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IAHF List: Below my comments I'm providing you with a brief, but informative exerpt from the book "The Balance for Health is Over Ph" by Gary Tunsky. This excerpt titled OBESITY IS LINKED TO ACID PH is very short and provides useful information to anyone who has made the classic New Years resolution to lose weight, but its useful information for us all to be aware of and to forward to family and friends. (In the past 3 months since utilizing this information, becoming more alkaline, making dietary changes and exercising more, I've gotten down to my fighting weight to better defend health freedom, and you can too!)

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Please read the book excerpt below and for additional information on how you can assist IAHF in getting the funds we need to do our health freedom work, see this previous alert https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive_show_message.php?jham+458 which provides information on ordering Tunsky's book, and also on getting a huge discount on a high quality water ionizer via which you can become more alkaline quickly. ($120. from the sale of each water ionizer goes to IAHF to assist us with our work, and Tunsky's book is just $10. Without your help, IAHF's hands are tied. This is a true grass roots effort. If you are new to the Codex issue, please see our archive site at https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive.php?jham

OBESITY IS LINKED TO ACID PH (Excerpted from "The Battle for Health is Over Ph" by Gary Tunsky, ND pp.53-54)

"If tissue pH deviates too far to the acid side, a lack of oxygen will occur, with decelerating cellular metabolism leading to obesity. Acidity, toxicity, dehydration, malnutrition, circulation problems, and lack of oxygen are the ideal cellular environmental condition for lowered metabolic rate.

Over ingestion of carbohydrates and fats, without enough exercise to burn them as fuel, causes the body to store them as fatty acids. A combination of a sedentary lifestyle (which reduces oxygen), toxic acidic residues and infiltration of morbid microforms in and around the cells, along with the resulting reduction in energy burning ATP, leads to obesity through a lowered metabolic rate.

What is the makeup of this stored, excess weight? The answer is fatty acids. Acetic acid, lactic acid, and LDL cholesterol, the derivatives of fatty acid, lower the pH of the body fluids drastically. This prevents the cellular engines from burning on all cylinders, reducing metabolic rate. With a reducing metabolic rate, the body does not dispose of unburned food, which is then stored until it can be burned at a later time. To a point, fat is a reservoir for future energy, waiting to be burned. However, if later never comes, we keep adding to the fatty acid reservoir.

Acid coagulates blood capillary beds so there is not much blood flow around fat. These fatty acids generally form under the skin as the dreaded cellulite, piling up on men's waistline and packing onto women's hips, thighs and breasts. Compare the face of an old woman with that of a young woman, and you can see the result of a gradual build up of fat, lower blood flow and reduced skin elasticity. When you truly understand the process of aging and obesity, you will have the incentive to drink alkaline beverages and eat alkaline foods that burn quickly. Anything you do to help your body dispose of acidic waste on a regular basis should be a priority………."

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