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Refrigerator Checklist, Spring 2013
  Early Spring 2013
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Refrigerator Checklist, Spring 2013
Spring 2013 is finally here! When I think about spring, I think, "Oh, goodie: Refrigerator Season!" Why do I get excited and squeal like a little piglet in a donut shop about Refrigerator Season?  Because I know my phone is about to explode with a whole lotta high-dolla warm refrigerator repair calls.  Here are five simple things you can do to your refrigerator right now to keep your beer tooth-crackin' cold right on through the up-coming summer heat wave.
What's Cooking in Mrs. Samurai's Kitchen?
Mrs. Samurai just put up another one of her tasty recipes!  She says "this is a good soup for early spring - warm enough for those in colder climates, but with bright flavors that will appeal to those in warmer areas."  Whatever.  I just know I want another bowl now! I think there's some left over in the fridge...
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