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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
- May 2009 -
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia
May 2009

More Cars Broken into at CP Car Park last night!

At least 3, possibly more, cars were broken into last night at the Church Point Car Park. Like last time there seems to be little or no consistency as to why a particular car was broken into. Some cars had things in them that were not taken; some were trashed, others were not; some had nothing in them at all yet were still broken into; some had windows broken and other had their locks ripped out !

If anyone was in the car park late last night and saw anything unusual please contact the local police.

If you have anything taken from you car, or from your boat for that matter, no matter how small PLEASE contact the police and give them the details.  Every time a theft or break-in is reported it goes into the area's crime statistics. The number of incidents in an area ultimately determines the number of resources police will allocate to that area... So it does not help matters when such things are not reported. Please make the time to report every incident, no matter how small.

Scotland Island Fire Shed Dinner
Saturday June 6 

Winner of the Desert Competition
Congratulations to Audrey and Brian Cross for winning the desert 
competition held at the last Fire Shed Dinner.

The attached photo of the winning Tarte au Frambroise, which  appealed to all food lovers !! (including the cat)

Pilates Classes Expanded
Class times:

Monday: 9am-10am
Wednesday 8am-9am and 9am-10am.
Stay tuned for more classes as interest grows....

Patrice can be contacted on 0408 707 679

You Asked..
For Rent
Scotland Island: Lovely, fully-furnished, 2-bedroom house, for 3-month rental at the bargain price of $300/week.
Contact Perri on 0411 066 758

Glasses Found
A pair of ladies reading/prescription glasses in the bottom of my tinny on Sunday night 10th May...could have been there since Saturday when it was parked at commuter wharf...they are a browny-green plastic frame and the lenses are oblong-shaped. 
Contact Kylie Bennetts on 0402 957 705 or kyliebennetts@hotmail.com
Free Dresser 
Dresser free to a good home collect on the rear deck 60 Richard Road.

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