Fukoshima Evacuees in Japan Flee the Fallout From the Damaged Reactor...... How Can People in North America Protect Themselves as Number of Stillborn Baby Deaths and Illnesses of All Sorts Continue to Rise as Precipitation Brings Fukoshima Fallout Into
OUR LIVES HERE IN North America?
IAHF List: Did you know that the US Military has started evacuating military families from Japan because of the ongoing worsening situation with Fukoshima? I was stunned to read this article from "Stars and Stripes" dated March 17, 2012.
I was even MORE stunned to read THIS article about the Japanese government's plan to evacuate the ENTIRE CITY of TOKYO, all 40 Million of them! (The Russians were equally surprised!) It seems Japan wants the Kuril islands back from the Russians to have a place to relocate all these people to!
Am I being an alarmist, or should all of us in North America take notice of this and take steps to protect ourselves from radioactive fallout coming down in precipitation here in North America? What CAN we do?
In an effort to protect all of you on the IAHF list, and your families, I've made the effort to research this. After all, I live in the Pacific NW, in a rain forest, in the part of the country being hit the hardest by Fukoshima fallout and I care very much about my health especially because I once worked in an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico (Hospital Santa Monica, which used to be in Rosarito Beach south of Tijuana until the Mexican FDA did the bidding of the US FDA to shut it down because it was helping such as huge number of people recover from cancer.)
Have a gander at this well researched article about the huge increase in the number of stillborn babies in the USA since the Fukoshima fallout started finding its way to our shores....The prediction has been made in this article that the rate of Thyroid insufficiency in newborns and adults, and the rates of thyroid cancer will increase due to the radiation we're all being exposed to right now.
So....... what CAN WE DO as these nuclear plants in Japan continue to melt down???
What CAN we DO as US Military Families are being evacuated out of Japan back to the USA?
What CAN we DO as Japan evacuates the ENTIRE CITY OF TOKYO? Should we be concerned?
I'm concerned. I'm VERY concerned. I'm concerned because I've seen a LOT of cancer. I once did PR work for Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico. I ghost wrote a book of best case histories for Dr.Kurt Donsbach, founder of this hospital. I desktop published a newsletter for him, and was around the Hospital enough to meet a huge number of people dying from every sort of cancer. I also witnessed miracles due to bioxidative therapies and other suppressed alternative treatment modes that we employed to save many lives. I've seen family members laid low by cancer including my uncles Larry, and Sandy, both of whom died horrible deaths from brain tumors.
When uncle Larry was dying, he went blind from his tumors. I've never seen a man suffer so much. His head had been shaved, and he was being pummelled, senselessly, with radiation and chemo which only hastened his demise. He might have lived if he'd just had the chance to have ozone, megadoses of sulfur and vitamin C. If only.......
I am crying right now as I type this. I remember Uncle Larry at the Hammell family Fourth of July celebrations at our house in Summit, NJ. I remember Uncle Sandy from those same celebrations. Larry was a high school science teacher who loved making homemade firecrackers. One 4th of July he had an explosion in the basement while mixing the chemicals to do this which singed his eyebrows off and his face got burned. He made really good twelth night cake and our family always celebrated the 12 night after Christmas at Gummie's house in Red Bank. Why did he have to die such a horrible death, leaving behind a widow and 6 kids?
Then there was Uncle Sandy. I'll never forget him playing badminton in our yard at those Fourth of July gatherings. He was a state champ in badminton and no one in our family could beat him. He was so full of life..... it was a shock to me to see this amazing athlete shot down by cancer.... if it could get him, it could get ME, I realized.
And so, I found myself really pondering this Fukoshima radiation, and what I might say to all of you on the IAHF list that would hopefully open your eyes to the serious and all too real need to protect yourselves from fallout in addition to the toxic chemtrails being sprayed on us by aircraft.
I hope you can clearly see that we're all undergoing an unprecedented level of toxic assault right now, not just from the arsenic, barium, strontium, aluminum oxide, iron, zinc, and antibiotic resistant bacteria being sprayed on us from planes, but now ALSO by this radiation coming from Fukoshima which is in our water, in our soil, in all the veges we're eating,its even in the wonderful grass fed beef I get from US Wellness meats because its falling on the grass they're eating in Missouri....
Please don't take my word for anything, but I have the answer....and I can prove it. Check out these articles from Pub Med about how sulfur and sulfur based amino acids protect us from radiation
http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21447412  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1421683 
Friends- my sales started with a trickle.... I was initially buying just 10 pounds of sulfur at a time, then 15, then 25, and now I'm selling out every time I buy a 60 lb drum before the shipment even reaches me. Soon I'll have to start ordering 100 pounds or more at a time if things keep going the way they have been. Luckily, I've been learning to increase the efficiency of my whole shipping operation and have someone to help me, or I would be totally buried with the orders that have been coming in as awareness spreads.
Got sulfur?  Got monthly autoshipping?  Got ENOUGH sulfur? Get it NOW while the gettin' is good!
I might "pop smoke" and boogie from North America entirely because I'm a marked man here. I've had Federal Martials on my doorstep right here in Point Roberts already, and had an FBI visit when I was in Florida. I'm going to TRY to keep Sulfur for Health going when I move, but there are NO GUARANTEES.
Sulfur has a very long shelf life..... at least 3 years. If I were you, I'd get it NOW while the gettin' is good because I am not sure how long I'll be selling it. I was told that I'm on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law, which many people feel is on the way. I was told this by a man who once worked in a FEMA office in DC that was tasked with implementing martial law.
He quit after having a tour of the concentration camps, wanting nothing to do with implementation of martial law, but after he quit, he learned from a friend who still worked in his old office that he had been added to the red list because he knew too much, and because he'd done two tours of Vietnam as a Ranger so had a lot of survival training and was in a position to provide leadership against the NWO. He learned that my name was on the red list and contacted me when I lived in Virginia to warn me. He was working at the time as the headmaster of a boy's military boarding school in Front Royal.
We're living in the last days, my friends, but do not be afraid! Never fear death. I was dead once when I was 16 after a tree fell on me in a tornado when I was camped for the night. I had an out of body experience and was on the edge of crossing over to the other side. There were beings shining with white light on the other side, and it is a place of unconditional love.
So, don't fear death, but DO try to be as healthy as you can while you are alive, and DO TRY to live a long healthy life DESPITE the New World Order which is trying so hard to grind us all down to nothing!
Sulfur really can help us all to be more joyous, more optimistic in this time of trial and tribulation. When we're under stress, it grounds us by alkalinizing our small intestine to neutralize all the acid dumped by stress into our gut.
I sleep like a baby DESPITE knowing I'm on the red list, DESPITE knowing all about chemtrails and Fukoshima radiation, DESPITE being the first in the world to ever blow the whistle on Codex.
I sleep like a baby because I take sulfur twice a day while hydrating optimally. I dream more and in color due to taking sulfur and also from adequate B-6 intake. My bowels move easily and regularly because sulfur reduces my stress levels so much and aids digestion.
I've also learned that while sulfur alone can help alleviate allergies, so can the sulfur based amino acid DL-Methionine which I also take with it sometimes to really clear my sinuses after cutting the lawn. For me, as a life long allergy sufferer, it still feels like a MIRACLE to be able to breath so well due to SULFUR!!
Please alert your friends and family to the many positive health benefits to taking sulfur, not the least of which is that it helps protect us not only from the toxins from chemtrails, but also from the radioactive fallout all of us are being subjected to from Fukoshima as the reactors over there continue to melt down. Please tell everyone you know that the US Military is actively evacuating families from Japan now, and that the Japanese government has an active plan to evacuate all 40 Million people from the City of Tokyo! If people don't sit up and take notice of that, and ponder the implications to all of us here, frankly, they are fools! Please post this alert to your website, and urge others to do the same. We must snowball this information! Sulfur can't protect the people who aren't buying it, and denial is not an option at this point!