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Dear Industry Professionals,
The present e-bulletin is dedicated to the energy efficiency in the lighting industry.
The topic is very popular and will be one of the highlights of Smart Cities 2015 (Exhibition and Forum for South-East Europe). The event will take place from 11th to 13th of March 2015 in Sofia (Bulgaria) and will present new tendencies in intelligent lighting – products, areas of application in open city spaces and buildings, legislation and realized projects. In terms of production, competition and technical knowledge, the branch achieved tremendous development in Bulgaria during the last few years.
Modern architecture emphasizes on the usage of the natural light's qualities, which is free energy source. Designers all over the world are developing new lighting products. The intensive implementation of LED lighting fundamentally changed the idea of the characteristics of artificial light sources. Long exploitation life, environmental friendly, 75% energy saving, high light yield, lack of UV emissions, the convenience of solar powering – these are some of the advantages of this type of lighting. 10% of the electric power, used in homes is for lighting, while in offices and industrial buildings it goes up to 50%.
Smart Cities 2015 will also focus on intelligent management and control of buildings, the role of information and telecommunication technologies in cities, the conservation of energy, etc.
If you are interested in participating in the event, take advantage of the Early Bird Registration till 1st of October and will receive: 
  • 10% discount on the exhibition area price
  • A special e-newsletter dedicated on your company activity, sent to selected contacts in Bulgaria and abroad from our database
  • Logo in the exhibition catalogue
  • Disposal of the promotional materials at the Exhibition and Conference desk


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We have already started the international promotion of 'Smart Cities' exhibition and HiddenWires continues partnering the event for 2015.
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News from HiddenWires: Mood lighting – the next big step in intelligent lighting
A report by NanoMarkets
The leading lighting manufacturers are already developing dynamic lighting systems that are in accord with people’s mood – for example, in the morning the light creates the effect of an “open sky” with predominant blue tones, and in the evening – with a predominant red color. Another achievement is a lighting system that, by use of sensors, allows people working in the same place, but in differentiated corners, to be able to control light and temperature with their smart phones. These types of products can improve the efficiency of workers and the condition of patients in medical facilities, although this statement is opposed by some skeptics.
The smart lighting vendors will increasingly provide interconnections to building automation systems (BAS) and other networks. Read more here

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