Newsletter #45 - March 2016
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Who, what, where?
Every month we give you an update on the projects that have been completed by our applicators with Liquid Rubber®. Some are large (in terms of volume), others are smaller, but this way you get an impression of the many possibilities with Liquid Rubber. If you have any questions about these projects, please contact us.
Waterproofing concrete
At this project, a new concrete construction needed to be waterproofed before a wash-unit was placed on the concrete deck. Liquid Rubber ensures a waterproof sealant against (chemical) drainage water.

First, the concrete was thoroughly cleaned. The HBS200 combined with Geotextile was applied on all the details and corners. Then the Liquid Rubber SprayGrade B-200 was sprayed in a thickness of 2mm to ensure a full waterproofing.

This results in a strong and seamless waterproofing of Liquid Rubber.
Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)

Corrosion protection with Liquid Rubber HBS200
In the agriculture, constructions are usually heavily exposed to many chemicals. At this compost company, they had a lot of problems due of the heavy corrosion on the steel parts of the construction.

Besides water- and air proofing, Liquid Rubber HBS200 is a perfect corrosion protector. First all loose particles need to be removed and the surface needs to be cleaned. Then the Liquid Rubber HBS200 is directly applied on the existing corrosion. The products adheres perfectly and won't allow any oxygen to penetrate through the membrane. This nutralizes the entire corrosion process.

Perfectly applicable as a corrosion prevention product, but also in renovations, as you can see on these pictures.
Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)
Air barrier on cealing connections
During the renovation of this building, the building needed to meet a better air barrier standard. The seal of the connection between the cross bars and cealing is a essential part in that matter. Liquid Rubber was chosen to seal these connections with a seamless membrane.

After cleaning the surface thoroughly, the Liquid Rubber BelowGrade B-250 was applied with the spray system. It cures into a fully seamless and air tight membrane.
This is one of the many possibilitie that Liquid Rubber can offer for air barrier solutions. Again a very nice project.
Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe (LRE Coatings BV)
New season Superbike with Liquid Rubber
Next year, Liquid Rubber can again be seen as a sponsor at the Superbike. Liquid Rubber is the proud sponsor of the top driver Nigel Walraven of the Walraven racing team.

In 2016 Nigel Walraven will drive a Ten Kate tuned Honda CBR 1000 SP and will compete in the Open Dutch Championship (ONK)/BeNeCup Superbikes.

After a long period of preparations, Nigel is fully ready for the new season. Nigel is a very experienced driver and is active in the motor sports for a period of 15 years. "Physically I am completely back to my old level. My stamina and power is even better than the years before." states Nigel Walraven. And we could definately notice! Nigel competed at the OW Cup 2016 last weekend and qualified directly on pole position.
Nigel had a perfect start but due of a small mistake he lost three places during the race. Nigel recoverd very quickly and got back to the first position. After a good battle he was the first one to cross the final finish line!
A very impressive result from Nigel Walraven and the Walraven racing team. The first ONK race will take place on 9 and 10 April. We are already looking forward to it!
Photos: Liquid Rubber Europe
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