On the 27th of October, take part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing: click here to register to receive the powerful Feminine energy for free!

The Worldwide Womb Blessing is truly international and is offered for ALL women - regardless of background, age or physical condition.

We are all beautiful expressions of femininity and by taking part in the Worldwide Womb Blessing we honour our connection with Mother Earth, with the cycles of nature and the Moon, and with the stages of our life - and we honour and celebrate ourselves as wonderful, sacred and empowered women.

I help the world to change for the better for women.
On the 27th of October, join more than 100.000 women
in the Worldwide Womb Blessing
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“In 2012, when I sent a call of awakening to the women of the world with the first Worldwide Womb Blessing, I didn’t anticipate that this would nurture the ancient tradition of women gathering together in groups to celebrate their womanhood and their cyclic nature. Now, I’m delighted that more and more women feel the Worldwide Womb Blessing as an opportunity to connect with each other in sacred circles of women or in Red Tents.

ANY WOMAN can create and lead her own group for the Worldwide Womb Blessing, but if there is a Moon Mother in the circle the energy of female awakening can circulate more powerfully, as Moon Mothers are a catalyst for deeper healing and transformative changes and experiences. Moon Mothers’ vibrations are heightened, so their connection with the Divine Feminine is strengthened and they can hold the energy to which we connect in the Womb Blessing.

Together, Moon Mothers, Co-ordinators, Representatives and workshop organisers help to support and share the energy of Divine Feminine."

- Miranda Gray -

To find a group ask a Moon Mother.

Help and support women to register for the next Worldwide Womb Blessing on the 27th October and be an empowered inspiration for other women.

> Read Miranda's new First Woman story.

The invitation to all women...
To walk the path of the Feminine awakening with us.

The Womb TreeThe Worldwide Womb Blessing is an amazing opportunity to experience and live the sacred connection between women. Celebrate the Feminine by joining a local Womb Blessing group on 27th October, or take part on your own in stillness and peace. The best way to celebrate our authentic essence is to integrate it in our everyday life - so share this invitation with all the women you know and with all the women you love.

On the 27th October join more than 100,000 women worldwide to receive a free distant Womb Blessing - Female Energy Awakening.

Remember to register before 10.00pm UK time 26th October 2015 and choose one of the four different times to suit your world timezone:

  • 06.00 (UK time)
  • 12.00 (UK time)
  • 18.00 (UK time)
  • 24.00 (UK time)

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Miranda's new First Woman story.

As a heartfelt ‘thank you’ gift for your sharing the Worldwide Womb Blessing invitation with the women of the world, Miranda has written a new "First Woman" story...

First Woman was sitting in her tent.

Outside the weather was cold and snowing, but inside First Woman had warm rugs and a fire that filled the tent with a red glow. First woman was tired, and she had made this tent so that she could be alone.

Suddenly the tent flap opened, and Bear Woman entered with her sisters. In silence they sat down by the fire, removing their long-fringed shawls. Their presence felt soothing and strong.

‘Your womb is dark’ said Bear Woman softly. ‘Moon Mother has left the sky, and she sent us to you

CatThroughout the night First Woman, Bear Woman and her sisters sat in silence, or curled up and slept under rugs and furs.

The next morning they slowly made hot drinks, and one sister shared her dreams. Another watched the fire and whispered stories about what she saw. Another brushed First Woman’s long hair in silence.

For three days the Bear Women lived in the tent in silence, and then gradually they started to talk with First Woman about her life. As sisters they shared their deepest feelings and wisdom, until on the sixth day First Woman felt ready to meet the world.

Bear Woman opened the tent flap to the new light of the dawn, and First Woman stepped out of the warm darkness of the tent. Standing in the morning snow she felt renewed, more alive, more confident and empowered.

As the women emerged from the tent she hugged each one, and finally Bear Woman hugged her and said ‘Until next month’.

Each month during your Crone time - the bleeding period or during the Dark Moon - stop being active; meet the richness of inactivity, and curl up with the Bear Woman inside you. Only in this peace and in this stillness can you hear the wise Crone voice whispering suggestions for the month that is starting.

Love and hugs,

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