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WELCOME To The NEW OSC Beautification Committee Newsletter!!!
Greetings Neighbors,

No Tricks...ONLY Treats As You Read The NEW OSC Beautification Committee's Newsletter!

The OSC Beautification Committee has been busy since our last newsletter and updates! In our November edition, you'll find out what we've been doing in October and what's yet to come in November and beyond.

Quote of the Month:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.”

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax
So, please join the current OSC Beautification Committee members and myself as we strive to make OSC, THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN CHARLOTTE!
Nathan White
OSC Beautification Committee Chair
The OSC Beautification Committee Goals and Objectives...
  • 12 active members currently
Purpose of OSC Beautification Committee 
Clean up:
  • Regular trash collection and clean up of the community.
  • Address problem areas with long term solutions.
  • Ensuring homeowners and renters are following the rules and keeping their properties up to standards.
  • Stop frequent littering, dumping, and other adverse community behaviors.
  • Working to make improvements to the OSC community that improves the livability and beauty for everyone.
  • Apply for grants and other beautification available funds and projects
  • Evaluate beautification and other proposals
Oversee Relevant Vendors Operations:
  • Landscaping Vendor
  • Proposed cleaning crew/contractor
Areas of focus and frequency 
  • ALL OSC common areas and privately owned lands
    • Special areas of attention below
  • Timber Ridge Road, Back Creek Rd entrance-Trash issues, tall grass, etc.
  • Caldwell Ridge road 3700 block by the trash can and bridges
  • Carleen Way Dr 13800 block
  • 3343 Crutchfield place 3300 block
  • Caldwell Road common areas between entrances
  • Sidney Crest Ave and Ashley View (Dead End Street)-Dumping area and parking issues
  • Erwin Ridge and Frances Glen (Dead End Street)-Dumping area and parking issues
  • National Night Out
  • Communications via Beautification Newsletters
  • Reader Boards
  • Next Door
  • OSC Beautification Regular Newsletters and Special Updates
To join the OSC Beautification Committee, get on our mailing list, attend monthly meetings (4th Thursday of every month), volunteer, collect trash picking supplies, propose projects, etc...
Please send an email to
Our Excellent Progess Continues...
OSC Beautification Updates:
  • OSC Monthly clean up event proposed at the Beautification Committee's October monthly meeting. It will be once a month on a Saturday.  The entire community will be encouraged to come out and clean around their homes, their streets, common areas, and adjacent county own properties. The committee needs to get this approved by the board, supplies bought, and logistics put in place...stay tuned!

  • The beautification committee would also like to see the purchase of more trash cans and an even distribution across OSC. Not only for folks to through trash in, but for the beautification committee members to dispose of trash easily and quickly during their cleaning runs. Committee clean up volunteers are currently hauling the trash back to their homes and trash bins.

  • Erwin Ridge and Frances Glen dead end street was trashed again with litter everywhere. This is a city owned street and county owned land. It was cleaned up and now it's being littered again. A permanent solution to this problem needs to be found.

    The Beautification Chair cleaned it up as best as he could, but without a long term plan, it is going to go right back to being a dumping ground
  • Charlotte's code enforcement has been alerted to a trashed rental property after the tenants were evicted. The landlord has been cited for the property's appearance and non-compliance with city's rules.

    OSC community members should contact 311 at the link below to report properties like this and send an email to

    311 Requests for High weeds & grass, junk in yard, etc.

  • Charlotte's code enforcement department has brought this vacant property on Timber Ridge Road into compliance and make it safe for Beautification members as we clean up Timber Ridge on a weekly basis. As well as for drivers who had to avoid this overgrowth on the roadway.



  • Terra Green now providing Bi-Monthly updates on their schedule and the type of work they are doing each month to maintain OSC's common areas, etc.
    Please find Nov/Dec updates at the link below and attached.

    Terra Green OSC Nov/Dec Bi-Monthly Updates

  • Still Awaiting board feedback and budget approvals on multiple proposals and projects. Everything from paid trash picks to beautification projects. Also processes for projects submissions, expenses reimbursement, etc...

Questions/Proposals/Problem Areas...please send an email to
Problem Homes/Violations/Serious Issues...please send an email to

OSC gets NEW management company...CAMS (Community Association Management Services)
Please note that the management agreement with CAMS is effective November 1st and you will be receiving an Introduction Package from CAMS prior to the start date, with additional information.
OSC Rules and Regulations...
Living in OSC can be a pleasant, rewarding, and excellent experience if EVERYONE follows the rules and adhere to the guidelines.

A community of this size requires ALL to do their part to keep it friendly, safe, and livable for all residents. So, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the DOS and DONTS in OSC.

It doesn't take much to be a GREAT neighbor

At NO it acceptable to park on the grass in OSC. The Beautification Committee has been working with our police liaison and code enforcement to identify these repeat offenders for ticketing and fines.

Please report via 311 and email

Parking on Lawn 8 am - 5 pm M-F

Parking on Lawn After Hours/Weekends

Hope everyone had a SAFE and FUN Halloween! Loved seeing the spooky Halloween decorations, and trick and treaters throughout the community!!! Laughing
Tip of the Week:

When do the clocks turn back in 2022?

This year, the clocks will go back an hour on Sunday 30 October.
Each year, the clocks go back an hour at 2am on the last Sunday of October.

Thanks for reading and KEEP OSC BEAUTIFUL!!!

Nathan White
OSC Beautification Committee Chair
Old Stone Crossing
16516 Silversword Drive
Charlotte, NC  28213