"On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers:  everyone is crew."  R. Buckminster Fuller
"I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's."  William Blake
" Learn our system for detoxification to thwart the biowar being arrayed against us. We will kick FDA's collective asses through the wall in our lifetimes, if we all pull together- theres a lot more of US than there is of THEM! 5% of sales is going towards making a sequel to the film "We Become Silent" which I was in 6 years ago. We must make this film to get oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico (which is how Codex restrictions are being ushered into North America via harmonization.) Buy sulfur! My sulfur has been helping people get off every Rx drug you can think of. Help put Big Pharma out of business! Help subvert the Bilderberg Group's population control agenda: UN Agenda 21!" John Hammell

 IAHF List:
UN Ambassador Murata wrote to the UN Secretary General to say "No Exaggeration: The Fate of Japan, and the World Depends on Fukushima Reactor 4"  If that damaged reactor melts down and the fuel rods aren't contained, it could extinguish all life on the planet according to this well written article. We should all take proactive steps to protect ourselves from radiation, and that includes stockpiling sulfur , spirulina, zeolite  and potassium iodide.
With Obama's so called "Justice Department" trying to trigger off martial law by attempting to instigate a race war over the George Zimmerman case, (in which Zimmerman is clearly an innocent man as evidenced by the uneditted 911 tape which the controlled media will never release) we might not even make it to the (rigged) so called "election" this fall in which a Spanish company run by two former Goldman Sachs execs has the clear ability to rig the election for either bogus candidate such that our "votes" obviously mean absolutely NOTHING. (This firm will block any back checking on the vote count for ( ) states at the precinct level- so the whole things is obiously one big illusion, put on for public consumption, in the hope that we won't all take our guns to DC and start hangin' the terrorist bastards.
TSA is setting up roving "Viper" check points to extend the tyranny already found in our airports out to our highways and to places like shopping malls and sports stadiums. A blend of communism and facism has overtaken what used to be America, and its sad, but we're not powerless to fight back even though FEMA has recently had a 7000% increase in the purchase of MREs and freeze dried food, and even though DHS/ICE just got a contract for 450 Million rounds of .40 caliber hollow point ammo thats banned under the Geneva convention, and even though they also got a contract for 150 million rounds of .223, the same round fired by NATO troops. Clearly the Fedstapo is gearing up to unleash hell on the American people in what will be an orgy of death and destruction, but again, we're not powerless to fight back.
Since the Obamination has taken office, weapons sales and ammo sales through gun stores have (thankfully) gone vertical- as in off the charts. If the Fedstapo tries to piss an inch, eventually the American people will revolt again, and we will win- we outnumber the scum in government by a wide margin. They can run, but they can't hide. Hang onto your hats! Its going to be a wild ride!
With the entitlement programs being bankrupt, our would be "masters" intend to cull as many of us allegedly "useless eaters" as they possibly can, but we're not powerless to fight back! They openly declared war on us all by carving their intention to kill 9 out of 10 of us into solid granite on the Georgia Guidestones, and also openly announced their Genocide Agenda via the 40 chapter document UN Agenda 21.
This summer in June they'll be holding their Rio+ 20 Conference in Brazil where they'll be accelerating their murderous plans, but IAHF & Sulfur for Health intend to monkeywrench these plans with the updated health freedom film- the sequel to "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom" that I was in 6 years ago which your sulfur purchases will help us make. I'm earmarking 5% of sales towards the $70,000. pricetag on this film, and I'm reaching out to more people and groups all the time to enlist assistance from more distributors to help me attain this goal. Where theres a will, there is ALWAYS a WAY!
We need this new film to get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which we've so far been denied oversight on due to massive corruption in Congress. We need to put massive heat on the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee which is awash in Pharma PAC donations, or DSHEA is TOAST!
I am personally working out every day with the intention of getting into the best shape of my life to fight the NWO, and I urge all of you to join me by emulating my effort. My MSM can help you attain your fitness goals by helping to eliminate oxygen debt caused by lactic acid buildup which is what causes pain when you exercise. (Lactic acid is formed when you don't have sufficient oxygen in your cells, but you can combat lactic acid by drinking sulfur water before a workout!)
Sulfur also helps unglycate your cells to help you fit into that bathing suit this summer! By making the cell walls more permeable, sulfur helps insulin carry in the glucose so it will be burned as fuel, not stored as fat by being dumped into your abdomen. You can also accelerate the removal of that "spare tire" if you create thermogenesis in your body by converting it from a glucose burner to a ketone (fat) burner.
You can trigger ketosis by stopping sugar consumption, stopping fast acting carb consumption, minimizing protein intake to just the right amount since too much converts to glucose, and especially by increasing your intake of veges and good fats including coconut oil, cultured raw butter, raw milk, cod liver oil...
It is a myth that cholesterol is "bad" for you. It does NOT cause heart disease, your brain is comprised mostly of cholesterol! Alaskan eskimos who eat whale blubber and fish are some of the healthiest people in the world, with a low incidence of heart disease, even though about 70% of their calories come from eating fat! (You don't get fat from eating fat, you get fat from eating fast acting carbs, sugar and too much protein.) Nora Gedgoudas provides more in depth information about this in her book Primal Body- Primal Mind, which I encourage all of you to utilize!

3 lbs for First Place, 2 lbs for Second, 1 Pound for 3rd !!
Sulfur for Health/IAHF hereby announce a CONTEST that all of us will win through, and the first, second, and third place winners will win 3 lbs, two pounds, and one pound of the best MSM in the world- the ANTIDOTE for both Fukoshima radiation which has caused a quantum increase in the rate of stillborn children all over North America, and also the incredibly toxic levels of heavy metals being sprayed on us by aircraft that are causing a huge rise in Alzheimers, cancer, Morgellons, and other diseases.
Thats right! IAHF/Sulfur for Health soon hopes to GIVE AWAY 6 pounds of the best MSM in the world, having a street value of $240. Heres how to enter the contest: I've been asking you all to take a 5 megapixel or greater flash digital photo of your face (without makeup) before you start on my sulfur and to save it to your hard drive. I've been asking you to take a SECOND photo, 6 months later. The deadline to enter this contest will be Midnight, Pacific time, May 15th.
WHAT TO SEND: I want you to email me (jham@iahf.com) two JPEG photos of your FACE taken without makeup before you started on my MSM, then a second one 6 months after you started. I also want you to send me any additional information about whatever methods you used to get the improvement in your cellular health which will be visible in these photos. Did you take your MSM religiously twice a day as recommended, a half hour away from other supplements and or meds? Did you hydrate optimally by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day?
Did you do anything additional to help detox such as use spirulina algae, megadoses of Sodium Ascorbate vitamin C, niacin (B-3), zeolite, or anything else? Have you been bathing in 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide by tossing a cup full into your bathwater? What sort of foods have you been eating? I want a complete, detailed report to go with your photos along with permission to post them, and the info that goes with them to the Sulfur for Health website (without your name) to protect your privacy. I intend to hold this contest at least 3 times a year, so if you haven't yet been on the MSM for 6 months, don't worry, you'll get your chance to win at a later date, but its important you take your before and after photos and to diligently follow the recommendations I've been making about detoxing which you can read about here.
All of us can benefit from each other's experience if you guys participate in this contest. In picking the winners, I will select on a basis of visible improvement in your cellular health as gauged through the health of the skin of your face. This will correspond to the health of your internal organs. It could sway my decision if you have also lost a lot of weight, and show additional other signs of benefitting from my sulfur which, as I've told you, can help unglycate your cells to faciliate weight loss by making cell membranes more permeable to insulin is not blocked from carrying in glucose to be burned as fuel. (When it is blocked, you have insulin resistance going on that causes the glucose to be stored as FAT around your midsection.
My sulfur can help you eliminate your "spare tire" while also oxygenating you to the point that you don't need caffein any more and your libido will be ramped up considerably! My sulfur can help you get off literally any toxic Rx drug. If you have gotten off any drugs with the help of my sulfur, be sure to share this with the group! I know some of you have, you've been communicating with me!