Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store

Summers Pleasures At Sage Hill Farms~

Considering how much I love the fall and winter months-the summer has proven to hold many delicious activities for me.

Walking in the early morning dew and watching the world around me come alive…is, rewarding.

Having my coffee in an old worn wicker chair facing the sunrise is, enticing.

Viewing the tiny hummingbirds dart in and out of the pineapple sage is, entertaining.

Knowing I have acres of pretty landscape to spend my day caring for and reaping the rewards of the past laborious months…just plain satisfying~

And a simple place to stop and rest, ponder the next project and dream the next challenge-is for me…a tiny bit of heaven.

August is the month of reaping the fruits of our labor in the gardens.

We have so much, enough to sustain our own and to share with those in need.

Sage Hill continues to work for ‘Truth In Labeling’. More than ever, the truth is not readily available concerning the foods we depend on for our good health.

By request - a list of some great organic food and informational sites:

Gourmet Tortillas
The ancient khorasan wheat
A farmer owned cooperative
A delicious organic wine with no added sulfites (California)
For those in the SF Bay Area
Organic+…delicious and with a mission to admire.
Located in the Traverse City, Michigan area with 0nline Shopping
I love this company for Hemp products
A great information/resource/and product site geared to young or new families/children/parenting.
Great choices in products
Lots of nuts, dried fruits/berries-snacks
A non-GMO project
A Vegetarian choice
A Non-GMO verified creamery
Voted best pickles in the “Men’s Health Magazine.”

Other factual and informative sites: /Pesticide/Monsanto-Roundup-Glyphosate.htm
A great video by Jeffery Smith on GMO’s and how it works in our system. Also a link to a non-GMO shopping guide.

Are You and Your Pets Being Bugged This Summer ~

My good friends and loyal customer- Farm Dog Naturals- has produced the most amazing products for you and your pets. We at Sage Hill need the best relief we can find from chiggers, mosquitoes, etc. These products work, and they work well.

Visit them on Facebook and /or their website - you will be impressed with what they do and how they do it.

Salads From The Grill

August demands lighter food fare and out of the kitchen fixing, at least around here it does.

Fire up the grill…coat with a good rub of olive oil and get ready to be ‘pleased.’

Your favorite vegetables? Ours are: Tomatoes (cut in half), Eggplant (sliced semi thin), Sweet onion (sliced thick). Place on the grill and turn often until just cooked and toasty brown.

Arrange on a platter and sprinkle with your favorite cheese…mine is organic Goat cheese.

If you like add a few grilled shrimp on top and totally indulge.

And don't forget the Summer Special!


Sage Hill is offering herb classes on site- beginning in September -2011.

We have lots of fun and informational things planned, so plans to attend if you are local.
Contact me for more info.

Bea Kunz

Enjoy your summer and be grateful for the sunshine