Vaccine Choice Canada Special V-Bulletin
  August 22, 2015

Dear Members and Friends,                                       August 22, 2015
As many of you are aware after reading our Summer 2015 V-Bulletin, the 80,000 member Canadian Medical Association (CMA) intends to vote on a "mandatory vaccination" Resolution at its General Council meeting in Halifax, August 23-26 recommending that all children registering for school or daycare show proof they are fully vaccinated. We interpret this as an intention to lobby politicians for legislative change to impose vaccine mandates and remove parental decision making about vaccination.

The CMA Resolution is an attempt to disempower parents from deciding which, if any vaccines a child would get, and aims to make CMA doctors the sole arbiters of who qualifies for exemptions.  Such a move is illegal, unjust and unethical.

Vaccine Choice Canada has mounted a vigorous protest against the Resolution.  
Our letter, sent to the CMA Board of Directors and Executive, sets out the legal, medical and justice issues that are violated by any policy which attempts to impose mandatory medical treatment of any kind, including  mandatory vaccination.  

We are asking all concerned people to write their own letters of protest to the CMA. Please feel free to use the points we present in your own letter to the CMA opposing this ill conceived plan to remove parents’ right to make fully informed medical decisions on behalf of their children.  The CMA address, email and fax numbers are provided both in our letter, and the recent summer 2015 V-Bulletin, and are set out below for your convenience.  

Simultaneously, we've also launched an online petition titled No Vaccine Mandates in Canada! The Petition is directed at the Canadian Medical Association which we invite you to sign and add your comments about why you think mandatory vaccination is unacceptable in a “free” society.  Every time someone signs the Petition, it is sent directly to the CMA office in Ottawa. Since launching the petition last night, it is already circulating around the world and has garnered hundreds of signatures and comments, all in support of this initiative.

Lets DELUGE the CMA with more protests than they’ve ever received about any health related issue.  Please share the Petition link with as many people as possible, especially on social media to insure that our message goes out in ever widening circles.  Let the CMA know what you think about their plan to impose mandatory vaccination on Canadian children as a condition of entry to school and daycare.  

We thank you for participating in this Call to Action to protect and preserve our health freedoms and our personal and civil rights guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution.

Thank you,
Edda West, President,
Vaccine Choice Canada
Contact information for the CMA
Canadian Medical Association Board of Directors & General Council
Dr. Cindy Forbes – President Elect of the Canadian Medical Association
1867 Alta Vista Dr.
Ottawa, ON K1G 5W8

Dominique Jolicoeur - Communications Officer
Tel: 613-731-8610 x2038
Fax: 613-526-7555
Please cc Vaccine Choice Canada if we can share your letter.

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Current President (to August 2015) Dr. Chris Simpson
Dr. Cindy Forbes, Pres. Elect
Dr. Chris Simpson, Current Pres.
You can follow the CMA meeting at the Twitter Hashtag #cmagc

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