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Never the Last Road: A Partisan’s Life MIRA SHELUB & FRED ROSENBAUM
Never the Last Road: A Partisan’s Life
Thursday, January 28 at 7 PM

"An extraordinary story of horror, courage, and fortitude told with such simplicity and clarity...a document of singular, bracing truthfulness." - Steven J. Zipperstein, Daniel E. Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture & History, Stanford University

Meet West Portal resident and co-author Mira Shelub, who will share her amazing story as a survivor of the Holocaust. A Polish Jew born in what is now White Russia, Shelub joined a partisan group at 18, and escaped the region with her family as Nazis began killing off the population.

Shelub will be joined by co-author Fred Rosenbaum, founding director of Lehrhaus Judaica in Berkeley, who met Shelub in 2011 on a Lehrhaus trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. He was so moved by her story that he decided to help her write it.

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