The Mississippi Queen wishes ya' 'Peas on Earth' this Holiday Season.....

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 Creole Crab Cakes with Remoulade Sauce
 Creole Crab Cakes are a Southern favorite, and a nice addition to your meal, as an appetizer, or even as an entree. 
Crab Cakes are made by combining lump crab meat, mayonnaise, egg, bread crumbs, and any combination of Cajun/Creole seasonings, to suit your taste.  Once they are formed, into oval patties, they can then be pan fried, in butter, or deep fried to golden brown.  Best served with a side of Creole Remoulade dipping sauce. 
Stuart's Cajun Dill Pickles
Stuart's Cajun Dill Pickles are a lil something I
picked up, while Down South, on my last buying
trip.  However, I bring them back, in a very limited
These pickles are spicy, and homemade, by a Cajun,
who lives along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  They
are highly recommended, as a good edition to a
Bloody Mary. 
I will be upfront, and say, they are definitely not
cheap, but the price per bottle, reflects the prem-
ium quality of the product, and of course, the fact, you will not find these anywhere else in Canada! 
Heah, I know what ya' Folks are thinkin'...or, at least ya' Folks who are still readin' this!  It ain't even the end of November, and I'm sendin' out a 'Happy Holidays' newsletter....I know....WAY too early for that, right?  Well, Imma be real honest, and tell ya' that Imma right there with ya'!
I ain't no different then ya'll on this one.  I usually work fairly late on Christmas Eve, taking care of orders, with my own Christmas tree usually in a 'half way up / half way down' sort of state, all throughout the month of December.  I've had that shocking moment, in the midst of filling orders, when I realized if I did not drop what I was doing, at that moment, and run to Toys R Us, Santa would not be 'visting' my daughter, and I, would not be receiving my 'Mom of the Year' Award, at all.  I have even opened my own fridge on Christmas Day, to find I forgot to defrost my own turkey!  
Nope, I ain't makin' this stuff up.  So, let's not all be confused, thinkin' Imma super organized woman, here, in Mississippi Queen Foods Land, when it comes to the holidays.  I'm not.  I will admit, I am in denial, as well.  
Maybe it's because I've been receivin' so many holiday promotions, in my email, I started feelin' a bit guilty, and a bit like a slacker, because I had not sent out any myself.  So, get ready, ya'll, here it's my best pitch at promotin' and sellin' ya' somethin' because it's Happy Holidays Time!........
                                                                        Red Velvet Cupcakes               Pecan Pralines
                                                                        $35 / per box of 24 cupcakes    $25 / per box of pralines
I'll let ya' in on a lil secret, and tell ya' what a few of my clients do, for their holiday gifting....they actually send a lil note to me, of all the folks, on their list, asking me to make some Pecan Pralines for a few of them, and boxes of Red Velvet Cupcakes for some of the others, Southern Pecan Pies go to this one, and that one....a few even get Southern Groceries all packaged together for someone real good on their list....and I have all my holiday ribbons and decorations, so I can make all this stuff look extra purty for 'em.      
Southern Pecan Pies make excellent gifts
$25 for one / $20 when you buy
2-4 / $90 for 5
I show up at their place, or they pick it all up from me, and then they just go 'round and drop it all off....or, sit at home and eat it up themselves, cuz maybe they done went and lied to me, 'bout it all bein' gifts...who knows!  All I know is they ain't all stressed out, when I get there....maybe I mighta been a lil stressed out on the other side, but we ain't gonna talk 'bout that....maybe they kinda smart.....just sayin'.....
Ok, Folks, that's the end of my holiday promotin', but ya' know Imma be back, again, talkin' 'bout this, once time starts runnin' out, and I know ya'll be all stressed out, in need of some desparate gift suggestions.  
Just remember, the Mississippi Queen's here to help, even if it is, only..... November!

The Mississippi Queen...Barbie Doll???
Yup, that's right...Barbie Doll....
If ya' wanna get the dirt on this story, you can read about it in my latest blog, posted just this week, and it will tell you about some fantastic clients of mine, who held a 'Mississippi Queen Themed' birthday party, as a surprise for someone who loves Southern food!  Read the blog by clicking this link.
Mississippi Queen Foods and Mississippi Tourism.........
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am very proud, and honored, to announce, Mississippi Queen Foods has formed a partnership, with Mississippi Tourism
What you can expect to see, as we work together, promoting the Great State of Mississippi, is a greater 'Mississippi presence' at many of the upcoming festivals and events, especially the blues events, for the 2013 season.  This will also mean, you will be able to enjoy some great, Southern, Mississippi food, at my booth, more often next year, because there will be additonal shows added to my schedule. 
In January, I hope to announce other developments, in the way of this new partnership, such as 'Cooking Parties & Classes with the Mississippi Queen', which will be offered through special packages. 
What better way to promote Mississippi tourism, than to have a tour, right?  So, my answer......'Juke Joint Festival with the Mississippi Queen', which would be during April, through the Mississippi Delta, and surrounding area. 
Please contact me for further information on upcoming classes at 

Thanks for your time, and reading the newsletter for Mississippi Queen Foods.  My love and passion for Southern food and culture, is no secret, and I am always grateful, when I get to share it with you. 
My business is built on word-of-mouth, and I truly do appreciate when you take the time to share information, about my company, with your friends and family.  As the interest in my company, and Southern products grow, I will be able to continually expand my product line of offerings and services. 
If there are specific products, you would be interested in purchasing, please send an email to me, so I can add your request to my folder, for consideration on future orders.  
Wishin' ya' lots of good eatin'!.....
Connie Rouble a.k.a. the Mississippi Queen,
Mississippi Queen Foods