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         Many of you may remember the summer blockbuster movie “The Perfect Storm” based on a true story about the doomed fishing boat captain and crew of the “Andrea Gail”. As they left the port of Gloucester, MA in the fall of 1991, they sailed right into two storms that combined into one gigantic storm and all perished at sea.


As a fellow sailor who has survived my own “perfect storm” aboard a 42 foot sailing vessel called “The Dragon Lady”, I cannot help but feel that our beloved vessel – the United States of America—is about to face the biggest set of events that threaten not only our core as a people but also our very survival as a nation known as “land of the free” and “home of the brave.”


Every sailor worth his salt knows when a storm is coming. There are always signs and indicators. It’s not just your instruments—like a rapidly falling barometer signaling inclement weather. There are other signs that you can observe with your other senses—the flat calm before a storm, fish and seabirds acting and doing strange things, rapidly leaving areas as they instinctively sense things are about to change. In the fall of 1986, I was part of a crew of 4 aboard “The Dragon Lady” as we sailed from New York City to Bermuda. Little did we know that within days, we would be in the fight of our lives. Back then, our only weather alert came from shortwave radio; survival depended on your years of skill, team work, leadership, and of course luck.


Today, at this very moment, the vessel that we all love—the United States of America—is heading straight into the path of an unusual set of events in history that for a long time now has alerted my sailor’s “sixth sense” that we are all heading into danger and the time for preparation and vigilance is upon us.


There are red flags and lights flashing, alarm bells sounding, buoys tolling marking that we have passed beyond the area of safety—and yet the captain of our ship—President Obama and his Administration—is asleep at the helm, and the crew—Congress and the Judicial Branch—are AWOL.

          It is now up to the passengers—you and me—to interpret the warning signs that if we don’t do something now, our boat will sink and we will all perish. Your very survival and mine all depend on us paying attention and acting together! At the end of this alert you will find specific steps we must all take to save America, and all of our most deeply cherished freedoms. We must act, or many of us will perish.


 I remember the Newark and Detroit Riots in the summer of 1967 when high black unemployment, combined with the highly unpopular Vietnam war and an incorrectly perceived situation involving a black man and Newark police sparked off an orgy of rioting, burning and looting so extreme that the National Guard put Tanks and troops in the streets to restore order as Newark and Detroit went under martial law: .

 Fast forward forty-two years later, and a similar set of circumstances face our country, only not only we are faced with threats both locally and globally as America finds herself in a much weakened economic condition, but we are also faced with the threat of (lab created) pandemic, forced vaccinations and martial law. Take a look at the similarity of events, then and now.

 High unemployment? Yes. Nationwide, we are now at 9.4%, with many states like California and Nevada at 11.4% and 11.3%, respectively. California is bankrupt. This doesn’t even consider Underemployment rates nationwide which hover now at close to 16%. Black unemployment is now at approximately 15%.

           Highly unpopular war? Yes. In fact, we’ve got two: Iraq and now, more troop build-up in Afghanistan. What about the possible war in North Korea? Or, the instability in Iran and in Pakistan? How do we pay for all this? By printing more money, resulting in potential hyperinflation and a rapidly falling, worthless dollar. Or even worse, Russia and China have even called for replacing the US Dollar as the reserve currency.

          At at a time when we badly need to audit the Federal Reserve to sharply curtail their power, Obama just radically increased their power, making them even more unaccountable, placing us even more in jeopardy as you can see by this article and news interview with Ron Paul:

          Can you not see that our enemies sense our inherent inability to continue fighting multiple wars as our treasury coffers are emptied by our fraud of a president ‘Soetero’ as he hands out goodies to his political cronies and shreds our Constitutional rights under our very noses.

         Earlier this year Soetoro attempted to ban our access to ammunition because gun control legislation wasn’t being passed soon enough to suit him, or his anti second amendment Attorney General- Eric Holder. He ordered the DoD to stop selling used brass shell casings to American ammunition manufacturers. Instead he ordered this brass to be crushed and shredded, turned into scrap and sold to the Chinese for a fraction of what American ammunition manufacturers were paying.

          While this was later turned around due to massive grass roots indignation, I can see the writing on the wall…. Can you? Will you act now to save yourself and your country? A wise philosopher once said, “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat her errors.” There are other warning signs that are we about to lose our freedoms. 


 As the US Economy goes into full melt down, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) will be holding "NLE '09" (National Level Exercise") along with Foreign Military Troops from Mexico, Canada, Britain, and Australia. See the FEMA Website at 

 This FEMA "Exercise" follows closely on the heels of a meeting in NYC of the UN Conference on the World's Financial and Economic Crisis which is scheduled for June 24-26 at UN Headquarters in NYC.

 At this UN Meeting, the Marxist plan for global government will be divulged. The plan was devised by United Nations General Assembly President Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann who intends to make his mark on the world before his one-year term ends in September.

           D'Escoto, a longtime top official in the communist Sandinista government of Nicaragua, has generated a 19-page report via which he'd like to impose Sandanista styled communism on the whole world. You can read all the sordid details in the article above.

       The worse threats of all are the ones that come from within our own government.


            Barry Soetoro’s Foreign Policy “Advisor” is Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man who was recruited by David Rockefeller to help him co-found the Trilateral Commission. Like its sister organization, the Bilderberg Group, the publicly stated purpose of the Trilateral commission is to merge the communist with the non communist world, to destroy all nations and all religions in order to force us into a Global Socialist Totalitarian State, a psychocivilized society in which everyone would be microchipped and controlled via Cray Supercomputer: [ see Microchip Implants, Mind Control & Cybernetics by RAUNI KILDE, MD

         Brzezinski was recruited from Columbia University by Rockefeller after he read his book Between Two Ages- America’s Role in a Technotronic Society  In this book Brzezinksi openly idealizes Marxism, and advocates a microchipped populace.  )

         Now that I’ve sounded the alarm bells and connected the dots for you, will you help me stop this evil? Based on all the trends I have been following all these year, I forecast that unless we change our course, unless we make the correct choices TODAY, the chances of our survival are bleak.
        It is not inconceivable that by this time one year from now, millions of Americans, and others world wide could be dead due to the weaponized flu, and weaponized vaccine which is intended to trigger martial law and to kill millions as the ruling elite seek to take out 9 out of 10 of us in order to reduce world population down to 500 Million. They've announced this intention very openly, carving this message into solid granite in several languages via the Georgia Guidestones.
        We'd be fools not to take that warning seriously in light of unfolding events: FEMA and the Centers for Disease Control have stockpiled millions of coffins all over America to put our dead bodies in- check it out: Each plastic coffin can hold 3 corpses: also see

       Will you be among the survivors? Below you will find a lot of valuable information that will help you defend yourself and your family from the evil predations of the ruling elite who seek to kill 9 out of 10 of us and make the rest of us their slaves via microchips and directed energy.

       We're not going to let that happen, because we're going to fight like hell against their every evil move with every fiber of our being beginning with total rebellion against Soetorro, the Usurper in Chief and against his handlers: David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski who cofounded the Trilateral Commission for the purpose of merging the communist with the non communist world to create a Global Socialist Totalitarian State.

 Concentration Camps in America 

 Confessions of a CIA Agent About FEMA:


             When I played hockey I learned that your best DEFENSE is a damn good OFFENSE. The Founders gave us our second amendment as a check and balance against government tyranny. They had just fought a Revolution against England, and didn’t want future Americans to ever be defenseless against a corrupt future government.


          Politicians prefer unarmed peasants. Throughout history, any time gun control has been imposed on a country, genocide has always followed- see the stats compiled by Aaron Zellman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership: 
         The only Jews who survived in the Warsaw Ghetto were those who refused Hitler's order to disarm. They avoided being put on trains and shipped off to the concentration camps by fighting bravely from the sewers and killng many Nazis.

Soetoro is a Nazi: Hail Hitler/Hail Obama: Black Preacher Jamed David Manning Exposes Soetorro

 Barack Obama Hitler Youth Comparison- History Repeats Itself-

 Soetorro's Attorney General, Eric Holder, is the most anti second amendment Attorney General we've ever had according to Gun Owners of America-

1. Join Gun Owners of America & Help Them Defend the Second Amendment
See their Legislative Action section at  and join them. If you aren’t armed GET armed, and prepare to defend your life and the lives of your family. Prepare for martial law, put up food reserves for as long as you can. Plant a garden, start raising chickens, Prepare to survive the planned pandemic, more on all of this below...

2. File a Criminal Complaint Against Soetoro and Urge everyone you know to do the same, its easy, and you can learn how here:

 3. The Grand Jury is the 4th Branch of Government:

 Read "Grand Jury Power- Take it Back"

4. Through  many Americans have notarized their oaths and sent them in to participate in Grand Juries that have been held and are still being held nationwide. Many have returned indictments against Soetoro charging him with fraud and treason. We must support these efforts.

 5. Understand the Planned Pandemic & Take Steps to Protect Yourself and Your Family

 Watch: parts 1-4 of Jeff Rense's interview with Virologist Bill Deagle, MD 

 Read this article by Dr.Deagle:

Swine Flu Epidemic & Avianized Flu Pandemic
 Recombinant Preparedness Alert


1. Please watch this You Tube about THE OATH KEEPERS, an organization that we must all support for our own protection against New World Order predations:

 The OATH KEEPERS is an organization created for active duty military, sheriffs and     police.  We need to alert as many military troops, sheriffs and police as possible to understand unfolding events so that they realize soon they will be ordered to carry out illegal, unconstitutional orders.

 Soon they will be ordered to confiscate our guns, force vaccinate us, force us from our homes into concentration camps, and to blockade our cities turning them into concentration camps. Its very important that you encourage your local police, and sheriffs to view this and to join the Oathkeepers. Doing so could save your live.
Make an appointment with your local police and sheriffs to show this to them. Forward it to any active duty military people you know and encourage them to A) Join, and B) Forward it. Don’t look to others to do this for you, you MUST take an ACTIVE part in your own defense!

 2.   Get Silver 100, This is now the only Silver recommended by Virologist Dr. Bill Deagle who has been blowing the whistle on the weaponized flu- he just switched from the other silver he was selling to this after having an hour long conversation with Jay Newman, owner of the company. Learn why this is the best silver at

It has a unique patented delivery system that makes it the most bioavailable silver on the market and protects even against such antibiotic resistant infections as MRSA, STAPH INFECTIONS and others. Jay Neuman, owner of Invision International will be on Deagle's show tomorrow to discuss this product. You can listen to  at If you can only afford to purchase one single product for your arsenal be sure to get several bottles of Silver 100. I have a couple cases on hand, enough to give some out to neighbors. Tell Jay IAHF sent you.
 3.  Get Vitamin D. We're more at risk of getting any flu in fall and winter due to less sunlight. (We get Vitamin D from sunlight.) I recommend you get Vitamin A and D from Cod Liver Oil- see  Get at least 2,000. IU per day which you can get from 2 tablespoons of Cod Liver Oil per day. Taken in liquid form this way its the most bioavailable. You can get mint flavored cod liver oil from Twinlab that doesn't taste bad and it could save your life.
4.  Get Vitamin C-  This website of Orthomolecular Pioneer Robert Cathcart MD explains how to take Vitamin C to bowel tolerance which means you have absorbed all you can for optimal protection. Vitamin C is an essential cofactor that strengthens the collagen, the cement like substance that binds all of our cells together allowing for proper nutrient transport to the cells, and proper waste transport from the cells. This section of Cathcart's site discusses using Vitamin C against Avian Flu He suggests megadoses of up to 300 Grams per day, so be sure to have a lot on hand. A good source of all vitamins is the Life Extension Foundation
5. Ten Homeopathic Remedies to Use During Flu Season and Swine Flu Epidemic of 2009
6. Maintain a Slightly Alkaline Ph for Improved Oxygen Absorption
Read The Battle for Health is Over Ph by Gary Tunsky
7. Organic Sulfur allows for increased oxygen intake by increasing permeability of cell membranes. Patrick McGean is the only source I know of who sells organic sulfur that does not contain silicon dioxide, the anti caking ingredient found in MSM which ruins the uptake of sulfur. You can get it from him by calling 801-290-2013.  Tell Patrick IAHF sent you.
Optimal oxygen intake is essential for good health. Clean blood is oxygenated blood. Clean blood is essential for prevention of all disease. See
8. Another way to increase your absorbed oxygen is by ingesting food grade hydrogen peroxide, see
Additional information about how to protect yourself this fall from a second and third wave of lab created flu can be found on the website of Virologist Bill Deagle at
9. I strongly recommend having an ample supply of food stockpiled in the event that stores aren't resupplied during martial law and shelves are swept bare and a very easy way to protect yourself is to order several cases of SPIZ- Spiz is a very easily digested meal replacement product that you just mix with water and you can live off it.
Spiz has been the product of choice for elite endurance athletes including Chet "The Jet" Blanton who set the world's record for the most Triathlons run in a single year, including a "Double Decker" which is 20 Ironman Triathlons all strung together as a single race. His only food during this even which took nearly a month was SPIZ. This is also a perfect meal replacement product for anyone seeking improved energy or for elderly people who lack the energy to always cook for themselves. see  Tell Randy Ice IAHF sent you.
10. Relocation Away From Cities, and if Not Possible, Strategy to Survive in a City
I could forsee all of this coming years ago and relocated to a rural area where I am growing food, raising chickens, and taking other precautions to insure my own survival.
I realize not all of you are able to do this and that time is growing short in any case.
It is essential that you discuss the information in this alert with as many friends, family, neighbors, police, sheriffs, active duty military as possible. You will want everyone around you to take steps to prepare, but if they won't listen, you'd better be prepared to defend your home from attack. What will you do if the banks fail? Do you have barterable objects including Junk Silver coins on hand? Do you have food stockpiled in case stores aren't resupplied due to martial law? If you are able to relocate away from a city, here are some useful guides:
A) Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen:
B) The Country Living Encyclopedia by Carla Emory
If you can't afford to buy land in the country, as an alternative I strongly recommend having a contingency plan to at least rent someplace, even if you share a place with friends or family- but HAVE a plan, it could save your life! You also might consider this website of intentional communities, provided you might find a group of people who grasp whats going on since many of these communities are in denial and are active supporters of Soetoro and therefor the New World Order
This is not a complete list of things to do to prepare. There are always other things you can also do, but this is a pretty good outline for your consideration. The main thing is do not think everything right now is "normal". Prayer is seriously in order. So is communication with friends, family and neighbors.
We cannot afford to ignore the fact that the dollar is in freefall and that FEMA is conducting an "exercise" at the end of July with Foreign Troops. The likelihood is very strong that we will be under martial law either later in the summer or in the coming fall or winter. Don't kid yourself and stick your head in the sand. When you have that proverbial knock on the door, you'll want to be ready.
Feel free to share any ideas or info with me that you'd like. We're all in this together, and I care about all of you.
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