Hi everyone,

We've been getting a lot of new members through the Bills Backers' pages on BuffaloBills.com, and its great to see everyone so excited to get the season rolling.

The Harp would like to welcome all our new members, and offer a big "thank you" to our returning members, by throwing a pre-season "welcome back" party for us. New folks can get a feel for the Harp and we all can catch up after the long-offseason.

With summer in full swing, though, we want to get a feel for when such an event would be best attended. The choices are:

Saturday, August 20, 4 pm
Friday, Sept 2, 7 pm
Thursday, Sept 8, 8 pm

The first two choices (8/20 and 9/2) are Bills preseason game nights. The game itself will not be available on TV, but the bar will have the NFL Network "No Huddle" show on. According to the NFL Network, this is a "live whip-around show featuring action from nine games, while those games are in progress." It should also be possible to show an old Bills game from DVD. The third choice is the NFL regular-season opener night with the Pats/Raiders game on TV.

Please respond to this email by Monday, August 1 with your choice. We'll let everyone know the final arrangements soon after.

Thank you!

backers (at) bostonbillsbackers (dot) com