About Sculptural Bronze Vaginas at Gallery Galschiøt
This story starts at documenta14, Kassel, Germany, in June where we were sailing on the river Rhine with the Art Manifestation the Refugee Ship. One day a couple of girls boarded our ship, showing a lot of interest in our projects, gallery and happenings. 
They are The Rolling Tattoo Therapy crew – a German art therapist and Tattoo artist from Venezuela. As they showed interest in Jens Galschiøts art happenings and work, they came to our art studio/gallery in Denmark where the Jens Galschiøt introduced the girls to an art project that he had been working on for years about making vagina sculptures – that is art pieces that try to catch the poetic side of the female genitals. Today the girls are working at the gallery in Denmark participating in the project, making giant copper vaginas, and they have some interesting perspectives on the work process. We would like to share these perspectives with you.
This is their story:  (find the full text version on their webpage)
The history how we get here began in Germany. We were at Kassel on the way to the documenta (one of the biggest exhibitions of contemporary art which takes place every 5 years in Kassel) and then a ship with a lot of sculptures, seemed to be a refugee ship, took our attention and we stopped there. Actually this wasn't part of the documenta but at the end the most powerful art we saw in Kassel.
On the boat we met the artist Jens Galschiot who told us about the refugee-project and of course about his huge working place and gallery. During the conversation we expressed our wish to participate in an art project and he told us you should go to Denmark and visit his art gallery/workshop. We were really happy and it felt like destiny, because when we came here we were asked to participate at the pussy project and we felt really identified with that.
Since three weeks we have been in Odense in the gallery and working place from Jens Galschiot, an inspiring place with a lot of good energy, great artistic work and a big team who give life to this place and make the great ideas from Jens possible. This gallery and workshop has a particular way to work, it is open the whole day and people can come around to take a look at the new projects and especially they can see the process of making different kind of sculptures. Moreover the place is filled with art and there is always an exhibition.
About the Sculpture Vagina project: Well there are a lot of woman who love their pussys but there is also a big amount of women and especially girls who aren't happy about their vulva because they think they look different. We want to break the taboo and we want to show the diversity and the vulvas in an artistic way. It ́s not just artistic it's also therapeutic.  
Art therapy is a great way to cross this wall of shame and insecurity to go to a better place, to yourself and learn to understand your feelings, emotions and thoughts. We have to say that we are developing a higher self-confidence especially for our vulvas during our art- process. Moreover the material (wax) is soft and it remind a little bit of clay, only that the wax is more warm and it gets hard really fast. Sometimes if we talk about our works a lot of emotions and feelings come across and this is really healthy and helped us to reflect more about ourselves. Furthermore every art piece what you are doing is in some way a self-perception, like our vulvas (not that our vulvas in reality look like this), in every artwork you show yourself! It is interesting and beautiful to see the process and the difference but also the equality from every art piece of the creator. One time we made one vulva together, the mama, the biggest one. This was also really interesting in the therapeutic way. Do we work together or apart? Do we took our own decisions or did we make it together? How it felt when someone intervenes in the process of the other person? Which emotions of thoughts we had during the process and are we satisfied with the result? A lot of interesting questions who tell a lot about yourself and of course the relationship.
Finally our heart and soul is deeply connected with the project and we will do our best to make woman feel more comfortable and strong with their flowers of creation.
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