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7 March 2013
Stitch...  and a Woolly World Book Day

Page-turning woolly World Book Day-flavoured greetings to you !

Stand by for fibre-flinging fun this newsletter as we offer you the chance to win copies of Stitch New York for World Book Day and an exclusive Personalised Purly Pigeon for Red Nose Day.

You can also catch up on the Craftivist Jigsaw project and find out how to become a Stitch London Stitch Sage and join us for a Stitch Up.

Wander into the woolly wonder below...


Start spreading the neewwwwwws! You're knitting todaaaaaay! You'll stitch up crazy parts of it! STITCH NEW YORK! STITCH NEW YOOOOOOORK!

It's World Book Day! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! To celebrate we have a treat for all you city knitters.

Hot on the heels of the Stitch London book comes a knitting book that never sleeps. Stitch New York (published by David and Charles and conjured by Stitch London's woolly Godzilla wrangler Lauren O'Farrell) is released into the wild! Bada bing!

The book features a whole load of Big Apple-themed knits including:
  • Handmade Holly Golightly
  • Woolly Woody Allen
  • Little Lady Liberty
  • Small Yellow Taxi (that rolls on button wheels!)
  • Snap the Sewer Alligator
  • Scuttle the Cockroach
  • Blockbuster Beanie and Lights, Camera, Action Legwarmers
  • The Pooch Poncho (if you want to see a dog dressed as the Easter Bunny now is your chance)
  • A crazy combo of guerrilla gardening and graffiti knitting and loads more.

Wanna bag yourself a copy of the book? We have six shiny new copies of Stitch New York to give away. Yay!

To win a copy of Stitch New York answer the easy peasy question below:

New York is also known by which name?

A: The Humongous Banana
B: The Big Apple
C: The Gargantuan Guava
D: The Bloomin' Massive Blueberry

To enter drop us an email at with:  

• The subject line"I heart Stitch New York!" (Please make sure you enter the right subject otherwise your entry might get missed) 
• Answer A, B, C or D
• Your full name, address and the email you wish to be contacted on (if different from the one you're sending from)
As with most Stitch London competitions anyone can enter. Even if you live outside the UK. The deadline for the competition is 22 March at 8pm.

Want to buy Stitch New York right now? You can get your paws on a copy of Stitch New York at loads of online shops here or demand it at your local book store.

Part of all sales of Stitch books go towards keeping Stitch London stomping. So it's a good cause. :)

Competition rules: 1. One entry per person. 2. Competition ends 22 March 2013 at 8pm. 3. No cash alternatives. 4. Winners will be drawn from all correct answers, and sent the book via post after the closing date. 5. Competition open to everyone, including people outside London and the UK.

RED NOSE DAY PRIZE DRAW: Get your paws on a Personalised Purly Pigeon

The UK gets its funny on March 15th as Red Nose Day rolls across the nation. There are tons of way you can raise money to help those in need in the UK and Africa and loads of Stitch Londoners are taking part.

Cooey the knitted Pigeon, star of the Stitch London book, hearts Red Nose Day. She wants to spread the love by releasing a sibling stitched pigeon into the world.

Sponsor Deadly Knitshade to knit an exclusive Whodunnknit Personalised Purly Pigeon and she'll pick one of our sponsors to take the pigeon home to roost! Find out more about it over at Whodunnknit

You choose the colour, style and accessories of your new friend (Dr Who pigeon? Goth pigeon? Hipster pigeon?). You'll also get a copy of Stitch New York signed by the author, Cooey, Plarchie the Squid & Scuttle the Cockroach. Give a couple of quid and you never know. It could be COO!

  CRAFTIVIST JIGSAW UPDATE: The Jigsaw is finally revealed

Handmade heroes have been stitching pieces for the Craftivist Jigsaw project for months now, and March 1st saw the unveiling of the incredible piece of world-shaping stitching at Manchester's People's History Museum.

Read all about the event over at the Craftivist Collective website and find out where you can go and see the bit of handmade history you helped make.

You can still join in the crafty cause too. Find out more at the #impiece website and please remember to sign the petition to end World Hunger too.

 Stitch London Stitch Up events:

Stitch London's multi-craft Stitch Up events take place in London every single week. Bring along your current craft project and make things in the company of your fellow makers. It doesn't matter what kind of craft you do or how brilliant or bad you are at it. Come along and get your public craft on.

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Help spread the love of the knit
Stitch London's Stitch Sages can offer to teach the basics of knitting for free at any Stitch London Stitch Up. Find out how you can help on our Stitch Sage page.

Stitch London needs you and your needles!
Stitch London

We'll let you get back to the wonder of World Book Day now. Share the papery love, people! Books are bloomin' brilliant!
Keep calm and carry yarn, Stitch Londoners.

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Edited and sewn together with words by Deadly Knitshade and her giant knitted squid Plarchie, who really wants to eat you all but she won't let him. No knitted pigeon were harmed in the making of this newsletter.
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