IAHF List: The word "Zion" is covertly buried within this Olympic logo for the 2012 games in London, and just as was the case prior to 911, once again we are seeing numerous Illuminati code warnings intended to tip off their own to "get out of dodge, a move is afoot."
Are we on the verge of witnessing a sequel to 911 of even more terrible proportions at this fast approaching Olympics where the British government has made a truly Orwellian level of military preparations ostensibly to "deter" a terrorist attack?
Don't scoff til you've watched this video The people who put this together just might be onto something, and I'm not willing to take the chance that they might just be alarmists, I think they're correct that they're onto something, and I agree that if we make this go viral around the world, perhaps the ruling elite will back off and not go forward as seems to be planned.
I called this video specifically to the attention of a friend of mine who lives in London, urging her to strongly consider getting out of the City during the Olympics if at all possible. She has a large email  distribution list and I urged her to make this video go viral and to urge her friends to forward it widely. I also urged Paul Taylor of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation who is also in the UK to make it go viral.
Read Gun Owners of America's Article United Nations War on Your Gun Rights Continues
Sign this Form letter to encourage support for Senator Moran's bill The Second Amendment Sovereignty Restoration Act, see this article Congress Set to Put Obama on Notice.
JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership) has published this well researched report showing the global history of gun control which proves that any time guns have been banned, genocide against the people has always followed.
We're not going to let the CIA staged Colorado theater massacre cause our second amendment right to bear arms to be destroyed via the US Senate when they move soon to ratify the nefarious UN Small Arms Treaty.
Hell, if that theater had not been a "gun free zone" a person in there packing a concealed weapon could have saved a lot of lives by killing the shooter (just as you can see happened inside this cyber cafe where people packing heat chased off an armed intruder who might othewise have killed them.Because that theater in Aurora CO WAS a gun free zone, everyone in that theater was defenseless and thats the way our globalist occupied government wants it. Now Obama is trying to use this massacre as the excuse to try to disarm us all! (What a traitorous commie bastard, eh?)
You want to maintain your access to dietary supplements? The only thing helping you defend all of your most deeply cherished God given rights right now is your access to firearms. Your second amendment underlies all your other rights. If we allow it to be destroyed, it will only be a matter of time before we are microchipped. Educate yourself to THAT all too real threat by watching THIS.
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Friends, I'm sorry if any of this is harshing your mellow and bumming you out! I'm not trying to demoralize any of you with any of this, I'm only trying to provide you with solid info to help us all live free in an increasingly unfree world!If you feel drained by all this stuff, taking organic sulfur twice a day would open up your cell membranes allowing for enough oxygen to flood in that you'd have more energy to fight back with! It would help you counteract all the toxins being sprayed on us by chemtrails because sulfur combines with all the heavy metals being sprayed to safely remove them from our bodies!
Theres going to be a big chemtrail conference in LA August 17-19 where film maker Michael Murphy will be holding the Premier of his new film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" which I urge you to buy and show your friends! I urge you to attend this conference or watch it live on the web! There will be many good speakers!
Please act on my suggestions shown above, if enough people do, we CAN STOP any planned false flag attack on London during the Olympics and that could save thousands of lives! It could deter a dirty tactical nuke from being blown up in the London Underground!

If enough of you sign the form letter backing Senator Moran's bill to defend the second amendment, we CAN SUCCESSFULLY defend our access to firearms, and THAT in turn could deter any planned false flag on US soil prior to the so called "election."

(If Obama's poll numbers sink low enough, those who jerk his strings just might do a seqel to 911 intended to trigger martial law, given this video want ad from the Army National Guard looking to hire guards for the concentration camps, this doesn't seem at all far fetched to me.)
The Department of Homeland Security teamed up with the University of Maryland to generate this report which labels constitutionalists "terrorists".
So now all of us are "terrorists"? Bull! The only terrorists are the government! If you value this effort to help you live free in an unfree world, please create an account on this website which has kicked me off 3 times (so far) for some unknown reason. Either "James" (person who created this theoretical "anti NWO site" is a plant, or his ego is so huge he is blinded to the fact that I'm one of the best anti NWO fighters on the planet.
Not sure which is the case, all I know is that I have to keep creating new email addresses and new fake personas just to be able to speak my truth on this Ning social networking site and I could use some allies to help me inside it next time I sneak back on (they must approve anyone who wants to post on it.) It is possible that the creator of this site might be a DHS agent trolling for email addresses, but I think its more likely that the owner means well but is quire ignorant and blinded by ego.
This most recent time he kicked me out, I encouraged him to call me at 1-800-333-2553 telling him that if he really thinks I'm a plant, to please read this article Victory Over the FDA which discusses my role in helping defend Life Extension Foundation in the aftermath of the armed FDA raid against them. (I built the world's only FDA Holocaust Museum which caused the Feds to drop every trumped up charge against Kent and Faloon because they were terrified of my museum exhibits ending up in open court where the media would have had access to them!) He never got back to me.....
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