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 "STACK and TILT" is the mantra of golf that you can apply to skiing.  Pole Tipping, or Tilting, with the ankles under the hips, is "THE BEST EXERCISE TO IMPROVE YOUR SKIING™. Learn to apply this simple technique from Ride In Harmony™.
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We teach you how to move the body naturally to make the turn. There is less to do and more to enjoy.
Access  to Glenwood Springs, the Hot Springs Pool, and the easy skiing of Ride In Harmony™  is through spectacular Glenwood Canyon alongside the Colorado river from the east, whether by car on I-70 or, The California Zypher,  into the center of town.
And don't overlook flying into Aspen, and Grand Junction for the fares, and driving the 40 minutes, or 2 hours to Glenwood. 
Train in, fly out? Why not?
A RFTA bus from Aspen  is currently $6.
                                                                  and PLANE

The Eagle-Vail Airport is 25 minutes from Glenwood Springs; closer than it is to Vail, and Glenwood is right on the way from DIA  going to Aspen, and a good place to acclimate.
Says Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee, about Ride the Snow In Harmony , and What Animal Are You? ® skiing. Suzy's Olympic-animal video coming here soon.

                                                                            Suzy's Eagle Skiing
  While some of you are breaking out the golf clubs, the best skiing of the year is ahead of us, spring skiing. On Thursday there were still long powder stashes at Sunlight Mountain Resort, if you knew where to look. And Sunlight offered the best conditions that I skied in the I-70 corridor.
  The photos are from April last year at , but are representative of  the experience last week. Virtually full snow coverage, with the snow softening up throughout the day as you followed the sun, and some sections of untracked or lightly tracked powder. In other words, the best of spring skiing. Enjoyed ideally of course, with a Ride In Harmony™ instructor, who knows the mountain, and the easiest way to ski.
                                                                                THE HOTEL COLORADO
                                         The Hotel Colorado, Denver Hotel, and Silver Spruce Motel are in the heart of Glenwood Springs , restaurant district, by to the Glenwood Hot Springs pool, and close to the train,.

                      Stay at the hotel Colorado while taking your Ride In Harmony ™ ski and snowboard lessons in Colorado.

Lately, from about $100 per room + or- Single or Dbl occupancy
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                                                                                    "FLY THE SKIS"
                                                                            RIDE IN HARMONY ™ VIDEO
                 Connections within the body predispose the feet to do what the hands have done. You truly "FLY THE SKIS" with MOVEMENT OF THE HANDS.
                                                                                   A Ski Writer Comments
                                                     AN ADVANCE OVER TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES                                                        

I read your piece about Cary Thompson’s move to Sunlight Ski Area with great interest. ...I do know that he’s got it right and that his instruction method works...... As it happened, we were at Highlands that day and I drew Cary as my instructor. ... nobody else could keep up with us, so my group lesson turned into an all-day private class.

Cary totally transformed my skiing in one day! ...his technique is ridiculously simple: Look where you’re going and ...(ski with Cary’s technique: Ed.).... That is all there is to it. When you ski this way, you’re always centered on your skis; your butt and your upper body never lag behind them; you’re always in control. It works on the flats, it works on the steeps, it works in the bumps. It’s also virtually effortless.

Steve Shender
Aptos, Calif.

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