Hello all
The RHLSTP tour is DONE! Thanks so much to all those of you who came along. It was great to meet some of you. There's podcasts to keep us going til October (even putting out more than one a week some weeks) so if you didn't make it along you've still got some treats to come. And lots of them are out already. Listen here or wherever you get your pods
And now I am about to go back on the road with my first stand up tour in six years - Can I Have My Ball Back?
I am very excited about it. The previews have been great and I think it's a funny, moving and informative show. It could even save your life!
If this tour goes well then we will do more theatres in 2025, so don't worry if your town isn't on the list. But I need to sell the tickets now, so if you can make one of these then that would really help!
As always some places have sold out and some places are selling well and some places are hardly selling at all. But in any case it's worth booking soon.
Tickets to Alton have just gone on sale too.
Here's the gigs and the links, or you can see them all on this handy page.
15th April - Bill Murray Islington (preview) LAST FEW TICKETS
16th/17th April Ye Olde Rose and Crown East London (SOLD OUT)
22nd April Bill Murray Islington (preview) TICKETS
24th April Comedy Junction Sutton Coldfield (SOLD OUT)
27th April Corsham Arts Centre (SOLD OUT)
2nd May Luton Hat Factory (preview) TICKETS
8th May Leicester Sq Theatre, LONDON LAST FEW TICKETS
9th May St Albans Arena TICKETS
10th May Gloucester Guild Hall TICKETS
11th May Chorley Little Theatre SOLD OUT
12th May Glasgow Stand (4pm show) SOLD OUT
                Glasgow Stand (8.30pm show) TICKETS
18th May Pocklington Arts Matinee TICKETS
                Pocklington Arts Evening LAST COUPLE OF TICKETS
22nd May CAST Doncaster TICKETS
23rd May Scarborough TICKETS
24th May Stockton Arts TICKETS
6th June Swindon TICKETS
7th June Bloomsbury LONDON TICKETS
13th June Cambridge Junction TICKETS
14th June Y Theatre Leicester TICKETS
15th June Leeds City Varieties LAST FEW TICKETS
16th June Lowry Salford LAST FEW TICKETS
17th June Newcastle Stand SOLD OUT
21st June Bridport TICKETS
22nd June Ipswich TICKETS
27th June Portsmouth TICKETS
28th June Basingstoke TICKETS
29th June Cheltenham TICKETS
30th June Monmouth TICKETS
3rd July Carlisle TICKETS
4th July Lancaster TICKETS
5th July Barnard Castle TICKETS
6th July Worcester TICKETS
7th July Shrewsbury TICKETS
10th July Alton TICKETS
11th July Frome (tickets not yet on sale)
13th July Bristol Old Vic (matinee) TICKETS
                Bristol Old Vic (evening) TICKETS
14th July Sheffield TICKETS
16th July Guildford TICKETS
17th July Norwich LAST FEW TICKETS
18th July Andover TICKETS

You might be able to get on waiting lists for those sold out gigs if you contact the venues, and be quick if you want to come to one of the nearly sold out ones and spread the news for the not selling very well venues. I'm really looking forward to this and working up this show.
Plus you might meet Right Bollock
Hopefully will be back doing Twitch of Fun, snooker and stone clearing soon.
Thanks for your time
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