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IAHF List: The degree to which we've been set up for a global totalitarian state, Genocidal Codex Vitamin Restrictions, Electronic Mind Control, is greater than we realize... HOWEVER: 
At the end of this alert is a very practical and easily applied idea for radically reducing our stress levels and radically increasing our energy so we'll have the strength needed to fight back, even against an obstacle as big as this:
A law signed in 1962 called P.L. 87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act (State Dept. Publication # 7277) requires not only the disarming of the US Military, but also the disarming of the American people. [Details below]
It also calls for the merging of the Russian, Chinese, and American Armies, and the imposition of a global totalitarian state.
Please understand the implications: This means we have been at war with our Government since 1962, that our Entire Government are Treasonous and are only going through the "motions" of "defending the second amendment", because every year they vote to keep providing funding for implementation of P.L. 87-297, but they don't want the American people finding out about it, because they know we won't tolerate this- so they're trying to disarm us.
[details below]
So when you ponder the alert sent out in yesterday's alert about the steps you must take between now and this coming fall and winter to protect yourself under the coming possible martial law:
consider all of this:....
(Remember- below it is the SOLUTION-
So Don't Stress Out Reading this-
but Do be Aware of It!!!
Subject: You have no rights!!_ FW: PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act / State Department Publication No.7277
This is the primary source of the current anti-gun/disarmament agenda - not only in the U.S. but world-wide. The "Freedom from War" plan is but one plank of a larger global-government plot. Included are other schemes by which to unite the world under a single government - "scare-tactic" scenarios such as environmental catastrophe (the phony "global warming" program being the most recent) and invasion/contact by "aliens from outer space" (I own a copy of the original book describing the think-tank sessions that took place during the 1960s wherein these concepts were created, discussed, and agreed upon as elements to be implemented in master plan for global control).

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Globalist Plan to Disarm America - read and understand .. all the proof is here

Globalist Plan to Disarm America:

PL87-297 Arms Control and Disarmament Act /
State Department Publication No.7277

http://www.sweetlib issues/un/ do.htm  by Bernadine Smith


If someday your children or grandchildren ask you how Liberty died in America and what happened that caused the demise of the Nation, read this and you will be able to answer them.


If they ask you why the Citizens have been disarmed, you'll know. If you want to know why, go to your local library, no matter where you live in the United States. Tell the librarian to show you where the 'United States Code books' are shelved. There are 25 books in the set. They are reddish-brown in color. They are printed by the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. These hard-covered books are printed every 8-10 years. They are updated with annual soft-back supplements each year until a new hard cover issue comes out. At the present time, the 1988 hardbacks are on library shelves.


OPEN VOLUME 9. The page numbers are in the center near the middle binding. The section numbers are along the edges.


TURN TO PAGE 651. Here you will find Public Law 87-297 which calls for the United States to eliminate its armed forces. This law was signed for the United States in 1961. John F. Kennedy signed it and every president since has worked to enact its provisions.  The government knows you will not approve which is why they want to take away your firearms. (This is Title 22 USC section 2551)


TURN TO PAGE 652. Here you will find the definition of what the government means by "disarmament. " The disarmament calls for the elimination of our armed forces. It also calls for the elimination of weapons of all kinds..

(This is Title 22 USC 2552 (a).


TURN TO PAGE 654. Here you will find it stated as item (a) "control, reduction and elimination of armed forces..." and as Item (d)" ...Elimination of armed forces...." What you need to know is that your armed forces are being eliminated and relinquished from national control which, in turn, wipes out our sovereignty as a nation. In two stages, we will have no more army, no more navy, no more air force. In the third stage, we shall have a "zero" military. Before Stage I closes, all citizen owned guns are to be banned.

(This is Title 22 USC Section 2571 (a).


Public Law 87-297 is further explained in the State Department Document called Publication 7277. Your librarian can also furnish you a copy. Also ask the librarian to get you a copy of "The Blue Print for the Peace Race." It is a 35-page booklet printed by the United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency as Publication No. 4 - General Series 3 - Released May of 1962.. Publication No. 4 is the unabridged version of State Department Document 7277.


Both of these booklets explain how our military is to be reduced to 2.1 million men. China and the Soviets are to be reduced to that level also. At this point, we are at Stage I at which time we are to transfer (on a permanent basis) one-half of our armed forces to be merged with the Russian and Chinese armies. In Stage II, the remaining one-half of our armed forces is then turned over to this same Security Council of the United Nations. The person in charge of the merged armies must, by agreement, always be a Russian. The world's smaller nations turn 100% of their armies over to the same under-secretary of the Security, Council in Stage II. President George Bush and Admiral Wm. J. Crowe [have referred] to this process as being "in transition."  

TURN TO PAGE 655. On this page in Volume 9 of the United States Code, read "Policy Formation." The directives there (written in 1963 to pacify objectors) are supposedly to restrain anyone from disarmament, reducing or limiting our armaments, or taking guns away from the people unless it is pursuant to the treaty-making power of the president, or if it is authorized by further legislation by the Congress. (This is title 22, Section 2573.)

Every couple of years the House of Representatives votes to appropriate funds for this on-going program. Since P.L. 87-297 was first passed into law in 961, there have been 18 updates to it - all bad - with no deletions of these issues I lay before you now. The Congress knows that the plan includes the policing of the United States by foreign troops. (The world army they are forming in Europe.) The Congress is allowing our military bases to be closed down, except for those that will be used by the world army. You will find that plan in Publication 7277 and in "The Blueprint for the Peace Race."


If the president and Congress can promote a "Constitutional Convention" you will find yourself with two new constitutions (communist in structure) which in one states in Article VIII, Section 12: "No person shall bear arms or possess lethal weapons except the police and members of the armed forces...."

The Congress has praised these documents and is on record in Senate hearings seeking ways to install these constitutions.. Ask your librarian for "Revision of the United Nations Charter - Hearings Before a Subcommittee (Foreign Relations) Feb. 2-20, 1950 U.S.Government Printing Office." Nothing has changed since. They are still viable. The ultimate goal to be reached in Stage III of the disarmament process is to "proceed to a point where no state [nation] would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force...."

Anyone who doubts the truthfulness of what has been presented here is free to go to the library and go through the steps which have been outlined above.. While you are at it, look up Public Law 101-216.


State Department Publication 7277 is available on the web at:

http://www.kobres. com/disarm. html



IAHF List,




Obviously we're all going to need a huge increase in our energy levels and vitality to overcome an obstacle as big as this and to have the strength necessary to fight back. Fortunately, I've FOUND one!!!

In 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for proving that viruses cannot proliferate or exist in an environment with high levels of oxygen."

I'd like to add to the recommendations made at the end of yesterday's alert. Turns out all of us are deficient in Oxygen, even people who excercise regularly. This is because an ideal atmosphere contains 20% oxygen, but pollution has cut this down to just 10% in many areas.


There have been countless studies proving conclusively that increased oxygenation, whether from hyperbaric oxygen, hydrogen peroxide or ozone brings about the destruction of viruses. Cancerous tumors .

The studies conducted by other researchers and doctors have proven that not only cancer cells, but almost all toxins, bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and disease microorganisms are oxidized and killed in high oxygen environments.

Normal cells, on the other hand, which require oxygen as their source of life depend on oxygen to maintain function and vitality, thrive and become healthier in an oxygen rich environment. The human being, as a whole, is rejuvenated, and receives countless health benefits from oxygen therapy.

Louis Pasteur, the notable 19th century French chemist best known for his remarkable breakthroughs in the causes and prevention of disease, recanted his germ theory of disease at his deathbed when he said "The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything."
shrink when put into contact with oxygen

 Pollution today has cut down on the available oxygen, and stress provokes a "Fight or Flight" response which closes the cells to "shut down" and stop absorbing oxygen which puts all of us at greater risk of degenerative disease.

While pondering the coming martial law this summer or fall, it is essential that we get sufficient exercise and take other actions to minimize the fight or flight response so that our cells will be as open as possible to absorbing oxygen, and its imperative that we take addtional steps to maximize our oxygen intake.

Maximizing our oxygen intake is our BEST protection against ANY lab created flu, or any other pathogen, virus, or toxin.
Hydrogen Peroxide is simply Water with one extra hydrogen atom that does the same thing as ozone when its released into the body- it releases that oxygen atom to flood the body with oxygen, killing all viruses ,pathogens, toxins, in its path. This is the best protection against the weaponized flu, and its the best way to have the necessary energy level to overcome all the stresses we're being subjected to right now.
Using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide from pore one ounce of 35% H202 into a Pint Jar, add 11 oz of distilled water, makes 12 oz of 3% H202.
Don't try to ingest 35% H202 straight.  It would be a dangerous oxidizer at that strength. If applied directly to your skin at that strength it would burn a hole in your skin or cause ulcers if ingested. Take no more than 10 drops in a tall glass of water if you drink it. If you want to inhale it by a nasal pump or vaporizer, make up a 3% solution via the recipe above.
For a donation of $25. or more to IAHF via paypal at or via check or M/O to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281, I will send a PDF File book all about using Hydrogen Peroxide to bring about healing. Its titled "The One Minute Cure- The Secret To Healing Virtually All Diseases"  Please snowball this alert! Anyone can sign on to the IAHF email distribution list at