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October - The Month of Festivals~

So much changes constantly-yet much is still the same.

Festivals are a part of my memory from the earliest years.

Apple Bobbing, Trick-or-Treating, Dress-up parties, Marshmallow Roast, Corn-Mazes and Hayrides ….those were great fun…and still are.

You know that “Eating in Season” is my pet “do”. And the foods in season during the fall and winter months are the heart of a fabulous experience with the magic of food.

Apples, all manner of root veggies, peas, okra, eggplant and the most awesome… Pumpkin!

We have a saying in my house…31 days of pumpkin…get used to it!

So many charming shapes and colors…so many delicious recipes…from drinks to Jack-O-Lanterns, there isn’t much that can’t be accomplished with pumpkin. (Oh, and ice cream)

Don’t let the magic of the fall season go untapped…bold colors, fresh flavors, bonfires, and
if you have a black cat… watch it very carefully!

Info from “The Dark Side”

I’ve had many requests for the info on GMO’s, below you will find useful links that will clarify much of the things we have talked about.

GMO Information From Around the World

Open Letter from Scientist To All Governments

Dr. Al Sears on GMO”s

Want to know where your state stands on GMO Labeling?

The Organic and Non GMO Report

In the October Garden~

Not much to be done, some late summer crops may still be producing in some areas.

At Sage Hill, okra, eggplant, peppers, and greens are the bounty of choice.

Clean up garden spots and beds that are empty and either plant them with a cover crop (greens, alfalfa, etc,) things that can be turned back into the soil come spring. Never leave a garden bed bare during the winter…it invites insects and the danger of losing much of your soil through animal invasion and weather events.

Herb of October~

Rosemary is my choice, there are so many ways to use the heavy, aromatic pine scented herb…from the grill to the oven to table-scapes, let your imagination be your guide.

A Thought to Ponder~

‘The collapse of the Roman Empire was accompanied by the loss of the wheat fields.’ Taken from the book by Bill Laws… “Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History”


Never store herbs in plastic bags - they will absorb the essential oils and result in dead flavor and nutrients.

Embrace the Bliss that is October~
Bea & Mike Kunz