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Gallery Galschiøt

Dear Hong Kong list,

New School of Democracy has invited Galschiøt to visit Taiwan. During his stay from Oct. 5-11th he will participate in the debate about the Chinese aggression and see the huge 3D printed Pillar of Shame model that was made for the June 4th commemoration of the Tiananmen massacre.

Hong Kong’s Secretary of Security, Tang Ping-Keung still refuses to inform whether he has made an arrest warrant for Galschiøt. So Galschiøt has chosen not to travel with Chinese planes or land in China or Hong Kong.

Galschiøt looks forward to finally meeting his Taiwanese friends, and Hongkongers who have had to flee.
Amongst the activities at Galschiøts visit are:  
Please feel free to contact New School of Democracy or Jens Galschiøt for questions or interviews.
New School of Democracy
Chairperson Chien-yuan Tseng (曾建元)- Mobil: (+886) 0961198005

Manting - phone (+886) 921879651
e: info@nsd.asia

Team Galschiot
Jens Galschiot, artist
e: aidoh@aidoh.dk
ph +45 4044 7058 (also for WhatsApp and Telegram)
Lasse Markus, Assistant and Communications Coordinator
ph +45 6170 3083
Kind regards
Lasse Markus, Communications Coordinator.
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