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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

May 20, 2015

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia






Storm water runoff from recent rain has severely damaged the Island’s roads and drainage infrastructure, making some areas dangerous for the Community Vehicle to use safely. 

Roads with severe gradients such as Hilda Avenue, Cecil Street and the “hair-pin” bend leading to the top of the Island, now have deep ruts and pot holes make driving dangerous for both drivers and passengers, as well as the vehicle.
These roads are now considered off-limits to the Community Vehicle until further notice.  
The following service restrictions will apply:
  • No service to or from the top of the Island from the end of Kevin Avenue
  • No service to Hilda Avenue and Cecil Street
  • No service along Thompson Street between Hilda Avenue and Cecil Street
  • Limited service along Thompson Street between Carol’s Hill and Cecil Street with access only from Carol’s Hill to the gully at the bottom, with the vehicle being required to reverse out
We apologise to all of our customers for this inconvenience, but driver and passenger safety comes first.
SIRA has requested Council to urgently attend to emergency maintenance in these particular locations as well as other areas requiring attention as a result of the storm.

Local Council Notice

Morning coffee catch-up with Mayor and GM at Church Point this Friday

The coffee’s on us!

Church Point, Bayview, Scotland Island, Offshore community and local residents are welcome to come along to our Coffee Catch-Up morning this Friday 22 May, with Pittwater Mayor Jacqueline Townsend and Council’s General Manager Mark Ferguson  at The Waterfront Store and Café, Church Point from 8.00 - 10.00am.
  • Enjoy delicious coffee and freshly baked goodies, and come along and have your say about local government reform and any other issues.
  • Ask your questions and find out how we are tracking with the ‘Fit for the Future’ process.
  • Find out about Pittwater’s options, and please fill in the survey either on paper on online by June 5.
The views of the Community are critical to determining what’s best for Pittwater, and our Mayor and General Manager will be on hand to hear your views on the three options.
See you at The Waterfront Store and Cafe this Friday morning – coffee in hand!
More information - pittwater.nsw.gov.au/reform
Please pass this invitation on to your networks.

Jane Mulroney
Manager - Community Engagement & Corporate Strategy
P: 9970 1108 I M: 0417 499 557

United front at public meeting on amalgamation

Pittwater residents unanimous in their voice for ‘no change to Pittwater Council or its borders without community support’.

Over 350 residents attended yesterday’s public meeting which saw an overwhelming backlash against the NSW Government’s proposed Council amalgamation plans as part of its ‘Fit for the Future’ program.

The meeting, held at Pittwater RSL Mona Vale, opened with the Hon. Rob Stokes MP stating his support for Pittwater Council and its’ good governance historically, whilst calling for Council to be willing to take on the challenge of expanding upon this in the future.

“This is an opportunity to say; Can change benefit us? Make our community stronger? Safer and better? And if so, that is a good thing,” he maintained.

Mr Stokes agreed that while some of the reasons Pittwater saw itself separating from Warringah remain valid today, “the Pittwater boundary does not make complete sense, as it divides a catchment in two, and from an environmental perspective this does not encourage good or inexpensive environmental outcomes.  Better to manage catchments holistically,” he stated.

Ian Kennedy spokesperson for ‘Pittwater Forever’ summed up the sentiment of the meeting in stating  “ …we feel betrayed by the politicians as we are in a process  assessed by IPART, which is a sham,… there is no evidence that amalgamation provides better community values.”

Marcia Rackham, spokesperson for Mona Vale Residents Association stated,
“…we do not wish to return to the inefficiencies of Warringah and unsympathetic developments” and in saying no to any change “We are not being elitist, we are being true to ourselves and our environment,” she insisted.

Pittwater Council’s General Manager Mark Ferguson called for calm stating “this is not a campaign yet, it is community engagement.  Effective community engagement and consultation is of the utmost importance”, Mr Ferguson stated.

A key outcome of the meeting saw the 350 residents put forward a motion, carried unanimously, for:

Pittwater to remain as we are without any boundary changes, and amended this by calling for reaffirmation of the Government’s pledge that there be no forced amalgamations.

Mayor Jacqui Townsend concluded proceedings in reaffirming the commitment of Pittwater Council to its residents in providing local representation and delivery of local services.

Cr Townsend urged “Please do not underestimate the importance of your voice in this process” and encouraged the community to continue to have their say.

Residents unable to attend the meeting are encouraged to go online have your say via the online survey on our website, www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/reformwww.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/reform .

If you haven’t already, contact your councillors individually.

Stay informed at our Reform page on the web
Contact: Community Relations
Phone: 9970 1114, 9970 1172

Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade


CFU Report

With the 60th anniversary of the SIRFS looming it seemed appropriate to smarten
the place up for the occasion so members of the Community Fire Unit, SIRFS members and other volunteers have recently taken on the task. 

Our first big ‘thank you’ is to Scotty for his amazing help disposing of masses of resultant ‘green waste’.

The ANDREW THOMPSON MEMORIAL has been upgraded.  Originally located in the park this memorial was moved to the fire station to protect it from being vandalised.  Donated by the Warringah Historical Society it’s something of historical value to the island and worth maintaining.

Recently installed at the station is the artwork BUOYS WILL  BE BUOYS which was generously created for the CFU by one of Scotland Island’s best known and best loved artisans.   A huge thank you to Eamon Hamilton for his talent and his generosity.

Finally a thank you to those few people who did install house numbers outside their properties.  It’s really important that emergency services are able to quickly identify properties and having a visible house number is the best way.  So please give it some thought .  None of us know when it may be our turn to need emergency assistance.
Bill Lee

Saporous Sundays

Champion Coffee & Tempting Treats are on offer on the first Sunday of every month at Scotland Island Community Hall.


Make a Blossoming Beginning to your month
Skip Shopping & Sizzling
Bring your family to our monthly fundraiser for Scotland Island Kindy and enjoy a few hours of BLISS with your neighbours.

Saporous what??
Find out 7th June 9.30 - 11.30 at Scotland Island Community Hall

PS Treat donations are very welcome!
Cakes, cookies, savoury, fruit
Contact Ian
phone: 0404 833 674
email: ijrj@tpg.com.au

Chimney Sweep

I have a chimney sweep coming to my place on 29th, if there is anybody who needs their chimney swept give me a call on 0409 121 112

Mike Molloy
+61 409121112

For Sale  image 1

Boat for sale

  • ANTIFOULED AUG 2014image 2

CALL 0415058922



We have a second hand, queen-size Futon mattress that we no longer need (mattress only).
If you would like it, please call Leanne on 0410 680 825.

The views expressed in this newsletter are not necessarily the views of the Scotland Island Residents Association (SIRA), or the Western Pittwater Community Association (WPCA)

Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach