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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
August 28, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia
August 2009

SIRFS Continues Hazard Reduction Burning this Weekend
Sunday August 30
The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade will continuing its hazard reduction campaign this SUNDAY 30 AUGUST

From about 9am

Weather permitting

The plan is to finish the pile burns along the western section of the Thompson Street.

This is part of an ongoing program of hazard reduction being undertaken by Pittwater Council and the Rural Fire Service.

Thanks You
Tim Byrne
Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
9999 4404

Felicity has taken to wandering off..

My name is Tanya and as many of you know I have an autistic daughter "Felicity" who is 8 years old.

She has taken to wandering and running away recently, as part of her exploration of her environment. This is great fun for her, but for me it can be a worry with so much water around us and especially on dusk.

I am extra vigilant, but she did get away from me the other day with only a 20 second lead. She can run like lightening. In this time, she managed to get from above Bells to the bottom of Cargo Wharf.

If you find her, and she is without me (or an adult), please can you put my number in your phone and call me on 0418 209 956.

I live at 127 Thompson Rd, just to the right of Bells, at the top of the second set of steps that finish on Hilda avenue and one house across to the East. (Blue House with colourful flags)

She can understand everything you say to her, so if found, speak freely with her and explain what is going on and stay with her please.

Thanks for taking the time to read this note. I always feel so grateful to live amongst such wonderful and caring people.


Bayview Sea Scouts Fundraiser

My scout group, Bayview Sea Scouts, is conducting a fundraiser and would like you to order your bulk garden products for spring/summer, from us rather than the nursery.

We are probably cheaper than nurseries and we home deliver.

Orders need to be back by 29 August (either in the post or by phone).

We will make the deliveries through the weekend of 12th  and 13th  September 2009.

Note if you are also forwarding this form to your friends, first make sure they are in our delivery area - Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Bayview, Church Point, Newport, Avalon and Bilgola”.

Please note:  offshore friends, if you are not at or near a waterfront, we can deliver to your most convenient wharf.


Angus Ewan
Lovett Bay
0414 99 6162

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