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February 2, 2014
In This Newsletter:
2015 Membership Drive Update

SLO Natural Foods is a member-owned cooperative. To be eligible for your regular and double discounts in 2015, you will need to be current on your membership.  Full share owners need only update their records to get their 2015 card; all others must make a minimum payment of $25 to stay current.

If you think you are close to paying your $300 full share and wish to pay more than the minimum (or just wish to know how much you have paid), ask us when you come in to the store or give us a call at 544.7928 and we will let you know.
Our goal for 2015 is to have 1,000 member-owners. If you haven't already, please renew or become a new owner. Gift certificates for new and renewal memberships are always appreciated, especially early in the year since benefits run the calendar year.
If you wish to save time at the register, application and renewal forms are available on our website along with details on owner benefits.  And of course, any team member can answer your questions and assist you in filling out forms here in the store.
It was a Fine Time at the Health and Beauty Fair
Our Health and Beauty Fair on Saturday, January 24th was a huge success! We had a wonderful turnout and we were happy to see so many friends, both old and new.
Thank you, to all who donated blood. With cold and flu season upon us fewer people are able to donate, so your contribution is truly appreciated. 
Product Updates at the Co-op

On Thursday, January 29th our new gondola was installed in the grocery department and the next day staff were putting up shelves and loading them with product. The new gondola will allow us to expand our product line and offer more items for Co-op shoppers. One new item you may have noticed already: Back Porch Bakery is now delivering loaves, in addition to their baguettes and croissants.

Since the bulk bin shelving had to be moved for the new gondola, Tatiana used this opportunity to reorganize the bins. The bulk teas will now all be together with the bulk herbs near the registers and the rest of the bins have been rearranged. We thank you for your patience while we’re ‘under construction.’

In herbal news, Teresa has brought in some new teas from Two Hills, a company in British Columbia, Canada.  Probiotic Hei Cha Spiced Chai is available for the first time in North America. It has a naturally occurring yeast (E. cristatum), and is blended with spices. This tea is valued for healthy digestion. We also have Organic Chao Qing, a green, pan-fired tea with a sweet aftertaste. Organic Pu-Erh is a fermented black tea used in Chinese medicine to detoxify the body. We also have Detox / Pu-Erh & Ginger; the antioxidants in the ginger may help the immune system.

Raymond has brought in large Omega-3 brown eggs from Cadia. The hens are raised on a family farm in California where they are cage-free and fed a vegetarian diet supplemented with flaxseed. Raymond has also brought in OmegaMilk and OmegaCream from Omega Creamery in Oxnard. OmegaMilk is a blend of flax, rice, and hemp milk in comes in three flavors: unsweetened, original, and vanilla. The OmegaCream is based on the same plant-based blend of flax, rice, and hemp milk. We carry all five flavors: Superberry, Royal Vanilla, Chocolate Crunch, and Hemp Date Nut ice cream as well as Passion Hibiscus sorbet. We’re offering both of these products at introductory prices for a limited time: a half-gallon of OmegaMilk is $3.99 and a pint of OmegaCream is $4.99.

New Chapter Zyflamend is an herbal blend that helps support your body’s response to inflammation. For a limited time, with every purchase of Zyflamend, you’ll receive a complimentary bottle of New Chapter multivitamins while supplies last. Since cold and flu season is hitting, Jessica has some recommendations for immune support. Kyolic Formula 103 is a blend of garlic, mushrooms, and herbs. Probiotics are also important for immune function and we have an excellent selection in our wellness department. She also recommends Source Naturals Wellness Formula, a blend of herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
Beautiful, Bountiful, Bulk Herbs!
Don’t Miss the California Rare Fruit Growers’ Scion Exchange

What is a scion exchange? It’s your chance to get new varieties of non-patented fruit trees – some of them antique – for your home garden. The Central Coast Chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) will hold their 21st annual scion exchange at the Cal Poly Crops Unit on Saturday, February 21st. People will bring dormant cuttings from their fruit trees to share with others. These scions can then be grafted onto rootstock, available at the event for $3 each. There will be grafting supplies for sale as well. The scions are free! Please, if you bring scionwood, do not bring any citrus.

The doors for the scion exchange will open at 1:30 pm, but you will probably want to arrive earlier for free grafting lessons and demonstrations to get you started. It’s recommended that you bring masking tape and a Sharpie (to label your chosen scions) and plastic bags with damp paper towels to keep them moist until grafting.

If you are bringing scionwood to share, make sure it is healthy young wood from last summer’s growth. Cuttings should be dormant and about the size of a pencil in thickness and length. Store each variety (Fuji, Pink Pearl, Spitzenburg, etc.) in its own labeled plastic bag with a moist paper towel wrapped around the cuttings. Keep them refrigerated until the exchange.

This event is expected to be the largest of its kind between San Jose and Los Angeles. It’s a great chance to meet local CRFG members, many of whom volunteer for GleanSLO, Master Gardeners, and do a lot of other good work in our community. Join the fun and become a member of CRFG!

If you would like more information, contact Joe Sabol at 544.1056.
Please Join Us!  Board Meetings Are Open to Owners of the Co-op

Did you know that the monthly Board of Directors meeting is open to owners of SLO Natural Foods Co-op?  If you are an owner or member (we sometimes use these words interchangeably), you are welcome to attend.  Every meeting opens with a public comment period.
The Board generally meets on the second Wednesday of the month.  The next meeting will be February 11th at 5:30 pm.  Please call the store at 544.7928 for the location.
Monterey Bay Aquarium
January, 2015
Upcoming Events

Chocolate and Wine, Sat, Feb 7
Fair Trade Chocolate Talk and Tasting with wine with
food scientist Tom Neuhaus PhD at
SLO Botanical Garden

Annual Scion Exchange, Crops Unit at Cal Poly SLO
(see article above for more info)
Planning Your Spring Garden/Edible Landscaping, 10a-12p on Sat Feb 21
"Advice to Grow By" workshop, offered free by Master Gardeners
2156 Sierra Way, SLO
Board of Directors Meeting, Wed, Feb 11
Please call the Co-op at 544.7928 for location.
Meet your Board Members! Volunteer for a committee!
Third Sat of each month, sessions are 25 minutes long.
SLO Craft Beer Fest, Sat, Feb 28
Beer, food, music at Madonna Expo Center, SLO
HopeDance Events, February 1-30
Films, discussions, gatherings

Thanks for reading, being a Co-Op Member and supporting Local, Sustainable Community Health. Your support of the store supports local, sustainably grown food and farmers and non-GMO standards.
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