Our future depends on practicing sustainability, which provides intelligent solutions to the current environmental, economic and social challenges that we are facing.

The amount of garbage humans throw away is rising fast and global waste will triple by 2100 if we do not take drastic actions, warns former World Bank urban development specialist Dan Hoornweg and two colleagues.

‘Save the Planet’ is a flagship event in South-East Europe. It will enhance the key role of the innovative technologies for environmental waste treatment and encourage the foreign investments in local economics through new projects, policies and practices.

Vecoplan, EREMA, Gebrüder Paschev, Composting Queen, Ecorec Bulgaria, Weiss, International Baler Service, Anis Trend, BalBok Engineering and HERBOLD Meckesheim have joined ‘Save the Planet’.

In this issue of our e-bulletin we have included:
- an interview with Mr. Josef Heissenberger, CEO and owner of the Кomptech Group  and  Mr. Ewald Konrad, Senior ASM
- presentations of our event partners – ENEP (Belgium), Recycling International (the Netherlands) and ZIP Magazin (Hungary)
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This is a debut for Komptech at ‘Save the Planet'. Please present the company and what products will you introduce at the Exhibition?
Komptech is a leading international technology supplier of machinery and systems for the mechanical and mechanical-biological treatment of solid waste and for the treatment of biomass as a renewable energy source.  Our products help us to „green the world“. We would like to introduce our full range of technology for shredding, composting and separation.

Who are your potential customers you would like to meet at your stand?
Our potential customers are the companies who collect and treat the waste. They are private owned companies as well as municipalities.
Tell us about green efficiency® programme.

After two years of intense development work, Komptech’s contribution to a better environment stands firm.
green efficiency® is an innovation programme that  gives our green machines higher performance with lower  consumption.

 Partners’ Presentation

A highlight in the ‘Save the Planet’ Conference will be the European Conference Day ‘Best Practices in Waste/Resource Management among the EU 28’, organized in collaboration with the ACR+ and ENEP. The speaker lineup will include experts from both organizations and from the European Commission - DG REGIO and DG Environment who will present the key updates and overview future market opportunities.

Recycling International magazine is the voice of the worldwide recycling industries. Our monthly magazine combines in-depth articles with latest news stories: from recycling technology and scrap market updates, to reports about individuals and major companies. Over the past 15 years, Recycling International has been regularly reaching tens of thousands of professionals working within the recycling industries.

ZIP Magazin (meaning Green Industry Magazine in Hungarian) is the only professional journal in Hungary specialized in waste management, environmental protection and renewable energy. Continuing the tradition of its predecessor professional magazine, “Hulladéksors”, it is dedicated to all actors of the green industry, including entrepreneurs, manufacturing and service companies, the government, central governmental and state bodies and state-owned corporations, as well as civilians interested in these topics. The journal plays the role of a communication channel between the actors of the field.