline van Harsveld
Visuals and information available:
looking for:
Exhibition: world wide
Yours in Solidarity is a film and performance project (in progress 2009-2012) that tells the
histories of anarchists in an international network, on the basis of their correspondence with
the late Dutch anarchist Karl Max Kreuger. In line with the anarchist tradition, the project
focuses both on individual and collective politics, and on the impossibility to consolidate these.
The project is multi-facetted and after interim-presentations in 2010 and 2011, it will be
completed in the Spring of 2012.
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  • ALS STEEDS UW DOESBURG, film plan by Pim Zwier

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