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November Splendor Of The Many Grasses~

Beautiful, low maintenance, inexpensive, and simple to grow-my kind of plants!

Some grasses are invasive/or tend to spread with no help from any source, so be aware of where you are placing it, how much of it you really want, and the full grown size of the finished plant.

Grasses are like any other plant, some do better in certain areas, some are not cold tolerant, and some will and some will not do well in shade.

Pampas (the very tall grass here with the lovely plumes) are fabulous for the south-east and coastal regions. It’s one that gets very big, so allow plenty of room.

A midsize grass that gives you beautiful color and plumes that look like fox tails is the Chinese pennisetum.

Purple fountain grass is showy from spring through fall.

Lindheimer’s muhly tolerates heat, drought, and poor soil. Upright silvery spears seem to catch fire in the afternoon sun.

One of our favorites here at Sage Hill is the misconstrues -not too bold until the fall, when it really comes alive.

For areas too cold for pampas, Ravenna is a perfect substitute-it grows tall and has lovely plumes.

Grasses are easily to divide if you want more plants…just dig and plant.

A Reminder~

Many of our fellow Americans are unemployed, under-employed, or living on the edge of the threat of unemployment.

Please, please, commit to buying American made products as much as possible.

We have many small businesses in this country, seek them out and take a stand for ‘us.’ Thank you.

Another Reminder~

Least we forget how we manage to stay free to celebrate our precious holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you have a military family in your circle , make them a special project this holiday season. Whatever you heart leads you to offer, if given with love and gratitude it will be accepted with same. If you don’t know one on a personal level…you don’t have to look far to find one.

I’d like to thank Bonnie Pond of Fayetteville, TN for finding and sharing this awesome resource for our military personal….you may know her as the **Famous Frugalista** You can also find her on Facebook with the search button~ og/the-famous-frugalista

Food And The Holidays~

I talk a lot about ‘eating in season’-this is simply opting for the foods that are growing in your local area during any given season. It can also mean eating from the seasonal foods that you preserved when they were in season….. For example, I have a variety of greens in my freezer from last fall. We will eat from those and share with others during this season…then add fresh ones to the stash from this falls garden.

Not only is this a healthy method for eating, it puts back into the local economy; supporting a local farmer is one of the most important ways to help our floundering state of affairs.

Take a search around your area and see what you find; we have bread bakers, cheese makers, wine makers, beef, pork, chicken and turkey growers, fresh eggs, almost any foods one would wish for can be found in most places. is one avenue to find who and what is near you, but remember, there may be many who are not listed on LH…so do your footwork.

Another Tip~

If you are in need of help finding a starting place with a special need nutritional issue, or just want some guidance from a pro….I know just the person you need.

Sandi Thompson -is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and more. I have benefited from Sandi’s expertise as a client and speak from personal satisfaction.

It may be the most precious gift you ever give yourself or someone else.!/solutionsthrough nutrition

Herbal Tips~

This is the season for lots of special touches. When we wish every meal to impart a hint of magic.

Herbs, herbs, herbs…try a little sage in the cornbread (or biscuits). Leek and potato soup with a bit of fennel, and for that simple dessert that we all call pudding…steep some lemon balm in the liquid used for the mixture.

And a very special touch for the Hot Chocolate lovers…just a shake of cayenne pepper in the cup (not too much), will light up your taste buds in a very delightful way. (This also happens to be a very good relief from a congested chest due to a cold or allergies.)

And now…A Plug: If you need any of the above herbs for your holiday list of must haves, Sage Hill Farms can fill that need. Simply go to the website or send me an email if you need something that isn’t there.

The gardens in most sections of the country are down for the winter.

Sage Hill is resting peacefully in many areas, but…we have 3 variety of greens for sale-turnip, mustard (flat leaf) and collards…also fresh sage, oregano, chives, thyme, and parsley if you are local and wish to purchase - just call or email, to make sure I’m here.

From our house to yours -a very blessed season of wonderment ~

Bea Kunz