2 weeks ago YAST released their third single from forthcoming debut album. New single is called “Stupid” and now the video is here. Premiered by UK magazine DIY and already picked up by many more it gets the praise it’s worth.
“The song is a semi-conscious journey through the scattered thoughts of a loved-up songwriter; both uplifting and in its own way, heartbreaking.”
Look and listen here: youtu.be/lpmau4f4Z-4
Singer and guitarist Nopan. Pic taken from the video. Directed by Victor Claeson.
Spotify - open.spotify.com/album/00mSHUNvDDn2lRaw16SXyL
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/adrianrec/sets/yast-stupid
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/stupid-single/id568082228
Birds Need Feet
The Fader
The Peel
 The Line of Best Fit
Tram 7
Scientists of Sound

2012-11-03 - Röda Sten - Göteborg (S) - Klubb Doris
2012-11-09 - Loppen - Köpenhamn (DK) - with Diiv

YAST is released in collaboration between Adrian Recordings and Double Sun.
As unveiled before MF/MB/’s follow up to the debut album “Folded” will be released the 1st of March (20th of February in Sweden). It will be called “Colossus”. Before that we will see the release of a prequel remix album called “Colossus Premixed”, maybe the first time a remix album is released before the original tracks, a way to open your  ears for a preceding masterpiece and a work of art in itself. What is a remix? What is an original? What is music? Is it important?
3 remixes has so far been unleashed online and for all of you fortunate enough to receive this newsletter; here a fourth.
MF/MB/ - cocktail kid (vegpher remix)
Download: www.adrianfiles.com/01.cocktail_kid-vegpher_remix.mp3
Listen: soundcloud.com/adrianrec/mf-mb-cocktail-kid-vegpher/s-ghFnS
Japan has a long tradition of electronic music that seems to exist in a parallel universe. Other sets of rules are at work and other senses. Vegpher is a perfect example. Due to massive touring all over the world Keiichi Sugimoto is one of the best known electronic artists outside Japan. He releases under monikers like FilFla and FourColor and are member of groups like Minamo and Fonica on labels like 12k in New York, German Tom Lab and Headz of Japan. Just recently in august 2012 he released a new album under the name Vegpher; a perfect blend of techno, house and dub step. We are glad that he took his time to deliver this creepy reptile remix of the MF/MB/ track “Cocktail Kid”, made out of stems from the demo version of the track.
Feel free to share.
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