Enchanted Forest Canopy
Volume 1, Issue 24                                                                         May 16, 2008

In The Spotlight:

The Giant Wheel

(Big Wheel)

Standing at the end of Dream Street, the Giant Wheel has drawn guests into the heart of the park since opening day on July 1st, 1974.   It has been a central image of the park, rising high above the treetops of the Enchanted Forest for sepctacular relaxing views during the day, and with its dazzling display of thousands of lights shinning in the dark.  Learn the complete history of this ride and its place in the park's history in the Giant Wheel Spotlight. 

Giant Wheel

Big Wheel Today

Dark Knight Media Day                      Park Today
Stay up to date on all the News+Notes from the park as The Dark Knight has its grand opening, Hurricane Harbor is set to open, and full time operations are about to start.

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