The Trans Pacific Partnership is a Sovereignty Destroying Trade Agreement That Threatens
Health Freedom, Our Access to Supplements, Our Access to Organic Produce, Our Access
to the Internet, Congressmen Aren't Being Allowed to Read it, Yet THEY VOTE ON IT TOMORROW!!!
AMERICANS ON THE IAHF LIST: (If you live outside the USA, please urge your friends in the USA to take action against this FREEDOM DESTROYING so called "TREATY" immediately....
Takes just a few minutes to go HERE and to send the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Funds letter created by my good buddy Pete Kennedy to Congress in opposition to this horrible, secret liberty destroying, sovereignty destroying so called "Trans Pacific Partnership" Trade Agreement.
We have no IDEA whats even IN this monstrosity, yet our sold out congress of WHORES is ready to sign away our birthright, all the FREEDOMS enshrined in our Constitution..... and this vote could happen TOMORROW (FRIDAY)!!!
This could negatively impact our access to dietary supplements, organic non GMO produce; it could negatively impact what we can say and do in cyberspace, and it would just be one more facet of implementation of UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control of which CHEMTRAILS are ALSO a part!!
So.... GO HERE, takes 10 seconds to send the form letter to Congress opposing this, and you can also add your own comments as part of it.... below you can see MY comments to our sold out Congress of Whores.... I also called both Senators, my Congressman, and Boehner's office (that low life RINO sack of whale S_ _T.)
(BELOW WERE THE ADDITIONAL COMMENTS I PUT INTO MY FORM LETTER TO MY CONGRESSMAN WHO IS SUZANNE DELBENE, Please send your own comments to YOUR Congressman or woman, and please tell them you want to MEET with them in PERSON about this when they return to the district later in the summer, I put in to meet with mine, please do the same, we MUST hold them accountable!! They can't vote for this and simultaneously honor their Oath to the Constitution!

I called your office about this, we are seeing a deliberate effort to destroy the USA and to force us first into a regional government with Canada and Mexico (a planned North American Union collectivist dictatorship which is being modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship, then into a global totalitarian state. I don't like this trend.

I want to keep living in AMERICA where my VOICE is SUPPOSED to MATTER!!!! I want a personal meeting with you the next time you are up here because I want to show you documents I got from the FDA via the Freedom of Information Act that disturb me a LOT especially since I was never able to get congressional OVERSIGHT re their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.

I have HARD EVIDENCE that BEHIND OUR BACKS the FDA has ALREADY CREATED one harmonized set of food and drug regs with Canada and Mexico, and now we see this sovereignty destroying trend going still FURTHER via the TPP. This angers me!
I want to know what YOU are doing to oppose the TPP and all OTHER sovereignty DESTROYING trade agreements that could negatively impact my health by blocking my access to organic food and to dietary supplements? It ENRAGES me when SECRET LEGISLATION that no one is even ALLOWED to read is rammed through congress under cover of DARKNESS.

I am armed. I am encouraging every one around me to ALSO not only GET armed, but to START TAKING TARGET PRACTICE because I consider this latest OUTRAGE to be nothing less than a DECLARATION OF WAR against me, my family, my friends, my co-workers and my NEIGHBORS and I will tell EVERYONE within MY sphere of influence here in Whatcom County, especially Point Roberts about this.

I would like a written reply send to my address: John Hammell 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 and I would like a MEETING DIRECTLY WITH YOU about this when you are up in the District. I will go to your website immediately in an attempt to schedule that.

PS I am not attempting to in any way threaten you when I tell you that I am a gun owner and a member of Gun Owners of America, I am just attempting to express to you that I HATE TYRANNY and this TPP is the ULTIMATE OUTRAGE!! So what do you intend to do to protect me from this TYRANNY?????
IAHF LIST: Please see this alert I sent out yesterday and please forward it to your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, along with THIS ONE!!
In the alert I sent out yesterday, I called for everyone to support film maker Michael Murphy's latest anti chemtrail documentary "An UNnatural Shade of Grey" Your help is needed to complete this all important anti chemtrail documentary, and you can watch a trailer in my alert where I ALSO have a lot of NEW detox information, the most comprenhensive DETOX info I've EVER sent out because chemtrailing is INCREASING BADLY!!

Here where I live they are really HAMMERING us now every day! The chemtrails start around sunrise and by 10 am the whole sky is covered with chemtrails that spread everywhere, but the average person is clueless so we have to educate the people around us and clue them in to the need to DETOX!!!
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