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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
November 1, 2009
Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 10, Issue 436
November 2009

The proposed ban on alcohol consumption at Church Point has caused a lot of comment and discussion amongst the community. Most seem to agree that there is a problem here that needs to be dealt with, however the heavy handed approach proposed by Council is seen as extreme and 'over the top'.

SIRA will be holding a public meeting soon regarding this issue, and everyone is encouraged to participate; in an effort to resolve the problem, as a community, without Council having to resort to impractical Big Brother methods.

David Wardman has contributed a stunning picture of a timber wharf along with a poetic description of the beauty of the timber wharfs in Pittwater and the necessity to preserve them. His passion for their preservation is so evident and compelling. I am sure David won't mind me saying his picture makes a fine desktop background as well.  


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  • Cartoon of the Month

    Gwyn Perkins

    Download a full version of this months calendar, ready for printing - click the calendar image to the right →


    Pittwater Offshore Directory (POD) “ERRATUM” 
    We hope you are all enjoying the new issue of the POD.
    However, no matter how many times and how many people proofed this edition, a couple of errors have been detected!

    Please make the following corrections in your copy:

    Broken Bay Water Police
    • Page 7 – Fax 9910 7811
    • Page 64 – Landline 9910 7899, it is correctly listed on Page 7
    • Page 8 – under General Fire Brigade listings 9999 4404, not 9999 4044
    Community Vehicle
    • Page 37 – Invalid / Disabled & Aged Service:
    Service is offered for $7.00 to residents holding a current disability card   and those over 75 years of age.  Applications should be completed and submitted with proof of concession
    Should anyone find any further errors, please email sharjones@optusnet.net.au or cassgye@spin.net.au

    An Evening with the Commitments
    Flaming Doghouse and Scotland Island Players presents

    Friday & Saturday Nov 20 & 21 at 7:30
    Friday & Saturday Nov 27 & 28 at 7:30
    $15 per head
    Tickets from;
    PMC Hill - 9999 4902
    Rosemary @ Scotland island Lodge - 9979 3301

    click image to load flyer

    Scotland Island Kindy News
    Position Vacant
    Our current Director Shona Forsyth is leaving us at the end of this year to have a baby.  So we are currently looking for a new Director to commence in January 2010.  Please pass this onto any friends or family that you think might be interested in continuing on the fabulous work and effort that Shona has put into our Centre this year.

    It is a unique opportunity for an independent self-starter, interested in the principles of community childcare without corporate profit…. and a great opportunity to implement your own ideas with the backing of a supportive Scotland Island community.
    • Opened Tuesday to Thursday 7.30am to 5.30pm
    • Scotland Island’s established community-run Childcare Centre seeks a Director to work 3 days a week.
    • Small 20 place centre catering for 2 to 6 years, with a dedicated team of staff and a beautiful location.
    • Director must have a Diploma in Children’s Services, or equivalent qualifications which are recognised under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998.  And experience in co-ordinating, administering and managing a Children’s Centre.
    • Car parking and ferry transport provided.
    Please email resume to siocs@comcen.com.au
    Applications close 7th November 2009.

    The Public Timber Wharfs of Pittwater
    In response to the gradual replacement of the public timber wharfs with concrete and steel structures
    The timber structures that form wharfs, both public and private, are part of an aesthetic value of Pittwater that is intrinsic to the natural environment, they are not to be viewed separately from the steeply sloping wooded hillsides rising from the waters edge, (this environment still remains even on the suburban side).
    The wharfs are the visual link between water and land.

    There is a reason why we find the aesthetic value of the timber wharfs so appealing, it is the link with the material of construction and the place itself, the material is of the place.
    Just as the appeal of the stone houses of the Yorkshire Dales or Tuscany connects us to the place through the careful use of the local material, in that case stone, so the
    click image to load full size                  
    heavy timbers used in the construction of Pittwaters’ wharfs connects us to the place, it is a connection of the soul.

    Looking more closely at the wharfs we see a material that ages with time it accepts the scrapes and bumps, and the weathering with grace, the bolts through the timber cause rust stains, the movement of the tide causes change of colour. All this presents us with the patina of age only possible with timber.
    The form of construction presents us with a visual feast based solely on the practical, the wharfs and the wooden sheds on them are purely utilitarian, there is nothing superfluous, it is construction at its best where everything is revealed, the bearers are seen, connected to the round piles, supporting the joists, in turn supporting the the deck itself. The piles are round, a shape chosen so that they penetrate the sea bed smoothly, they are shaped at the top to weather properly and ringed with a black steel band to prevent splitting. The hand rails to the deck are square timbers turned at 45 degrees to shed rain water, and are checked into a square supporting post, they are painted white not to look good (although they do) but to read clearly against the water, a safety feature, the decking has an edge timber to act as a toe rail to remind us of the edge,the rubbing strakes (the forward contact point for boats) are designed, as sacrificial timbers to accept impact, over the years they take on the bumps and scrapes and protect the important wharf structure. All this is of hardwood chosen for durability, it is also a material that contributes to the aesthetic value of the wharf.

    All this contributes to a value, entrenched in simplicity, with the construction material linked to the place, allowing the patina of age.

    I believe Pittwater and the Broken Bay Hawkesbury region has the largest collection of timber working wharfs of original design and construction in Australia, and possibly in the world.

    David Wardman, Scotland Island Pittwater Oct 2009

    Islander finalist at Prestigious Photographic Awards
    The 7th Annual Lucie Awards - October 19 2009
    Congratulations to Scotland Island resident, Andreas Smetana who has just returned from New York and the prestigious 2009 Lucie Awards where he was one of eight finalists in the Photographer of the Year (Professional category)

    In the world of photography, these awards are the equivalent of the Oscars!! 

    Andreas was the finalist in the Advertising category with his images for the World Wildlife Foundation.
    Andreas said he was honoured and humbled to be amongst such great photographers and to be able to celebrate his and their achievements together.
    LUCIE AWARDS - 2009

    2009 International Photography Awards Finalists

    Andreas Smetana - Advertising Category
    Michael Schnabel - Architecture Category
    Achim Lippoth - Photography Book Category
    * Nadav Kander - Editorial Category
    Francois Robert - Fine Art Category
    Kacper Kowalski - Nature Category
    Celine Clanet - People Category
    Sue Flood- Special Category

    Here is a video of the 2009 Lucie Awards finalists’ work: LucieAwards
    To view more photography by Andreas go to his website: http://www.smetana.net/

    Additional Vegetation Collection on Scotland Island
    To assist Scotland Island residents with vegetation removal during the fire season, Pittwater Council will be providing an additional vegetation collection during November.

    The collection will take place towards the end of November 2009 – a further notice to confirm the date will go out shortly.

    The additional collection will be the same as other scheduled vegetation collections with the following requirements:
    A maximum of 2 cubic metres of vegetation per household;
    Leaf litter, prunings and cuttings to be placed in hard-sided containers;
    Branch length to be no longer than 1.2m and 75mm thick - tied into manageable bundles with twine.
    Materials to be placed on the roadside no later than 6am prior to collection date.
    Unacceptable materials include:
    Plastic, nylon or hessian bags
    Cardboard, foam or polystyrene boxes
    Untied bundles

    Please refer to the Vegetation Collection Information on Page 21 of the Pittwater Offshore Directory.

    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
    Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd. from 2pm at the Fire Station


    Local Council Notices
    Nominations Open for 2010 Pittwater Australia Day Awards
    Nominations for the 2010 Pittwater Australia Day Awards are now open at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au 

    There are five categories of awards for individuals who have an outstanding record of service to the Pittwater community.

    They are; Citizen of the Year, Young Citizen of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Community Event of the Year and Sportsperson of the Year.

    Pittwater Mayor Harvey Rose said the awards would be open for nominations until Friday 18 December 2009, with a presentation to the winners on Australia Day 26 January 2010.
    “Nominations can be for people who either live or work in Pittwater and can be nominated by a friend, family member or the person themselves,” he said.

    Nomination forms can be downloaded from Pittwater Council’s website at www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au
    Previous winners of Australia Day Awards have included local Olympian and sailor Nathan Wilmot, the Artfest event at Avalon, environmental volunteer Marita Macrae, community volunteers Colleen and Stan Brown and the Newport Surf Life Saving Club.

    Pittwater’s celebration of Australia Day will take place between 7am and 10.30am on 26 January 2010 at Bert Payne Reserve, Newport Beach.
    Media contact:  Community Relations, Pittwater Council Ph: 9970 1119 or 9970 1172
    Pittwater a leader in Fridge Buyback
    Pittwater is currently ranked second in the state from a total of 40 NSW local government areas taking part in the Fridge Buyback scheme. Last month Pittwater residents recycled 40 fridges through the scheme.

    Supported by the NSW Government’s Climate Change Fund, Fridge Buyback aims to collect and recycle more than 19,000 working second fridges from metropolitan Sydney over the next three years.  Organisers say this will collectively save more than $24 million in electricity costs and 150,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases.
    The Fridge Buyback scheme applies to a second household fridge that is at least 10 years old, larger than 250 litres and in working order.  

    The scheme pays residents to save the environment and reduce their electricity bill by collecting and recycling working fridges in return for a $35 cash rebate.

    The Council’s General Manager Mark Ferguson said since the pilot program began in 2006, a total of 454 old fridges have been collected from Pittwater residents, resulting in an estimated combined saving of $632,000 in energy charges.
    “With these outstanding results Pittwater residents have already made a great contribution to the target of a 10% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2020.” Mr Ferguson said.
    Mr Ferguson said that households which dispose of a second fridge save an average of $190 a year in electricity bills and 8 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

    Fridge collection can be arranged free-of-charge from local homes, providing the removal involves 20 stairs or less. Households with six stairs or less will be eligible for a $35 rebate.  If a removal involves 21 or more stairs a fee will apply.
    Residents can find out more about the scheme by calling Fridge Buyback on 1800 708 401 during business hours or by visiting www.fridgebuyback.com.au    
    Media contact:  Rennae Projceski  Ph: 9970 1216

    Study on Ingleside Land Release
    Pittwater Council has endorsed a study of likely outcomes of the proposed Ingleside land release at its meeting this week.

    Ingleside has been targeted by the NSW government’s Sydney Metropolitan Strategy as a key area for the city’s future population growth over the next two decades.
    The ‘scoping study’ prepared by the Council’s planning staff is in two parts, with one dealing with the mapping of environmentally sensitive areas which may constrain development and other land suitable for release. The other part of the study deals with the economic viability of the land release and covers issues such as transport needs, utilities and other services required, developer contributions and land acquisitions.

    The study pinpoints infrastructure as an ‘essential element’ of any proposed land release in Ingleside. It highlights the need for increased capacity of Mona Vale and Powderworks Roads to carry future traffic loads, as well as uncertainty over future developer contributions for the Ingleside area, known as Section 94 funds.

    Section 94 funds are levies imposed on new developments to pay for roads, footpaths, traffic facilities, parks and ovals, stormwater drainage, community centres and library services. 
    Commenting on the study, Pittwater Mayor Harvey Rose said that its findings focused on the need for a more detailed study to be prepared analysing the future risks of any land release, the nature of any proposed development and the timing and provision of essential infrastructure.

    “Any land release must be coordinated and sustainable from the Council’s point of view,” he said.
    The Council voted to adopt a recommendation requesting the NSW Minister of Planning fund a detailed economic study and risk evaluation of a viable and sustainable development scenario for North and South Ingleside. It also adopted a recommendation for staff to prepare a detailed plan for developer contributions for the whole area.
    To view the Ingleside study visit www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/council
    Media contact:  Steve Evans, Pittwater Council  Ph: 9970 1133

    Cash Prizes for Aspiring Young Designers
    The NSW Commission of Children and Young People are looking for aspiring young designers to help create the look for Youth Week 2010.

    Competition participants will be in the running for a cash prize of $1000, with the winning design promoting Youth Week throughout NSW via a website and posters.

    Organisers say that design entries can be a poster or a website ‘or even just some ideas thrown down on paper’.
    The theme of next year’s Youth Week, which runs from 10-18 April 2010, is Live it Now!, with funky and creative entries sought from young people aged under 25 years.
    Competition entries can be submitted electronically or by hard copy (no bigger than A4) and need to be received by Monday 16 November 2009. Entries will be judged by the Young People’s Advisory Committee.

    To download an entry form or for more information about the competition, including terms and conditions of entry, visit www.youthweek.nsw.gov.au

    Youth Week has been a part of the NSW calendar since 1989 and seeks to celebrate and recognise the value of all young Australians to their communities. 

    Last year’s Youth Week involved more than 4000 young people across NSW who were involved in the planning, development and running of around 900 events and activities, which over 220,000 young people attended or participated in.

    Media contact:  Lindsay Godfrey Ph: 9970 1166

    Christmas Toy Drive
    From One Community to Another....
    Bring Christmas to Aboriginal kids in remote NSW

    BYO BBQ in Elisabeth Park November 15
    Starts 12:30

    Bring your toy donations, food and drink for you and your family and something to sit on.....

    Donations might include;
    New or second-hand TOYS ( that DO NOT need batteries)
    New or second-hand children's BOOKS
    Colouring-in PENCILS or CRAYONS
    Sporting equipment such as BALLS or BATS

    Please don't wrap the toys - but wrapping paper is needed an can be donated...
    click image to load flyer            

    Tinny “NO TIE-UP” Areas
    Broken Bay Water Police have advised that they will be enforcing the “No Tie-Up” areas at all public wharves and, in particular, around the Church Point pontoon.

    The number of boats left in these restricted spots is increasing and as there is a fine associated with any infringement everyone would be wise to observe this regulation.

    Author Talk@ Mona Vale Library
    Susan Duncan - "A Life on Pittwater"
    at the library on Tuesday 17 November at 6.30pm.

    This is a coffee table book with lovely photos.

    "Pittwater is a community where everyone is encouraged to have a go, where a larrikin spirit lives on and old-fashioned values are still strong,” says bestelling author Susan Duncan. “It’s a strong, vibrant community – like so many throughout Australia that are the essential but often uncelebrated backbone of country life.”

    click image to load flyer            

    Louise Egerton - "Wildlife of Australia"
    at the library on Thursday  26 November at 6.30pm

    Also more a coffee table/reference book with lots facts and photos. 

    Louise Egerton and Jiri Lochman

    An authoritative compendium featuring the enormous diversity of Australia’s wildlife and highlighting the need for conservation.

    ....With the help of over 70 zoologists, Egerton and Lochman have produced a magnificent work of reference featuring Australia’s mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, freshwater fishes and a cornucopia of invertebrate creatures. With over 550 colour photographs, the book provides considerable detail and insight into how these animals live.
    click image to load flyer            

    Cost $7.50, concession $5.50 - Pensioners/Students - cards must be shown.

    Catherine Buddin
    Events & Promotions Librarian
    Mona Vale Library
    Park St
    Mona Vale  NSW 2103
    tel 9970 1600 or 9970 1605  fax 9979 1465

    AutumnAtic 2009
    Dan'Sound is proud to present for your listening pleasure the 4th annual AutumnAtic!

    Featuring the sounds of Trapazoid, he and the rest of the crew are back once again and ready to rock you.

    All ages welcome.
    Event link: Facebook
    Ticket sales link:

    Don't miss out on Scotland Island's premier Dance Music event.


    You Asked..
    Wanted Swing set
    I am looking for a childrens swing set or small enclosed trampoline if anyone has one they would like to sell.
    My contact details are 9999 0795 or 0403 229 677 or grangewares@gmail.com

    House Swap
    Looking for a Xmas holidays house Swap in Manly area.
    We have a three bedroom house (swap comes with commuter boat and kayaks) on Scotland Island.
    The house backs on to Elisabeth reserve, has a large verandah, BBQ and beautiful Pittwater views.
    We’d like to swap for a house/flat in Manly, Fairlight, Queenscliff or Harbord area.
    Flexible dates: ideally from 20th Dec-20th Jan, but any offer starting before or after Xmas/New Year considered.
    We have bub due Jan 10th.
    Please pass this on to any friends or colleagues that you think may be interested.
    Shona and Boyd (02)99792296 or 0401798869

    House for Rent
    House on Scotland Island for rent.
    3 January 2010 to approximately 3 July 2010.
    72 Richard Road, directly above Bell Wharf steps.
    Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large sitting /dining room with new kitchen and great views, leading to expansive deck.
    Satellite TV, wireless network, open fire and a reverse cycle air conditioner.
    No dogs sorry.
    Please phone Heather 0410502263 or Michael 0405797378

    Lovely House for rental $545 p.w
    Located in Richard Road Bells Wharf, this 3 bedroom home is a must see (completely renewed 5 years ago).
    Exceptional view on Pittwater from the spacious and bright lounge room (air conditioned).
    It is adjoined by the dining area which flows into the kitchen. The main bedroom has an entrance to the main 2-way modern bathroom. One of the remaining 2 bedrooms includes a shower and toilet.
    The kitchen includes a dishwasher, an over and plant of bench and cupboard space. The kitchen overlooks the outside beautiful spot of Church Point and the Marina.
    Call Sophie or Jean-Luc on 0420311606


    For Sale 
    If you have something for sale that you think locals would like - let us know and we will put an entry in the PON at the beginning of each month...

    House Sale - Everything MUST go....
    The final stand, pop in for a cuppa / drinkie and browse or just say hi
    Thanks Lizzie

    click image to load flyer..

    Commuter Boat for sale $3,000
    Recent Yamaha 40HP 2 strokes, fully serviced. Front string, and electrical start and Power Trim and Tilt. Bilge pump with floating switch, integrated night lights. Extra 25L petrol tank and 4 Life jackets. Very comfortable 4,25m hull, can easily set a full family. This boat as been commuting for several years in Scotland Island.
    Call Jean-Luc on 0420311606 to arrange your inspection. Possibility to pay in several settlements.

    The Local Guide
    What's On in Pittwater - Self Editing Event Calendar click here to go to the Calendar
    Scotland Island Community Vehicle: 0404 103 700 click here for Number, Usage & Charges
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade:   9999 4404  http://www.sirfb.org.au 
    Offshore Photo Gallery - http://picasaweb.google.com/offshoregallery/ 
    Scotland Island Residents Association Membership Application - clicking here.
    Scotland Island Water:
    SI Emergency Water Contacts and Guidelines for water: click here for information and contacts
    Scotland Island 'Water Agreement' - click here download
    Scotland Island Traders - On-line shopping from your computer, through your door on Scotland Island. Contact Graeme on 0419460331 or click here for full details
    Scotland Island Children's Centre
    Catherine Park (Long Day Care Service)  8.30am - 4.30pm (Tues, Weds & Thurs)
    Playgroup @ Children's Centre every Monday, 10.00am - 12 midday
    Other services include: School Holiday Programme / Facility & Equipment Hire
    For information please call 02 9979 7856 or email:  siocs@comcen.com.au
    Scotland Island Community Hall Bookings:  Kez on 9999 4092 or kezborthwickbolton@gmail.com
    Local Transport:
    Scotland Island Community Vehicle: Info: click here. Phone (0404 103 700)
    Church Point Ferries (0408296997) Church Point Ferry Timetable click here
    Pink Water Taxi (0428238190)
    Manly Warringah Cabs (0299725600)
    Palm Beach Cruises (0299974815)
    Local Real Estate Agents:
    Century 21 Showcase Pittwater (click for property news)
    PMC Hill (subscribe to their newsletter here)
    Pittwater Real Estate
    L.J.Hooker Mona Vale
    Pittwater Community Arts Inc.
    Membership $20.00
    Enquiries....Lorrie Morgan 99978079 lorriemay@bigpond.com
    Government Organisations:
    Local Pittwater Council, or email them at Pittwater_council@pittwater.nsw.gov.au  or by clicking here
    Federal: Bronwyn Bishop, Member for Mackellar by clicking here or Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@aph.gov.au
    State: Rob Stokes, Member for Pittwater, at pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au or by clicking here
    Local Accommodation:
    Bed & Breakfast: Scotland Island Lodge: or http://www.scotlandislandlodge.com.au (0299793301)
    Yacht Clubs: Woody Point Yacht Club  or http://www.wpyc.com.au 
      Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or http://www.rpayc.com.au/
    Short Term Holiday} Accommodation    }
    Wiringulla Retreat (0299718375) or here
    Treetops on Towlers Bay' (0293322611) info@walkabouttours.com.au
    Budget Accommodation: On the doorstep of the Ku-ring-gai Chase N P: Pittwater YHA, Ph 0299995748 www.yha.com.au/hostels/details.cfm?hostelid=31 
    Local Pittwater Studies Website: http://www.pittlink.net/ls

    Emergency Contact Numbers:     
    ALL EMERGENCIES (Police - Fire - Ambulance) 000
    Police Assistance Line & Information 13 1444 or 9281 0000
    Broken Bay Water Police 9910 7899 or 0412 162 093
    Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade  9999 4404
    NSW Fire Service General Information 9265 2999 9265 2999
    Rural Fire Service General information 9450 3000
    State Emergency Service, Warringah/Pittwater SES 9486 3399
    National Parks & Wildlife Service: 000, general information 9457 9322
    Dept of Community Services: general information 9977 6011
    Sydney Water 132 090
    Energy Australia 131 388, (ah) 131 909

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    Sydney Airport:
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    Sydney Buses: Information.

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    Country Link Rail:
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