Today September 11th, 10AM CST, our LIVE broadcast, is entitled "UTTERLY DESTROY THEM".
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We are not to single out any particular group, but treat all equally who reject Jesus Christ (YAHSHUA) as being Deity. As God says they are all "Anti-Christs" who do not confess Jesus (YAHSHUA) is YAHWEH GOD. We are never commanded to love the Anti-Christ, but we are commanded to have no neighbors of foreign religions or races.
We will cover the prescription given by our Almighty God YAHWEH for escaping His impending wrath, and "seven times worse terror" as outlined in Leviticus 26 to all nations that were Godly to Him and then rebelled from Him. (remembering if they do not have the Son of God, then they do NOT have the Father, but just a mere pagan idol, and are atheists. see 1John 2:22-23)
We are to OBEY, just as the original European settlers had, with the knowledge we are true Israel that is commanded and to utterly destroy all the pagan idols and have no mercy on them, as defined that we are to do to those peoples in Deuteronomy Chapter 7.
We will place an emphasis on Esau in this study, as Arabs are a mixed race who has no covenant with YAHWEH , as Romans 9 says all descendant of Abraham are NOT the seed of promise, but only to Isaac's children is the seed counted (who have Jesus YAHSHUA as King in every generation since). Ishmaelites are only entitled as God said their offspring will be WILD MEN, WITH THEIR HAND SET AGAINST EVERY MAN. While Arabs have a lot of Edomite blood in them we will have to cover he covenants with Esau at length. It will be fully understood by the end of this study, as the 1925 Jewish encyclopedia says "Esau is Modern Jewry", not just who they are but what God says is coming concerning them, and for you to decide who's side you're on.
Yours in Christ,
Rev Stephen Michael
The Christ's Assembly Worldwide
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