Chet "The Jet" Blanton- Powered by SPIZ- Set World Record of 27 Triathlons in One Year!

IAHF List: How would you feel if you were attempting to travel to the USA, only to be accosted by drug sniffing dogs, hand cuffed to a chair for hours, and interrogated under a groundless suspicion of "trafficking hashish", when all you were attempting to bring into the country was CHOCOLATE???

This actually happened to Ron Obadia, and Nadine Artemis of Living Libations Inc. from Ontario Canada. If you haven't already read their story, please read it here:

Tomorrow morning I'll be up by 5:30 am in order to be on the air with Joyce Riley by 6 am Pacific time, (9am east coast time) to discuss this fiasco. You can listen on the web, and on some radio stations nationwide (see the list on the site) and it will be archived.

Ron will be on the air with me. You'll hear one of the most shocking stories this side of Abu Ghraib prison, and from it you will come to see just how deep into a police state Amerika has in fact descended.

Since learning of Ron and Nadine's plight (they've been falsely charged with committing a felony, are blocked from entering the USA, and have $20,000 in legal bills), I've engaged in a dialogue with US Customs about their situation, and I've got my Congressman and Senator's offices probing into their case. I've also been doing my best to get them some media attention both via radio shows, and print media- an effort which is ongoing.

Since this has happened, Ron and Nadine have spent money out of pocket to test the commercially available test that generated the false positive for THC that got them into this mess. Its manufactured by NEK of Ft. Lauderdale FL, and is their "Test E". They've discovered that it generates false positives for THC for Toblerone Chocolate Bars, Jersey Milk Chocolate Bars, Aero Chocolate Bars (probably ANY chocolate bars) as well as for hemp protein, hemp oil, tea tree oil, frankincense oil, and a slew of other natural products sold quite legally in health food stores both in the US and Canada. (Canadian customs is using the same flawed test.)

Since I often transport these products across both borders from the bordertown of Point Roberts WA, I feel quite vulnerable. I don't need to be charged with a felony by either country because it would bottle me up here so I can't move, I could be forced to only get in and out of Point Roberts by boat or plane if that ever happened.

Needless to say, so far, my Congressman and Senators offices haven't done a damn thing about this, but I'm going to keep pressuring them. With the election coming, its the only time we really have any leverage on these politicians. I am demanding that Ron and Nadine be issued full apologies, that they be removed from the Black list, and that they be reimbursed for their legal bills. I'm also demanding that US Customs stop using this flawed test and that they return to the drawing board. I'm also demanding to see their letter to Canadian customs alerting them to this problem. Please go to and buy some chocolate to help defray Ron and Nadine's legal bills.

This is all part of the effort to ban our access to natural products and to turn this into a prison planet. Its part of the genocide agenda discussed in the Georgia Guidestones    and by the Club of Rome:

The Bankster and Foreign Invester Bailout Bill which will be causing rampant inflation soon is part of this effort, its just one more part of the ruling elite moving against us to keep consolidating their power. They want banks to close, that takes them closer to their goal of having a one world government, one single monetary system and a cashless society.

In the face of this madness we must do all we can to become as self sufficient as possible because we could be put under martial law at any time. I hope all of you are continuing to prepare for the coming hyperinflation. I hope you are giving thought to your physical and food security.

Not long ago I told you about a great product called SPIZ  which is a complete meal replacement product that you can live on, and I've since been learning a lot more about it. Did you know its the choice of world class endurance athletes such as Chet "The Jet" Blanton? See Did you know that "The Jet" set the one year world record for competing in 27 triathlons in a single year?

Did you know that he is one of the very few triathletes to ever do a "Double Deca" Triathlon which consisted of 47 miles of swimming, followed by 2,240 miles on a bike, followed by running 524 miles? This was a continuous race, and it took him 28 days and 6 hours. Chet went through 15 cannisters of Spiz during this grueling race, and the really interesting thing was that he maintained his same weight throughout it while using it which is really quite remarkable! Not sure if you can grasp what a remarkable product this is, but you're gonna want at least one case as part of your food reserves because its so good for you and so easy to mix!

If you buy some Spiz, be sure to tell Randy that IAHF sent you!  I'm now using Spiz during each of my grueling Masters Swimming workouts, and will be bringing it to our meets. I've got my whole Masters Swimclub using it, and I'm sure it will not only give me the edge I need to excel in our meets, but its going to help me survive anything the New World Order throws at me! I'm also making provisions to grow more food here than I ever have. I suggest you follow suit because literally anything could be happening soon. We could have "the sequel" to 911 soon, or we could "just" see rampant hyperinflation overtake us along with food rioting. The Fedstapo has clearly been gearing up for martial law- and we can't afford to ignore the signs:

If you appreciate IAHF's ongoing efforts to defend you from the  Fedstapo by taking on the Department of Homeland Security the way I am, please buy some Spiz at  and also consider making a donation to help me keep rolling this boulder uphill!

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