Hey Bills Backers!

I have an update for everyone as promised.  I hope everyone is hanging in there and doing as well as can be expected in these super strange times.  As you all know by now...2020 sucks.  This week we will not be ready with a spot to watch the game.  I was hoping to have better news today but it does NOT mean that all season is lost.  Believe me when I say we are working as hard as possible to shore up a spot for this season.  Here’s what’s been going on. 

Unfortunately, as of right now, the Harp is unable to open.  It is just not prudent for them at this time.  As you know, the Harp’s clientele consists of:  people attending events at the Garden, nightclub/live music guests on the weekends, and us on Sundays in the fall.  With 2/3 of those groups completely nonexistent, and actually not even permitted at the moment, it is not feasible for them to open just yet.  While this is the situation at the present time, it does not mean that circumstances can not change as the regulations of these COVID times ebb and flow.  

Meanwhile, currently, rest assured that the Briar Group (parent group to the Harp) management is trying their absolute HARDEST to work us into one of their other locations.  We were close with one location but DirectTV is throwing road blocks at us.  We are STILL trying to work it out, but will not be ready for Week 1. 

Our Backers Club is not alone in this.  I have been in contact with other Bills Backer Clubs and those in large market cities like Boston, similarly find themselves displaced.

So, all that being said, for Week 1 we are “going remote.”  We hope that people are able to have (safe and socially distant) watch parties and just as soon as we are able to gather together to watch we will let you know.  We will be transparent with the process as we go.  For Week 1, if you are able to watch the game with family, friends, neighbors, your kids, your dog...we want to see!  Post your “Bills Backers Pod Parties” to our Facebook or Tag us in your Instagram posts and stories for a chance to win a Bills Swag Box for your crew!  GO BILLS!