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Sage Hill News-July, 2015~

July is a wonderful month in the garden…if all has lined up correctly!

The garden is very forgiving and adapts much better than we often are aware of.

This year has served to call my attention to this fact…Spring was too cold for too long, summer has been too wet, unstable temps, and yet the garden is well stocked.

If you are in a location that has been overly-blessed with rain, pay close attention to any pest issue, and keep careful watch on the root line of greens - mustards, kale, chard, lettuces etc. They will rot at the root line if too crowded and too wet. Solution is to thin them out…even if you can’t use them. Or share with someone or if no other option toss into the compost…feed next year’s soil!

July is also the time to prepare your beds for winter gardens. Any spring produce should be gone or well on the way by now. Example: sow fall/winter greens where the spring lettuces were. Make sure to clean out any lingering lettuce roots and work a bucket of fresh compost into the soil…ready to go!

Bush beans, Runner beans, Turnip greens, collards, Cabbages, and in the SE I can grow a crop of cucumber, squash, and tomatoes.

Garlic should have already been dug and hung to dry. That too can be replanted a little later in the fall for a spring harvest.

Whatever your garden is producing…be thankful and please share if you have been blessed with plenty.

Prune some pear trees about mid month, apple trees late in the month, and thin grape vines.

Any tall plants should be staked and tied off and up off the ground as much as possible.

Cut your raspberry canes as soon as they have fruited.

TIP….The SE section of the country is overly populated with the Brown Recluse spider this summer…they are a poisonous bite and most react very badly to the bite.

They re-produce rapidly (up to 50 babies at each birth) and the female will birth at least 3 times during the mating season. They are immune to most all solutions one might be tempted to use. They live in dark/isolated areas, so keep the clutter gone, especially boxes and paper. Sticky traps work great - put them everywhere; in closets, inside barns, cupboards, under beds etc. Make sure you have all entry ways well sealed so they can’t creep in from the outside. They are not aggressive unless they feel threatened and it matters not how the bite occurs …they are nasty and very painful. This I know from my own encounter.

An ounce of prevention…you know the rest….surely applies to this subject.

A Sage Hill Suggestion: add herbs to your daily diet….toss them into salads, substitute basil leaves for lettuce on a sandwich….toss into scrambled eggs, Rosemary on any grilled or roasted meat is awesome….Thyme and mint in teas and lemonade is yummy….Lavender in homemade ice cream….you’ll thank me!

People and Places We Know and Love….

Do you or someone you know have wee ones? Let me personally recommend a most talented and well qualified writer for your reading needs with young children.

I am very careful about book recommendations because our children are priceless. Careful consideration must go into any information that is meant for young minds.

Please get to know Tricia Smith…her work, her background, her purpose….

Tricia Smith, wife of 1 excellent husband, mother of 7, stepmother of 2, grandmother of 15.

Born and raised on a farm in the rolling hills of south Middle Tennessee, so many of her childhood experiences are part of the very fiber of Tricia’s being, as is her love for God. Combine them with the love and longing she has for family and you have the motivation for the books she writes.

Through the years, she has earned a couple of degrees in Education, and Biblical Studies, a Master’s in Christian Counseling and numerous certifications. She’s taught at home, in private Christian schools, counseled, coached, worked as a behavioral specialist, and child custody evaluator. She is passionate about loving God, helping others grow, and leaving a legacy of faith, a true knowledge of God, and an understanding of His works in Creation and in America.

The book is available at Amazon and makes a very special gift to anyone with Children 3 to 5 years of age.

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Wishing you each a very safe and happy Independence Day weekend! Take time to count your blessings and embrace that the day is about more than a good time or a break from daily routines.