Hi everyone,

The home opener was a bit of a letdown, but we are seeing some good signs from the Bills. There was a great turnout at the Harp, and the crowd at the Ralph was into it too -- it was a bit breezy, but still great tailgating weather!

Now, lets turn our attention to Week 4. The Bills play the Vikings with a 1 pm kickoff on Sunday. We've got some great things in store for the Harp this week.

First of all, lets get to the surprise we mentioned last week. Some of you, yes, have guessed it: BEEF on WECK!! We have located a baker on the North Shore (Danvers) who was willing to make a large batch of the rolls, and in honor of our 10th year at the Harp, the management is providing the roast beef. Of course, your Executive Committee had to sample the rolls for, um, "quality purposes" and we can assure you they are perfect! Nice drippy au jus... tangy horseradish... yummmm.

Please, however, keep in mind the following:

- One sandwich per person. We will have a limited quantity of rolls so when they run out, they run out.
- Take only what you, personally, will eat. Please do not hoard or take plates to share. This goes especially for the wings. Wasted wings are a tragedy.

We will have the contact information for the Weck bakery on Sunday if you're inclined to order some for yourself.

Second, we will have Bills Backers T-shirts available for sale on Sunday. Cost is $5 for members, $10 for non-members. See Jeff or Alison at the window in the lower bar for your shirt, and/or membership form if you're not already signed up.

See you at the Harp... Go Bills!