BHAF Site Reps News
28 Feb 2019

Dear Site Reps,
I sent this email with an old subject line... sorry about that. Some people may not have opened it so I am sending it again, apologies if you received it twice.
We have been asked to put together a simple description of the Site Reps role. Some sites still do not have Site Reps. We need a concise document which describes the role so that anyone thinking of applying can quickly see what the job entails. We have put together this description for your approval. Have a quick read and if you have any comments regarding it please let us know by the 11th of March.
Best Regards,
BHAF Committee
What is the role of the site representative?
The Site Representative is a plot holder elected by the plot holders of their site to represent them to the Council and to play a part in the management of the site for the Council.
Site Reps take care of the letting process.
They are free to arrange how they do this according to their own preferred method, but usually there are two letting sessions a year, one in autumn and one in spring. The Site Representative will receive the current waiting list and a vacant plot list from the Council. They will then make sure the vacant plots are in a state which is ready to be let. If they are not they will alert the Council as to what needs to be done in readiness for letting. (Strimming / Rubbish removal etc)
They will contact the potential new tenants, arrange for them to visit the site (usually in a group) and show them around the vacant allotment plots. They will offer the tenant a choice of plot and size, either a half plot or a full plot if available. They then sign-up new tenants and co-workers and give out keys in return for a deposit.
Site Reps overlook the Site Infrastructure
They keep an eye on the infrastructure of the site and pass information to the council on issues relating to the running of the allotment site, issues such as site security and ensuring there is a working water supply without leaks.

Site Reps carry out a Site Inspection
Site Reps carry out a site inspection at the start of the growing year and identify plots which are not being used sufficiently. They look out for plots which are largely uncultivated or have too many pernicious weeds, plots which have accumulated rubbish or have a dangerous structure. They also look out for plots which have large trees or hedges especially if they are a problem for neighbours. They can investigate if there are reasons for any of these issues, for instance ill health and make concessions in that case.

They then make a list which they pass to the allotment officer, who will then send letters to the tenants of the identified plots. The allotment officer will make another inspection later to see if the issues are rectified. The allotment office itself is responsible for further actions.

Attend meetings and help create a sense of Community on site.
Site Representatives are encouraged to attend BHAF Site Rep meetings, no more than 4 a year, where they can raise issues, gain support and keep up to date with developments. They should also try and foster a friendly supportive community on site, and promote the aims of the 2014 allotment strategy.

Site Representatives will have their plot fee waived as a small thank you for their work.


Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation