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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
October 12, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

Rugby at the Fireshed 7pm Sunday 16 Oct.


Australia v New Zealand
$5  Donation will get you Entrance and a Roast Beef Roll

Bar will be open.

Sunday, October 16 from 7pm
Don't be late !

End of an Era
The Island Cafe in its current form will be shutting down.

There are a few reasons which you might be interested in knowing:

1.  Someone apparently made a complaint about the cafe, and the health inspectors decided that it did not meet requirements.  Even though it is a fund-raising enterprise, they wanted to see stricter standards than are normally applied to fund raising food ventures because it opens every week.  They did have some trouble classifying us, but came down on this side of the fence in the end.

2.  Pittwater Council inspected the premises of the hall and surrounds, and informed SIRA that the cafe machine cannot run from the shed, as it is not of sufficient standard for electrical devices.

3.  Differences of opinion between persons in SIRA and the people running the cafe have led to a breakdown of cordial relations.

4.  The people putting the time in no longer have spare time available.

Just for your interest, since Jan 2011, the Island Cafe has disbursed the following funds:

  SIRA - $468
  SIOCS - $1690
  Oxfam - $433

However, the good news is that there will be one last party!  This Sunday (16th), in Catherine Park, the coffee machine will be running, there may well be cakes, possibly people, quite definitely some good cheer.  If you’re gonna go, go with a bang...

Join us for one last caffeine high, one last calorie overload, one last protracted session looking for your lost child at the end of the morning.

The Cafe Crew

Church Point Ferry
Highly Commended in the 2011 Pittwater Sustainability Awards
Church Point Ferry is very proud to announce that they where awarded a Highly Commended in the 2011 Pittwater Sustainability Awards, for Sustainability in Business. This comes after  9 months of having green tickets and effectively removing 67 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, as well as planting 67 managed native trees. This is the equivalent of taking 201 cars off the road for one month, or about 220 Sydney to Brisbane flights.
80% of our passengers are now purchasing the “green” ticket where an extra $1.00 of a 13 trip ticket is used to completely offset the fuel emissions of their trips. We would like to thank our wonderful customers and Pangolin and Associates, our sustainability consultants. We would also like to add a personal thank you to Tracy Ponich.

Kind Regards
Penny Gleen
Church Point Ferry Service
Reduce your carbon footprint - Catch the Ferry
0433 038 40

Manly Regional Gallery Invitation

I would like to invite the whole community to celebrate with the artists for the final 2 public programme events at the Manly Regional Gallery.

Last weekend at the Manly Gallery we were privileged to hear Col Bailey talk about boat building and life on Pittwater together with Tracey Rowe, Lesley Stevens, Larry Eastwood and Michael Edols who gave us insights into their wonderful filmic talents. It is a truly varied and talented community we live in.

Next weekend 17th Oct Sunday 3-4 a few of our artists will be chatting about their work. So come down to the gallery , have a cuppa and get some insights into how they get inspiration from where we live.

The grand finale will be held on Sunday 6th Nov. 3-4pm  Our very own A Cappella choir "The Last Ferry Home" will be entertaining us again with some new songs and some of our favourites.

You may not realise that this exhibition and programme of events has taken over 5 years to come to fruition, and it has been such an honour for our artistic community (artists, writers, boat builders, film makers, musicians and lantern paraders) to be invited to share our work in a very professional and prestigious gallery.

So please support their efforts and enjoy one or both of these events with us.

A Hard Dog's Night
Beatles' singles from 1962 to 1970

click image to load poster

Love Me Dog! The Pre-Fab Four are coming to Scotland Island.
They're sure to Please Please You with their show: "A Hard Dog's Night", playing
Beatles' singles from 1962 to 1970.
They might sing "Eight Days a Week" but the show is only on Friday and
Saturday 25/26 November and the following weekend 3/4 December.  If you
miss it, you'll be saying "I Should Have Known Better"!

Money can't buy you love, but it can get you tickets - $20 from PMC Hill
9999 4902 - don't be a Nowhere Man, book or get yours today!

Friday and Saturday 25/26 November and the following weekend 3/4 December

Landscape drawing / painting classes

"En Plein Air" Landscape drawing / painting classes on Scotland Island have started!

Every Wednesday except during school holidays

Come, to the beach end of Tennis Wharf, enjoy our beautiful island surroundings from 10 am 'til 2 pm (bring a snack lunch and art material, please contact me for the list).

Learn to observe, draw & paint from subjects within the landscape - unleash the artist within by listening and feeling - discovering new perceptions and translating them onto paper...

Suitable for beginners as well as more experienced artists.

Cost: $35 per session
For more information contact Anne Willman: 9999 4002, 0431 149 182, annewillman@bigpond.com

25 years or more on Scotland Island, Get Together

Hi everyone,   my name is Annette Freeland and I have lived on Scotland Island for the past 35 years, I am very keen to set up a get together of people who have lived on the Island and still live here for 25 years or more,  the venue could be held at my house.

I would like to hear from all you guys who fit this criteria, my email address is annettefreeland@ozemail.com.au

Sorry to ask you all again, but I seem to have lost a lot of your email addresses and need to get them again to let you know the date.

Look forward to hearing from you.
Cheers Annette and Tony Freeland

Invitation from Scotland Island's Nettie Lodge:

Click image to load poster

Invitation to my forthcoming exhibition at the Soho Galleries opening on October 22.

It would be great to see you there and it would also be great if you could forward it to anyone you think  may be interested,


Yoga is on again in the Hall!Flyer
Yippee – stretch out for Spring… 

Thursdays 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

$22 per casual class, and mats / blankets etc provided.

$20 per class if class packages of more than 5 bought.

Contact Dominique for more details: 0421 762 236 / dominiquemarill@gmail.com

Download the flyer HERE

Invitation for the Community

Hello community,

Months ago I wrote asking for depression sufferers to join me in a self help group, after a fantastic response and many wonderful adventures I would like to restate that invitation.

We aim at one activity per month, second Sunday of the month, setting goals, encouraging and supporting each other in that endeavour.

Participation is not a prerequisite and no undue pressure is applied, but you will be encouraged to do things you wouldn’t normally do and you will have contact with and the support of other sufferers, all in the interest of helping themselves.

The next months activity is the section of the Great Northern walk from Cowan to Brooklyn, challenging, as life is, but there are few excuses not to do it.

It will involve a boat trip, then a train ride and possibly some rehydration and celebration at a Brooklyn watering hole after the estimated 5 1/2 hour walk.

Although this group is aimed at sufferers, their support group (family) and any others wishing to join in supporting us are more than welcome.

Please contact me for more information or to just say you’ll be there.

All the best,
Tim Marshall.

Local Council Notices


Winners of the 2011 Pittwater Sustainability Awards were announced by Mayor Harvey Rose at a special presentation held on Sunday 9 October.

Around 90 guests attended the function following Pittwater’s Sustainable Living Expo held at Mona Vale on the same day.

Mayor Harvey Rose said that while sustainability and climate change had become a political issue, it was important to remind the community how sustainability can be implemented into every day lives.

“The awards were initiated by Council in 2009 to help demystify how businesses and homeowners can achieve sustainability in a practical sense, “said Mayor Rose.

Four winners and three highly commended were announced from nominees in the following categories; sustainability in design, sustainability in business, sustainability in landscaping and a new category for this year, sustainability in schools.

“We wanted to boost younger residents’ interest in the issue by introducing this new category,” said
Mayor Rose.

Sustainability in design recognised a builder and architect who had developed an outstanding home using sustainable features.

Sustainability in business offered an award to small businesses which had become more sustainable through innovations involving staff, resources or new business practices.

The sustainability in landscaping category recognised homeowners who were committed to making Pittwater more sustainable through landscaping and gardening.

Sustainability in schools recognised local schools who had implemented sustainability initiatives to create a better environment.

Each category winner was awarded a trophy made from recycled glass, with highly commended recipients receiving a framed certificate.

Judging of the submissions was undertaken by a panel of experts which included Cr Jacqueline Townsend and local resident and sustainability advocate Ian Cleland, along with Council staff.

“My personal hope is that the Pittwater Sustainability Awards will continue to grow and serve as
encouragement to others to follow a more sustainable lifestyle, both at work and at home,” Mayor
Rose said.

Community Relations Ph: 9970 1119 or 9970 1172

Summary of winners – 2011 Pittwater Sustainability Awards

Sustainability in Design – Single Residential Dwellings – New (Winner)
RW Stidwill Constructions & Eastwood Design
The judges were impressed with this outstanding pavilion-style house on Scotland Island built
mainly from recycled hardwoods. The design concept was to create a casual and relaxed
waterfront home in harmony with the island. The house design gave careful consideration to the
management of waste water and rainwater harvesting, with the home completely self-sufficient
in these areas. The use of glass louvers to control airflow and capture precious natural light is
another example of the homes sustainability credentials, along with extensive use of sandstone
retained from the previous dwelling. In essence, this house is a showcase for quality sustainable
design, offering stunning aesthetics as well as a liveable ambience.

Sustainability in Business – Small Business (Winner)
Dragonfly Environmental
Dragonfly Environmental is a group of environmentally based companies including a nursery, a planting service, bush regeneration and wetland management. The company’s core business is to improve the environment through bush regeneration and planting projects. The company also conducts ecological monitoring and reporting as well as organising eco-tours. The company has taken steps to reduce its carbon footprint by starting a greenhouse gas inventory which records the company’s fuel consumption. In 2010 the company planted over 800,000 native trees and shrubs. When treating aquatic weeds they ensure that the use of chemicals is kept to a minimum. Building supplies and materials used by the company are sourced from local suppliers to reduce their Co2 footprint.

Sustainability in Business – Small Business (Highly Commended)
Church Point Ferry
The feel good factor of catching a ferry around Scotland Island and the western foreshore of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park now extends beyond the scenery. Ferry owners Penny Gleen and Simon Wastell wanted to run a more sustainable service and have introduced a multi-trip Green Ticket. By paying an additional dollar for a 12-trip pass, passengers help offset 100% of that dollar on fuel emissions. Passengers not only help the ferry service become an environmentally friendlier business, the small contribution reduces their own footprint on the planet. Owner Penny Gleen said that the company had already introduced many recycling and waste reduction strategies, but believed it wasn’t enough. “Offsetting the fuel usage of our three ferries, the Amelia K, the Curlew and the Elvina will have the strongest impact on our business’ footprint, “ she said. In the first six months of running the ‘green tickets’, the company has donated 40 ‘Trees for Carbon’ and have purchased 40 carbon credits.

Sustainability in Landscaping (Winner)
Selena Griffith
Eighteen months ago Selena Griffith’s steep south east facing block in Elanora was covered in noxious weeds and non indigenous species including lantana, privet and camphor laurel. Her desire was to create a small productive garden with a minimal footprint. Priorities in the design included energy generation, water storage, local food production and material reuse. There was also a desire to open the garden to help others learn to live more sustainably. After taking three weeks to clear the large block by hand, the garden now boasts a variety of fruit tree clusters, vegetable patches and herbs providing food for Selena and her extended family and friends. The garden has a drip line irrigation system which runs from a 5000L rain water tank which also services the home’s toilets and washing machine. Organic waste from the house and garden is composted or fed to the free-range chooks, guinea pigs and quail. These animals provide valuable manure for feeding the garden as well as eggs for food. The garden continues to welcome a variety of visitors including echidnas, bandicoots, possums and many bird and frog species. The
garden has also attracted many enthusiastic human visitors from of the local permaculture group.

Sustainability in Landscaping (Highly Commended)
Will & Chrissie Jephcott
Winner’s of this category in the inaugural Sustainability Awards of 2009 the Jephcotts were highly commended this year for their ongoing work at their ocean cliff garden at Newport. Over the last few years the Jephcott’s have increased the quantity and diversity of Australian plants in their native garden. Decreasing the lawn area and creating more fauna friendly areas they have further reduced the need for water and created more food for native animals. They have seen an increase in the Eastern Waterdragon population including smaller birdlife such as the New Holland Honeyeater and Fairy Wrens. A microbat box has also been added as a safe haven for roosting microbats. With many visitors to their stunning native garden the Jephcotts have also enticed others to take a more sustainable approach with their own gardens.

Sustainability in Schools (Winner)
Bilgola Plateau Public School
The school’s mission was to establish themselves as an environmentally sustainable school, creating an environmentally conscious school community. The school worked closely with council to create an environmental audit. Data was gathered on the school’s waste management practices as well as power and water usage. This led to increased motivation by students and teachers to switch off power when not needed along with refurbishments to the school toilets to decrease water usage. Waste was reduced by encouraging fruit breaks to reduce food packaging, with native plants introduced to the K-2 playground to increase diversity and attract wildlife. A ‘no dig’ vegetable garden and a chicken coop were established, with produce donated to the school canteen and sold to support ongoing maintenance of the garden. Compost bins and worm farms have also been introduced. Work is currently underway to create an outdoor learning area with native plants, mulch tracks, frog ponds and log seating. A ‘Grow, Grab, Gobble’ program will further the school’s sustainability rating with plans for every class to have their own vegetable

Sustainability in Schools (Highly Commended)
Newport Public School
The school recently installed water tanks on its school grounds after successfully applying for an
environmental grant. The school has appointed an environmental team which has introduced a number of initiatives including a ‘no wrap’ lunch program and an eco- information sharing activity called ‘e-tweet’. Each class presents an e-tweet to the weekly assembly offering simple and practical environmental tips. Green monitors have been appointed to ensure that computers and air conditioners are shut down at the end of each day. The school is also working with Council on a waste audit as well as education programs for students via the Council’s Coastal Environment Centre.

2-drawer filing cabinet

Scotland Island resident looking for:

2-drawer filing cabinet
Desk drawers approx 700mm high

Do you have these items taking up space in your home?
Please contact me if you can help.

Lara 0450 076 066

Washing Machine Free
We have a used Malleys Regal 1550 top loader washing machine to give away for free.
It works but is very heavy.
I will help move it.
Thanks, Paul Kinnison

More thefts
Sunday evening (2/10) I left a full gas bottle in my wheel barrow on the wharf , Elvina Bay South. When I returned from the island, the bottle had been stolen.
Two weeks earlier the same thing happened to a neighbour.
May have been the same scum who stole my fuel tank & line the same week.
The wharf lights in the bay have not been working for 3 months. This may have emboldened the thief.
Larry Woods.

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