Well what a lot has happened since my last broadly positive newsletter.
Sorry about all the cancelled RHLSTPs (though delighted we got to do the Palin one) - we are attempting to reschedule all gigs, though obviously the Edinburgh Fringe is GONE (and guess who cleverly paid for all his accommodation in advance- it was me)
BUT I am attempting to bring you entertainment or at least distraction from home. And this email will explain how to access all this cool and stupid stuff and also how you might be able to pay me back at no cost to yourself.
Why not become a monthly badger and get badges, a membership wallet with secret codes and much more, access to backstage interviews, other extra filming stuff and my stand up shows, PLUS ad free versions of the audio podcasts and advance warning of upcoming guests. Pay £3 a month for a regular badge, £5 a month for a gold badge and £10 a month for platinum. All your money goes towards making MORE PODCASTS.
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Richard Herring
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I was planning on getting into Twitch anyway, principally to bring you live streams of the theatre gigs AS THEY HAPPENED. Obviously that won't be possible for the moment, but luckily I can bring you all sorts of stuff via Twitch to stop you thinking of your impending death.
The channel is here. twitch.tv/rkherring
Everything on it is free (though when we're in theatres live-streamed RHLSTPs will only be available to top tier members) and I am doing stone clearing, self-playing snooker and some retro video games on it.
Generally I stone clear at about 8am every day
I play snooker at 7.30pm most weekdays (very exciting 16 player tournament which will be followed by a 32 player tournament)
And am playing video games after the snooker (and at other random times)
I am also going to do a live-streamed remote RHLSTP every Wednesday (probably at about 8pm) and this first week (8th April) my guest will be ADAM BUXTON!!
This will be available as a video on Twitch for a few weeks, but will also be released as an audio and video podcast once we've run out of pre recorded ones in about two months.
You can chip in some money for Twitch if you like, by subscribing BUT if you are with Amazon Prime you get given a  free $5 to donate to the Twitch channel of your choice every month.
So you could give it to me
You have to sign up to Twitch Prime, link your accounts and then subscribe AND remember to come back every month to subscribe again. But if enough of you do it we might be able to pay for filming RHLSTPs and maybe more. All the money we get from this will go towards making new content
This handy video takes you through the whole subscription process.
These continue to go out on all the usual channels on Wednesdays. There was a great one from Charlie Brooker recently and Olga Koch last week. Coming up are Konnie Huq this Weds, then Reverend Richard Coles, Steve McNeil, Fern Brady, Limmy, Sir Michael Palin and Aisling Bea.
You can listen here
Remember every time you listen to the audio with the ads you are giving us free money which we will use to make more content.
We are also putting out retro episodes of AIOTM on Fridays to raise more funds in order to pay the cast (who didn't get paid the first time round) and to raise money for the Heckle the Virus just giving page which is raising funds for club comics who find themselves suddenly out of work.

You can enjoy my 2013 show We're All Going To Die! for FREE. All we ask is that you make a donation of your choice to the Trussel Trust who organise Food Banks. This offer expires on Thursday, so download NOW.
The many jobs that I have had postponed this last few weeks include my gig at the O2 with James Acaster, all the RHLSTPs at the Leic Sq Theatre, an appearance on The Chase, the sold out Birmingham podcast festival and the Edinburgh Fringe - we are working on rescheduling these dates. I am obviously gutted.
The secret project that I am not allowed to mention yet will hopefully still go ahead at some point. I think all may be revealed this month so keep an eye on Twitter.
We haven't got round to changing the fridge filter yet, though the light telling us to do so is on. It involves moving and getting behind the large appliance and by the time the kids are in bed we are too drunk to attempt it. Fingers crossed for this month.
I also finally got to appear on the brilliant Off Menu Podcast with James Acaster and Ed Gamble, in a special remote recorded episode for Robin Ince's Cosmic Shambles channel - again to raise money to help people through this tough time.
My choices proved controversial in spite of me incorporating the theme of using the process to reach backwards for those things that are unreachable and lost in the mists of time.
I have been commissioned to write a short book about International Men's Day. I am attempting to work on this between home schooling my kids and keeping them alive. It's proving quite hard, but I have a couple of months. So I still have some paid work and in spite of the huge loss of earnings this month, I should make it through all this OK (you know, unless I get it and die).

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