Hope you all had safe travels and a happy Thanksgiving. This week there's another food related holiday in Boston... Daay-ooh. Daay-ooh. Come down to the Harp for your Mighty Taco!!
Forget Toronto. Get ready to celebrate the Bills WNY roots this week with our fourth annual Mighty Taco day at the Harp! To those of you new to the group, we'll be serving up Mighty Taco beef and cheese burritos (and some bean and cheese burritos for any vegetarians) at halftime of Sunday.
Here's the details:
1pm kickoff vs Tampa Bay (game is not on local tv)
Halftime buffet - $4 per burrito (our cost plus shipping. We're not making any money on them!)
We'll start with one burrito per person but will open it up to seconds as supply allows
Normal beer and food specials available too!
Bill-ieve it or not our playoff hopes are still alive, so come on down to the Harp and enjoy some mighty while cheering on your Bills!
Charity Day recap:
As always the generosity of our group is absolutely incredible. Thanks to all of you, our charity day raised $3205 for Make-a-Wish. Absolutely amazing. Thank you all for each donation. We hope you enjoyed the day (minus the game...) and we're open to any feedback or ideas you have. Feel free to drop an email, facebook message or talk to us on Sunday.
Pumped to see you all on Sunday! Go bills!!
-Bills Backers of Boston