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IAHF List: Regardless of what country you live in, this is noteworthy info because Health Canada just gazetted new regs which harmonizes Canada to Australia, where via the fraudulent PAN recall, over 1600 dietary supplements were just fraudulently yanked from store shelves. Will the same thing happen in Canada and create a similar media circus that attacks the natural products industry? Stay tuned, and get involved in the Canadian fight back via not only IAHF, but also via Friends of Freedom http:/www.friendsoffreedom.org which is suing to overturn the gazetted regs. Also filing suits are True Hope Inc. and the Strauss Herb Co. Consumers world wide- the writing is on the wall- if you haven't yet contributed to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, you should via http://www.alliance-natural-health.org Need info? http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html

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Attention: CHFA members, and the general public:

The Canadian Health Food Association has just learned that Health Canada is proposing to issue a stop sale for all MSM containing products.

Initially three manufacturers were requested to recall their MSM products from the marketplace based upon dosages exceeding 3000mg/day and/or durations of use greater than 30 days. Suppliers complied with this request.

Recent sources have suggested that this is not enough for Health Canada.

The Food Directorate has ruled that MSM is not acceptable as a food.

The Drugs Directorate is saying that MSM is a drug with or without claims, and thus requires a D.I.N. prior to sale. MSM does not qualify as a "Product Subject to Special Measures" and therefore is not covered by the interim D.I.N. Enforcement Directive.

MSM is safe. The initial basis for government action was a trade complaint.

Based upon inadequate and out of date information Health Canada classified MSM as a Class II Health Hazard.

Please sign and fax the attached letter TODAY to the attention of Diane Gorman, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Products & Food Branch, Health Canada (613) 957-3954 and to the Minister of Health, Anne McLellan (613) 952-1154. Please get your customers and clients to fax the letter in. We must stop Health Canada's proposed action on MSM - the new Natural Health Products Regulations are almost here!

For more information contact Anne Wilkie, CHFA Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance at 1-800-661-4510.

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Attention: Diane Gorman, Assistant Deputy Minister, Health Products & Food Branch, Health Canada

Fax: (613) 957-3954


Dear Ms. Gorman,

I have been informed that Health Canada is proposing to stop the sale of all MSM containing products. The natural products industry complied with Health Canada's initial request to recall MSM products with labelled dosages of 3000mg MSM per day or more and/or with durations of use greater than 30 days.

MSM is safe and acknowledged as effective by thousands of consumers. The Therapeutic Products Directorate based their Health Hazard Evaluations on limited and out dated information. Current safety data was not requested from stakeholders. Up until now the Food Directorate has accepted MSM as a food in the absence of claims. Adverse events have not been identified with consumption of MSM.

MSM clearly falls under the definition of a natural health product. The proposed Natural Health Product Regulations are on track to be promulgated by June 2003. Taking action on an inherently safe product, in the absence of adverse events and/or a confirmed health hazard, is inconsistent with the spirit of regulatory reform and the recommendations of the Standing Committee on Health. Where is the level playing field - MSM helps consumers; acetaminophen kills consumers!

Compliance action on MSM is not warranted at this time. In the spirit of the new regulations and in providing a level playing field for all stakeholders, I respectfully request that you direct your staff to refrain from taking any further action on MSM until the Natural Health Products Regulations come into force.


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