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September News - Sage Hill Farms

I practice this regiment below and never get sick with colds and flu. Thanks to Mike Adams at Natural News for this fabulous information…love all the awesome things he shares.

Boosting your immunity with Vitamin D3 is a must. It's an immune system hormonal regulator. The flu season occurs when most of us have the least sunlight exposure to bare skin, which is the primary source of our vitamin D3.

So it's important to supplement liberally unless you can manage to get lots of direct sunlight onto exposed skin.

Increase probiotic intake. The gut is an important part of our immune systems. Probiotic intestinal flora (bacteria) is not just for digestion, which is essential for good health. Those friendly bacteria also function as triggers for releasing antigens elsewhere in the body.

So, more probiotic intake is needed unless you're eating fermented foods and drinking real, homemade kefir.

Echinacea should be used to prevent colds and flues, not just taken after getting sick. Vitamin C should be taken daily since your body can't manufacture it. If you come down with a case of any type of flu, Elderberry tinctures or syrups have proven more effective than Tamiflu, and without side effects.

Less stress and more rest are immune system builders also. A healthy lifestyle and diet that excludes fast foods, and processed foods contaminated with GMOs, toxic additives, oils, and sweeteners will help your immune system resist infectious diseases naturally.

The foods that come to mind for this season are beyond mouth-watering! Oh…where to start?

Blackberry and Lavender is a great introduction…something easy and fun.

Just prepare your favorite blackberry cobbler, add ½ teaspoon of dried Lavender to the berries as they are heating…go forward and be delighted. The lavender gives the berries a spicy edge that you will love. Visit for dried lavender.

Do you have Goldenrod growing on or around your property? It is so much more than a weed that needs to be yanked from the ground (Solidago odora) is a perennial herb that taste and smells like anise/licorice.

You may or may not now that after the Colonist dumped the British tea into the Boston Harbor in 1773 they used Solidago odora to make a blend which became known as “Liberty Tea.”

This plant is easy to start an area and keep it confined, just don’t pull the root when it dies off, it will come back the following year…mid to late summer into the fall. The plant is tall, airy, and has lovely yellow flowers so small they appear to be a mass. If you end up with in places you don’t want it…just pull the root and it will die away.

TIP: Many people blame Goldenrod for allergies when in fact it is the Ragweed that grows during the same time that is the culprit.

Goldenrod makes a fabulous jelly…this is for one pint or less:
1 cup Goldenrod tea - made from steeping the flower & leaf as any other tea.
2 TBS Pectin powder and ¾ cup raw sugar
Add pectin to tea and heat to a boil, stir continuously, add sugar and reheat to a boil, stir and cook 1 minute. Pour into a sterilized jar and seal.

This flower also yields a bright yellow dye for wool and yarn.

Sage Hill is making this jelly for the Thanksgiving table. Join us if you like. (For making the jelly - not for Thanksgiving dinner!) That could be a possibility with some planning….?

We still have a lot of fresh herbs if you are local and in need. (Even the Goldenrod ) Sage, rosemary, thyme, basil (basil will be gone at first hint of frost), chives, and Lemongrass…I prefer lemongrass fresh…however I dried some for a tea blend this week and am amazed at the aroma and taste that comes from the dried.

Sage Hill’s first fall event will be a “Meeting under the Trees.”
(In case of rain we move inside)

When - October 5th (Saturday) From 11 Am until 1 PM

Cost - $ 45.00. 20% of proceeds go to the Southern Alliance for Animal Welfare Low cost spay and neuter clinic in Park City.

What - A “GMO” free lunch and lots of great info to help you plan and serve healthier foods to your family. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates (468-377B.C.)

Hippocrates categorized all foods and herbs by fundamental qualities - hot, cold, dry or damp.

Good health was maintained by keeping qualities in balance, as well as taking plenty of fresh air and exercise. This thought can be translated to eating in season. (This can also be a way to avoid GMO’s)

Please reserve your place and payment can made through PayPal.

Call, email, or contact me through FB for more info.
Facebook: Bea Kunz or Sage Hill Farms.



Sage Hill is celebrating our 10th year this month; much gratitude goes out to so many whom have been a friend, supporter, and or customer from the first ground-breaking.

It has been a crazy and wild ride at times, a fabulous learning experience, and the joy from each new connection is a building block to another 10 years.

Thank you one and all~

Bea/Mike and the Sage Hill Farm family….
Tigger, Mimi, Bradley and Jack----couldn’t have made it without them!