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Rob Papen releases a totally essential Studio Tool for FREE!

Is it not often the case that you are far too busy in your studio and need some coffee, tea or whatever? But how do you order it?
Or,  you are mixing a whole band with many people inside your studio and need to get them quiet again and focussed on what they are meant to be doing!
Are you recording a vocalist but ‘auto tune’ gets simply overloaded and you really need something to keep the singer paying attention that it is again totally out of tune?

Well, we have now saved your studio and productions because Rob Papen releases the totally awesome and essential studio tool of all time!!!
So, make it a default plug-in your songs and take control again!!!...or order coffee, tea or energy drinks!

To obtain this absolutely Essential Studio Tool for FREE!! Click on one of the links below.


• Propellerhead RE


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Rob Papen


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