Photos: Upper: L-R Top to Bottom: Coal Fly Ash from Coal Fired Power Plants is now Being Alleged to Be The Source of Chemtrails due to its chemical composition (See video)  I am friends with Catherine Frompovich, PhD who wrote this article. We have done health freedom lobbying together on Capital Hill.
IAHF List:
We reveal in this alert how to TOTALLY COUNTERACT the toxic effects of chemtrails, so please take the time to read it carefully as you have valuable info here that will protect your health and your life!
Above we see a Vedic Man Practicing Agni Hotra- an Ancient Practice Sometimes Used Today By Biodynamic Organic Farmers Who Create a Smoke Comprised of Cow Dung, Rice, and Ghee that is burned in inverted copper or gold pyramids in ceremonies at sunrise, and sunset while chanting healing frequencies that can positively impact plants as well as people..Much ancient wisdom can be tapped today to help defend ourselves against the toxic effects of chemtrails the satanic N.W.O.
Sounds odd, but there is scientific evidence that Agni Hotra Cleanses Both Air, Water and Soil Using healing frequencies from the ash created by the fire and by the chanting- it pays to keep an open mind especially when we have scientific evidence that is irrefutable that this is part of the solution! -
My fiance and I feel that it can help us heal our land so we can grow healthy produce DESPITE the N.W.O.s evil efforts to poison our air, water and soil via the heavy metals, molds, funguses, viruses, and the evil nanotech electrical microorganism called Morgellons that is boring into all of our lung tissue as I type this, threatening to go systemic in all of our bodies, turning us into non reproducing cyborgs- (UNLESS WE STOP IT WHICH WE NOW CAN AS THE BATTLE between GOOD and EVIL INTENSIFIES AND ESCALATES!!).
My fiance and I Intend to Build a Biodynamic Farm on a South Pacific Island (that I am flying to on Wednesday) in Which we Use Agni Hotra to Counteract Chemtrails So we can live FREE in this UNFREE World! We hope to teach select people who want to learn from us. My Navy SEAL father and my Army Ranger scoutmaster (both combat veterans) taught me much about survival that I hope to impart to all of you. (** Schindler had HIS list, and I have mine, please help it grow by forwarding this after first removing the unsub link at the bottom so no one will click on it and unsub you!)
We are not defenseless against the N.W.O.! We can all learn basic techniques to counteract every evil thrown in our direction! My fiance and I are open minded Christians who see no harm in borrowing from other spiritual traditions in this battle against evil when there is scientific evidence that Agni Hotra can help heal our polluted air, water and soil as we can counteract the N.W.O.s efforts to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs.
This Alert Will BUILD ON and ADD TO the very valuable information provided in my last alert (Sent Tuesday) in Which I Provided an In Depth Look at How We are All in Serious Danger of Being Biologically Microchipped Via the Man Made Morgellons Microorganism That We Have All Breathed Into Our Bodies Via Chemtrails Being Sprayed on Us.
(My last alert is not all "gloom and doom" as it provides very solid info on how you CAN protect yourselves from ever gettting full blown Morgellons by taking steps to DETOX! I urge you to read it this weekend if you missed it during the week as you will need that info to understand what is in THIS NEW alert!
(We do NOT want to get full blown Morgellons like the woman in the photo above has with the horrible skin lesions, mites crawling under her skin causing horribly painful itching, the multi colored synthetic fibers coming out of her skin, the tiny flies literally exiting her body out of her pores like something from a sci fi horror film only this is all too REAL!
Unless we DETOX using the world's best organic sulfur COMBINED WITH intestinal formula #1 and number 2, Super Echinacea, and Magnascent iodine we run the very REAL RISK of suffering the disabling chronic fatigue, brain fog, and depression characteristic of this man made disease which the (criminal) CDC denies even exists as they demonically insult sufferers by claiming they are "mentally ill"- then they do NOTHING to help them.
Tuesday's alert also provides an ELECTROMAGNETIC CURE for this horrible disease. The Morgellons microorganism is an electric machine that can be shorted out with electromagnetic fields if it gets full blown, so we are NOT DEFENSELESS!!
I have been in close communication with  Michael Chapalla in Matamoros, Mexico just across from Brownsville TX who vows to cure any Morgellons patient who comes to him seeking help!
Powerful magnets worn on wrists and ankles can also create a magnetic field that cause the Morgellons machines to EXPLODE AND DIE inside the body so we can excrete them and get them OUT of us!
:A friend of mine named Paula from Connecticut has full blown Morgellons disease and she has been educating me, so I can better help all of you to keep from getting full blown Morgellons which ALL of us are at risk of getting because we have ALL been breathing in the man made electrical microorganism Morgellons that was created using Nanotechnology in a bioweapons lab to be used against ALL of us, because ALL of us have OFFICIALLY been designated the ENEMY of the world's ruling elite who seek to take over this planet for themselves and their progeny as they actively seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs.
If all of this seems STRANGE and "FAR FETCHED" to you, if you think I'm "NUTS" for asserting this, won't continue to think so if you read the alert I send out on Tuesday of this week where I provide in depth information about Morgellons from a man in Matamoros Mexico/ Brownsville TX who has a CURE: Very POWERFUL Electromagnetic fields!
Paula will be travelling to this man in Mexico to use his Machine to CURE HER MORGELLONS with our help as she has been struggling for shear survival against her illness which causes horrible skin lesions like the woman's back shown above, along with mites crawling under her skin, and sometimes flies come out of her body and fly around her head.
I know all this sounds very strange, but the world has never seen a disease like this- it comes to us straight from HELL, it is EVIL, but GOOD always overcomes EVIL! Morgellons causes horrible itching, chronic fatigue, depression, brain fog and is a weaponized form of Lymes disease intended to rob our cells of oxygen to create a very acidic body condition in which diseases of all kinds fluourish.
THIS is why you are a FOOL if you don't drink sulfur water twice a day to open up those cell membranes so oxygen can flood into your cells! I am not going to mince words folks, we are all at WAR now against the N.W.O and we need the TOOLS to defend ourselves!
I provide many of the BEST Detox tools available to COUNTERACT ever getting full blown Morgellons via my Sulfur which I urge you to buy in BULK because I might someday just disappear, either due to someone taking me out, or due to martial law breaking out here in North America while I am living offshore trying to remain alive to serve you as long as I can.
(I will be getting biodynamic training in a potentially dangerous region where there are New People's Army Guerillas, communist insurgents, who sometimes kidnap and murder Americans, so please pray for me!
Not nearly enough of you have been availing yourself of the Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2 which can pull all the deeply impacted feces out of your colon while also cleaning your other internal organs, but you NEED to use these products as well as the Super Food Plus, the Magnascent Iodine, and the Echinacea Plus I selected these products specifically to protect MYSELF from getting full blown Morgellons!
(If you think this is just "hype" and "bullshit" you can prove to yourself that you have the Morgellons microorganism in your body RIGHT NOW by doing the red wine spit test!
On Wednesday I Will Be Flying Abroad to an island in the South Pacific for Instruction in Biodynamic Agriculture & Agni Hotra. I will be gone for a month, but my able assistants have been well trained to ship Sulfur and My Other New Detox products to all of you while I'm away, and I will be in email contact most of the time I'm gone.
Someone has offered me some land on a South Pacific Island Where I will Be Building a Biodynamic Farm and Holistic Healing Center Where I Will Be Teaching People to Be Their Own Doctors, to Live Free in an Unfree World, and to Sidestep the N.W.O.s Evil Efforts To Turn Us All Into Non Reproducing Cyborgs.
The Woman in the lower right photo (above) has horrible skin lesions caused by the Man Made Morgellons Microorganism That Has Penetrated the Lung Tissue in All of Our Lungs and is going systemic in the bodies of ANYONE who FAILS to PROPERLY DETOX- anyone who fails to properly detox will be biologically microchipped and merged into "the Network" which is the array of NSA Cloud Computers inside their "Fusion Centers".
I vow to NEVER let my body, mind, spirit and soul be CAPTURED this way by these EVIL monsters, and I URGE all of you to JOIN ME in a true quest for FREEDOM!! This is NOT "science fiction", and it is NOT a "drill"! This is happening RIGHT NOW, so please PROACTIVELY follow my lead to DEFEND Yourself and your FAMILY!! I realize all of this might sound very strange, but TRUTH is STRANGER than FICTION!
My life is in danger for providing all of you with this information. The best way you can help protect me is to forward this information to everyone within your sphere of influence: family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, people at church, etc. Most pastors are sound asleep on this and I need your help to awaken them. Challenge them to read this and to contact me. I will educate them if they have the integrity to seek out my information. Sadly, most are asleep at the switch.....We are commanded to not take the Mark of the Beast. This is our chance
If you haven't yet read my last alert (sent out on Tuesday of this past week) that provides a VERY IN DEPTH LOOK at the extreme danger of getting FULL BLOWN MORGELLONS disease from the man made electrical machine created using Nanotechnology in a Bioweapons lab for the purpose of turning us all from human beings into non reproducing Cyborgs, PLEASE READ IT HERE- IT IS NOT ALL "GLOOM AND DOOM" IT HAS NUMEROUS VERY SOLID AND UPLIFTING SOLUTIONS INCLUDING AN OUTRIGHT ELECTROMAGNETIC CURE FOR MORGELLONS THAT I NEED YOUR HELP TO EDUCATE MORE PEOPLE ABOUT!!
Do you HAVE the TOOLS you NEED to PROTECT YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY from being Biologically Microchipped and Destroyed by Morgellons?
Please pray for me, and I will continue to pray for all of you on the IAHF list. A portion of proceeds from sales derived from this alert will help my "bucks low" friend Paula to fly to Brownsville TX where she will be escorted across the border into Matamoros Mexico to receive the powerful electromagnetic fields she needs to destroy the electrical Morgellons microorganism infesting her body which has been making her life a living hell, causing horrible skin lesions, mites crawling around under  her skin, flies coming out of her pores, brain fog, lethargy, severe depression, and which has almost totally incapacitated her.
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