N E W   R E L E A S E N O W   A V A I L A B L E 
 by  C O R R I E   W I L L I A M S O N

Winner of the 2014 Perugia Press Prize
for a first or second book of poetry by a woman


“In her splendid debut, Corrie Williamson is multiple in her identities: anthropologist of imagination, archeologist of the heart, naturalist observing the world with acuity and praising it with a dense music.” 
—Gregory Orr
THE POEMS in Sweet Husk move between the living and the dead, seeking connection with and through the past, often via the act of digging and excavation. Here, poetry and archaeology reflect one another: what is buried provides insight into—or, conversely, deepens the mystery of—the ways we engage with the world. The poems are full of matter, of things that matter—artifacts and animals—and build on pattern, series, and echoes, that focus on making/remaking from what is broken, dead, unsung, or left behind. We see how strange, small, and lonely our lives are—dwarfed by our place in a vast landscape of both topography and time. We see how little we can know about ourselves, even with dedicated cataloguing and search. Finally, Sweet Husk concerns itself with our human place in the narrative of the earth, and this environmental theme is essential.  Claudia Emerson calls the collection, “an amazing accomplishment.”

CORRIE WILLIAMSON is from Virginia, and currently lives in Helena, Montana, where she teaches English and Writing at several colleges. This is her first book.

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Perugia Press Prize
for a First or Second Book by a Woman

Prize: $1000 and publication
Entry must be submitted between August 1 and November 15, 2014.


PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062