It’s with great excitement we inform you that our mighty This Is Head today releases their second single from their second album – The Album ID. Single track is called “Illumination”. Watch the occult video over at Filter geniously directed by Maciej Kalymon . Also inkluded, remixes from El Perro Del Mar and Prince Rama.

Artist: This Is Head
Single: Illumination
From the album: The Album ID
Catalugue#: arweb 155
Label: Adrian Recordings
Video: FILTER premiere:
Spotify: This Is Head – Illumination
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1. Illumination
2. Castaway (El Perro Del Mar & Bobby Bell Remix)
3. Staring Lenses (Prince Rama's Setting of the Sun Swedish Black Metal Remix)
Read more about and watch the El Perro Del Mar remix over at The Line Of Best Fit here:
 In March 2013 This Is Head finally released their second album – The Album ID. A most anticipated album since the debut – 0001 – in many ways put the band on the map as one of the most exciting bands to come out of Sweden in last years.
The band had to cut loose all boundaries and ties that the first album and the success there of had put on them. The process that went on for over a year hadn’t actually any limits, rules or straight lines to stay within. It was like an unruly organism that evolved and became a being of its own. A being that itself affected the members just as much as they helped it to grow. They talk about songs that almost wrote themselves, about how their instruments seem to have their own friendships beyond human understanding, magic pots and bubbling cauldrons.
First single of the album was the Bowie–esque colorful – Time’s an Ocean – and now it’s time for single number two – Illumination. A proud groovy synth riff hold up the slow dance rhythm and cheering voices keep the melody in your head.
The official single also includes 2 remixes. Not of the single track but from 2 other tracks from the album. First the wonderful “El Perro Del Mar” that does “Castaway” and then we get a rock ‘n rock dirty gritty remix of “Staring Lenses” from Brooklyn and the spiritual “Prince Rama”. (USA)
“Hailing from Malmo, Sweden, This is Head, make expansive, widescreen pop that doesn't rely on "whoah-ohs" to convey emotion. There's an expressive use of dynamics on the band's new longplayer, The Album ID.”
Bill Pearis (UK)
“AB Version” has everything you could possibly want from a Scandinavian indie pop record and more; tinkling idiophones, triumphant horns and spaced out samples all contribute to the dreamy but nonetheless purposeful and energetic aesthetic; while a discordant guitar riff cuts through the pleasant cooing of synthetic strings, lending a distinctly krauty flavour to the track.
Dan Carson (Italy)
… You want to press play. It´s like seeing a magician: At first you´re looking to expose the tricks but without noticing it, you´re being swept away by its magic. 
Stefano Di Noi. (DK)
“This is Head are still their own in every respect and increasingly awesome at it, too, making “The Album ID” a wholly excellent rock album. So, crank the mutha up and let them sweep you away – it’s a 45 minute ride you’ll thank yourself for taking.”
Peter Krogholm (Italy)
“Yes, ”The Album ID” is a pleasant surprise, because listening to a record in its whole today, without even thinking about fast-forwarding to the next song is plain and simple miraculous.” 
Di Hadrianus. (DE)
Glancing sparklers ignites This Is Head on this tremendously exciting, playful and experimental second album “The Album ID”(…) This Is Head juggles safely with pieces of disco, synthpop, indie- sensibility and psychedelic flower power.
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