Jorge Bergoglio ("Pope Francis")  conspiring with Obama
at the Vatican March 2014  - We Must Oppose the
 UN Climate Change Treaty Scheduled to be our Highly
Dubious "Christmas Present"                                                     
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Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) will fly from Cuba to Washington DC tomorrow (tuesday September 22nd) and will speak before a joint session of Congress on Thursday for the purpose of lobbying for a scientifically fraudulent UN/Vatican "Climate Change Treaty" which according to the UN's IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will feature "geoengineering" (chemtrails) scheduled to be rammed down our throats in December.
While the mainstream media has spun this pope in such a way as to con most Catholics and indeed, most people into believing that he is a "Great Humanitarian" and "the ultimate ecologist" (sort of a "second coming" of St. Francis of Assissi) the REALITY of who this evil deceptive con artist actually is totally falls apart when you read this article from a Catholic website which exposes not only Bergoglio, but his whole team of athiest/heretic Cardinals who ushered him into power, proving that Fr. Malachi Martin was quite accurate when he publicly exposed rampant satanism being practiced inside the Vatican.
Satan is the father of lies, and Bergoglio is clearly incredibly evil. During the dirty war in Argentina in the 70s and 80s the ruling Junta murdered thousands of opponents who they disembowled, then shoved their bodies out of planes over the ocean so their bodies were never found.
Huge number of grieving families in Argentina who lost family members this way were horrified when Bergoglio was named "Pope" because they know that he gutlessly fingered two of his best priests, people who did a lot to genuinely help the people, to the Junta, causing them to be tortured for 5 months along with many others who were executed, then he was part of the coverup.   (Also see "Smoking Gun Memo Proves Pope Francis Collaborated With Military Junta")
When the Vatican held its Climate Change Conference in Rome, the Heartland Institute was totally blocked from presenting data bacause it went diametrically against the openly Satanic UN's and the Vaticans.
(At this link you can watch a video of an "Environmental Workshop" that the Heartland Institute was forced to hold in Rome when the Pope arrogantly refused to meet with them, there is an excellent speech presented here by Lord Christopher Monckton.
Pope Francis also has resurrected UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control, which threatens to create a global totalitarian communist world government in which we'd all be enslaved and microchipped. They are now calling it UN Agenda 2030 and it threatens to totally reorder all aspects of society under the guise of (what else?) "helping the poor"(!!!)
When he speaks to Congress on Thursday night, Pope Francis will pull out all the stops to get support behind the totally corrupt UN Climate Change Treaty due to be finalized in December. This Treaty threatens to destroy the national sovereignty of all nations and to usher in the New World Order, via which we'd be totally enslaved!
Even Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 sees this scam and is warning against the Pope's visit. (scroll down about half way to see Rosa Koire's commentary on the massive con job the Pope is trying to pull off here under the guise of "helping women, helping children, helping the poor.":
Keep in mind that in 1985 the Vatican minted a coin showing a jet spewing chemtrails flying across the globe. See full documentation on this coin in this previous alert.
HOW MICHAEL MURPHY'S FILM "An UN conventional Shade of Grey" Can Help Us!
Why You Should Support It Its Completion and Dissemination Around The World!!
In his trailer at this link, Michael Murphy makes a very solid point that unless we STOP Geoengineering that is going on right now, we can't accurately assess any aspect of so called "Climate Change" because the geoengineering is throwing off the planets whole hydrological cycle, cause massive droughts in places like California, and massive flooding in other parts of the world!!
He argues correctly that the geoengineers are lying to us when they claim in their conferences to be "protecting us" from global warming. They claim the billions of tons of aluminum oxide they're spraying is reflecting the sun's rays back into space to shield us from (so called) "global warming" but the reality is that the planet is actually in the midst of a well documented cooling trend covering the past 17 years that the UN and Vatican are totally ignoring in their zeal to push their planetary control agenda.
The only "global warming" going on is being caused by the spraying of billions of tons of aluminum oxide and other heavy metals that are causing a BLANKET that traps the sun's heat in some areas!
To counteract the mainstream media SPIN on this issue of chemtrails, please watch these documentaries and urge more people to also:
"What in the World Are They Spraying?"
"Why in the World Are They Spraying?"
and the trailer for his latest effort (which I urge you to contribute to so he can complete
"An UN conventional Shade of Grey"  (which is specifically being made to try to stop the UN Climate Change Treaty.)
Also show more people the Italian Documentary Film "Chemtrails- The Secret War"
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