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                                                      Occums Razor is a concept used in medical philosophy for hundreds of years. In simple terms, it hypothecates that the simplest explanation is usually the best.



                                                Occums Razor and SIDS

For example, public health studies at Dartmouth show that the incidence of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, is reduced by half, by turning the baby onto its back in the crib. So simple.

                                            OCCUMS RAZOR and ACLs

The simplicity of the Fundamental Movement of Athletics sm, and the benefits it bestows are apparent. Because the turnside sm hand dropping is a motion identified with some ACL ruptures, it's easier to explain why someone learning to ski should be taught that the pole swing is an upward and forward motion of the turnside sm hand, than why they weren't. Work it into a program of relationships and directions, such as RTSIH ® offers.

Micael Sokolove, in his book, Warrior Girls, reports that women have up to eight times the injuries from sports participation that men do.  ACL injuries have multiple causes. This addresses one of them.

*Thanks to alan grubner, and a Dartmouth reseacher for the information on occums razor, and the dartmouth sids study respectively.

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                                     ADDRESS ACL AWARENESS WITH GOOD TECHNIQUE

   The first event in a common scenario that leads to an ACL rupture, is that the turnside SM hand drops back and in, in a chain of events that sends a shock wave from the tail of the ski through the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. A second factor, but for another time, is the vertical alignment of the athlete.


      The first three lessons of a Ride The Snow In Harmony ® playbook,  teach the student to move the crucial hand and arm uphill and forward inside the arc of the turn. These are two.

    The first example above is from "Pole Tilting", and the second from "Pointing".  The second picture shows a skier entering the bottom third of the turn, beginning a pole swing to unwind and begin a new turn, but the leading relationship of the turnside sm hand is clear.

    Though ACL injuries are caused by multiple factors, the simplest answers are usually the best, and garner the greatist benefit.                                                                                                    

    Play it safe. Build the foundation of your instruction upon the Fundamental Movement of Athletics sm, from RIDE IN HARMONY TM. Book a clinic for your ski and snowboard school. Or take a lesson from, Cary. (970) 274-0365.




                                            "WHEN CHEESE MATTERS"....


   ... Is the tag line of the Cheese Shop in  Aspen, Colorado. In a two page article for the Four Seasons Magazine, the in-house magazine of the luxury hotel chain.Christina Oxenberg of royal European lineage, and part time Aspenite,  talked about her life and favorites here. As you might have guessed, The Cheese Shop is a favorite restauant for speciality foods. Mine too.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo: Fashion maven Christina Oxenberg and friend.

                                                                            Christina Oxenberg and friend

                                                                " Weightless warmth like sunlight and love."                                         

        But she was kind enough to recognize the Ride In Harmony TM  method, and yours truly, for excellence in ski instruction.  "I think the best ski instructor in Aspen is Cary Thompson, and his personal method of instruction is Ride In Harmony," says Christina.  In a magazine," that takes a truly international view of the trends and insiders' views from around the globe," (the publishers note), we are eternally grateful



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